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Ye Shengge leaned against his chest and coughed.

“The two kids are still home…”

“Ive sent them to the manor this afternoon.” Ji Shiting curled his lips.

It seemed that he was prepared.

Ye Shengge bit her lips and said, “I wonder what the netizens think… You really shocked me today.”

Ji Shiting smiled and untied her hair tie.

Her curly hair fell on her shoulders, making her look lazy and seductive.

He moved his Adams apple, put his fingers in her hair, and slid his fingers along her shoulders.

“Do their opinions matter”

“No… But Ill still be curious.” Ye Shengge snuggled into his embrace.

“They might think Im not good enough for you or question your taste.

Ill still be angry if I see such a comment.”

She had never cared about the negative comments on the Internet, but that was because she didnt care about how the netizens defamed her.

She didnt really want to develop anything with Su Yao, so she would just smile and ignore how Su Yaos fans insulted her.

Besides, many of the defamation were groundless.

However, they were talking about her and Ji Shiting, so she couldnt not mind.

Ji Shiting was dazed, then he smiled and said, “What about you Will you think youre not good enough for me or question my taste”

“Of course not!” She said fiercely.

“You were lucky to marry me in your past life!”

The man raised an eyebrow and said, “Then what are you afraid of”

Ye Shengge was stunned for a moment and found it amusing.

There were times when she seemed to have become the Ye Shengge who felt inferior, which was why she cared about what others thought.

“Youre right,” she mumbled and lay on him comfortably.

She then took out her phone and logged into Weibo.

She didnt even need to look at the trending topics.

The front page was filled with photos and GIFs of her and Ji Shiting.

They looked at each other affectionately in the photos, and Ye Shengge couldnt help smiling.

She clicked into the comments, and to her surprise, she didnt see any negative news after scrolling for a long time.

No one said she wasnt good enough for Ji Shiting, and the people on the Internet seemed to be focused on the mans passion.

Of course, they were more jealous of her.

“Ji Shiting is so gentle!”

“Did you guys notice that Ji Shitings eyes were on Ye Shengge the entire time”

“The host asked when they got married, but Ye Shengge couldnt answer.

Then, Mr.

Ji seemed upset… Haha, so cute!”

“Its so sweet.

I can lick this photo for the entire night! Mom, I believe in love again!”

“Ye Shengge is so… blessed! Jealousy makes me break down!”

All the comments were trending, and Weibo was buzzing as if it was a festival.

“Have you seen it” Ji Shiting smiled.

“Watch carefully…” Ye Shengge put down her phone and looked up at him.

“Thank you.”

“I finally understand why you said that during the interview.

You were trying to protect me.” Ye Shengge looked at him.

“Thats why you pretended to care about me and were afraid of losing me.”

The man had lowered himself so much that all doubts and malice were lost.

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