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Ji Shiting was wearing a suit, and his handsome face looked elegant and calm.

After standing still, he closed the car door and looked at Ye Shengge.

He then glared at Xiao Ruilang with displeasure.

There was a suffocating silence all around the red carpet, but it didnt last more than two seconds before the cameras flashed and aimed at the man standing in front of the car, as if they wanted to take photos of the mans soul.

The director in charge of the live-stream blushed and said, “No one told me Ji Shiting was coming! Quick, move the camera over to take a shot of him!… What The red carpet Forget it.

Lets see what Ji Shiting is doing! Everyone knows Ji Shiting never attends such events.

There must be a reason for him to suddenly show up!”

At this moment, the number of viewers on the live-stream platform was rising.

Countless netizens were looking at the man on the screen excitedly.

He seemed to be frowning because of the frequent flashes, but even so, he still looked elegant when doing it.

The man had a noble temperament that didnt fit in with the surrounding environment, and he had a soul-stirring charm.

It was this charm that made him have a group of people who were more fanatical than ordinary celebrities.

“I suddenly have a terrifying guess.

There are rumors that Ye Shengge is Mrs.

Ji… Otherwise, Ye Shengge wouldnt have rejected Su Yao and Xiao Ruilang… Ji Shiting is here too!”

“Impossible! Impossible, impossible! How can a woman like Ye Shengge hide it if its true She would have wanted the entire world to know about it!”

“I dont think so either! Why would a rich family like the Ji family accept an actress with a dark history”

“Stop it.

How does our Shengge have any dark history Shut up if you dont have any concrete evidence, okay”

“Wait, Ji Shiting moved.

His direction… I dont believe it! Oh my god! I suddenly feel like I cant breathe!”

Regardless of whether the netizens believed it or not, Ji Shiting indeed walked toward Ye Shengge as if no one was around.

He walked to the two of them in the blink of an eye, grabbed Ye Shengges waist with his left hand, and grabbed her wrist with his right hand.

He looked at the man opposite him and said, “Let go.”

“Tsk…” Xiao Ruilang sneered and had to let go.

“You arrived so quickly.”

“Thats always the case.” Ye Shengge couldnt help smiling.

Ji Shiting would always show up whenever Xiao Ruilang tried to do something to her.

She turned to the man beside her and bit her lips.

“Why are you here”

No matter what, their relationship couldnt be hidden anymore.

She couldnt believe what awaited her.

The mans eyes dimmed.

“Am I not welcome”

“Not really…” She couldnt hide her good mood as she kept grinning.

“At least I dont have to walk the red carpet alone.”

She then realized who Qiao Yanze was talking about… It was her husband! Although she didnt want their relationship to be exposed, her surprise and excitement suppressed her worry upon seeing him.

Ji Shiting smiled, held her face with his right hand and kissed her lips.

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