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Ye Shengges eyes widened.

She hadnt expected to see Xiao Ruilang here.

The journalists who had been left behind by Ye Shengge saw this and followed them, taking photos of them.

Someone even said, “Mr.

Xiao, youre right.


Xu had a car accident on the way, so Shengge was left alone!”

“Really” Xiao Ruilang smiled and reached out his right hand.

“Do I have the honor”

Ye Shengge was about to reject him, but Shang Tianyi nudged her and she couldnt help but hesitate.

“No matter what feud you have with Mr.

Xiao, just agree first!” Shang Tianyi lowered his voice.

“No buts! Whether youre alone or not, you can make a lot of headlines, but youll be mocked if youre alone.

You can win everyones admiration and envy with Mr.


Dont be silly!” Shang Tianyi was anxious, afraid that she would reject him.

After all, he knew that Ye Shengge and Xiao Ruilang didnt get along.

Ye Shengge didnt want to disobey Shang Tianyi, but she couldnt accept walking the red carpet with Xiao Ruilang.

Be it Shang Tianyi, the journalists, or the millions of viewers watching the live broadcast, they were all waiting for her response.

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“Didnt you bring a partner, Mr.

Xiao” Ye Shengge forced a smile.

“Its not appropriate for you to leave your partner behind, right”

“I came alone to try my luck.

I didnt expect to run into you.” Xiao Ruilang put one hand in his pocket and smiled.

“What a coincidence.

Youre alone too.”

Ye Shengge couldnt help glaring at him.

She immediately suspected that he was the mastermind behind Xu Xiangjies car accident.

“Its indeed a coincidence.”

Ye Shengge was still hesitating, so she didnt say anything.

Shang Tianyi couldnt help agreeing for her.

“Thank you, Mr.


The red carpet show is about to begin.

Its not appropriate for me to stay here anymore.

Ill hand Shengge to you.”

“No problem,” Xiao Ruilang smiled and agreed, not giving Ye Shengge a chance to reject him.

Ye Shengge glared, but Shang Tianyi had already left and walked to the parking lot to meet Lin Ran.

What was worse was that the two of them seemed to be watching a live broadcast, and they looked up at her.

Ye Shengge was furious, but Xiao Ruilang reached out to her and said smilingly, “Come on.”

“Forget it.” Ye Shengge finally made up her mind.

She twitched her lips and said, “If I walk the red carpet with you, rumors will spread everywhere.”

“Really Arent you going to reconsider Its so lonely walking the red carpet alone.” Xiao Ruilang sounded devoted.

“No.” Ye Shengge refused resolutely.

She looked calm, but the pop-up comments were crazy, including the journalists.

They hadnt expected Ye Shengge to reject Mr.

Xiao so directly.

At this moment, the red carpet show started.

A few bodyguards in black suits walked over and rushed the journalists to both sides of the red carpet.

The live-stream route had also been changed, and the camera was obviously fixed in a manner such that the netizens could see the entire scene and not focus on a certain star.

However, the netizens couldnt help paying attention to Ye Shengge and Xiao Ruilang.

Not many people noticed a black Maybach that came into view at this moment.

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