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There were millions of people in the audience at the award ceremony and many live-streaming platforms.

They were also excited when they saw Ye Shengge on camera.

After all, Ye Shengge was different from other celebrities.

She almost completely refused to be interviewed, but recently, the news about her was juicier than ever.

They were all expecting Ye Shengge to respond, so they were upset seeing the woman in the camera looking shocked and embarrassed.

“Why arent you responding Whats her relationship with Su Yao”

“When the journalists interviewed Su Yao, Su Yao just smiled and said he and Ye Shengge are very close friends… Its so annoying.

Does Su Yao really like her”


Ye Shengge is Su Yaos boss.

Su Yao has no choice but to cooperate!”

Su Yaos fans were scrolling through the screen.

They wouldnt say anything nice about Ye Shengge.

Fortunately, Ye Shengge had a lot of fans herself.

They hadnt seen their idol in a long time, and they were all so excited that they wanted to cry.

“Ah, Shengge! I finally see you! I can only looked at the daily photos released by your studio and then lick the screen!”

“Her red gown is so beautiful! And her makeup today is great! She looks so aggressive!”

“To be honest, I actually kinda like the idea of her her and Su Yao being together…”

“Dont go, that fan above.

Me too! Dont you think Su Yao likes her a lot and always takes the initiative to flirt with her But Shengges response is neither cold nor warm… I think shes very passionate in private! The contrast is adorable!”

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“Get lost! When did Su Yao take the initiative to seduce her Its all for publicity.

Cant you guys tell”

“I still think Ye Shengge and Mr.

Xiao are more compatible!”

“Ye Shengges die-hard fans should stop.

One moment its Su Yao and the next, its Mr.


You people are making it sound as if she can pick anyone she wants.

How shameless! Shes obviously a shameless mistress!”

“Youre the mistress.

Your entire family is made up of mistresses! Shengges agent has already clarified everything.

Xiao Ruilang even came out to refute the rumors.

Are you blind”

“Su Yaos fans are shameless too.

The one who took the initiative to send the photo was Su Yao, right You make it sound like Shengge pressed Su Yaos head and forced him Su Yao to post the photo! Mr.

Xiao also admitted that he had pursued our Shengge before, right He allowed our Shengge to choose.

Whats wrong Hold it in if youre upset!”

Su Yaos fans and Ye Shengges fans were arguing in the pop-up comments section but Ye Shengge didnt know that.

Shang Tianyi stood in front of her and stopped the microphone from hitting her face.

“Dont push, everyone.

Shi Sheng Studio will announce the relevant questions later.”

“Are you refusing to respond because you feel guilty, Ms.

Ye” The journalists pressed.

They wouldnt let Ye Shengge go just because of Shang Tianyis words.

Ye Shengge finally calmed herself down.

She stroked her hair and smiled.

“Im indeed here as a guest presenter today.

Im very honored to be invited to present the awards to the entertainment industry staff who performed well this year.

As for the saga revolving aroundThe World, Im very happy to announce that Shi Sheng Studio will fill in the vacancy after Star Han Corporation withdraws.

Thats right.

Im now the biggest investor ofThe World.”

This was major news! The journalists were thrilled to finally get a response.

“Well, Mrs.

Liu from Star Han said you were the third party…”

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