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Chapter 116: Prepare a Surprise for Him

“Shengge!” Mu Yanhuai exclaimed furiously.

“Then itll be easy.” Zhou Yandong smiled.

“Boss Mu, as long as you pay Miss Ye for the transfer of shares, Star Brilliance will be yours.


will only invest after Star Brilliances shares change ownership.”

Mu Yanhuai had a look of reluctance.

Mu Xiaoya was thrilled.

“Give her the money, brother, otherwise T.S.

Corporations investment would be in vain!.”

Mu Yanhuai had to choose between retaining Ye Shengge and getting in T.S.

Corporation to invest.

Of the two, he could only choose the latter.

He then called the bank.

Ten minutes later, Ye Shengge received twenty million dollars in her account.

She smiled and said, “Thank you, Boss Mu.

The agreement between us is officially in effect, and Star Brilliance is yours from now on!”

Mu Yanhuai looked at her and smiled grimly.

Zhou Yandong smiled and said, “Its all good now.

Boss Mu, its getting late.

I have other matters.

Lets discuss the details of our cooperation next time.”

Mu Yanhuais face turned pale.

He hadnt expected things to turn out this way.

“Vice-President Zhou, our talks are merely halfway done.”

“Sorry, but I have an emergency matter to handle.” Zhou Yandong smiled gently.

“Excuse me.”

He then turned around and left.

Mu Yanhuai couldnt do anything about it, even if he was reluctant.

He suddenly had an ominous feeling.

Why did Vice-President Zhou change his mind after he transferred the money to Ye Shengge

No, it couldnt be.

He must be overthinking things! Vice-President Zhou had said he would arrange for an appointment at another time.

He quickly dropped aside this thought.

“Youve seen it.

Although the contract hasnt been signed yet, its almost certain that Star Brilliance and T.S.

will cooperate.”

Mu Xiaoya and the others were certainly excited.

However, Shang Tianyi gave Ye Shengge a meaningful glance.

He was certain that Star Brilliance and T.S.

would never cooperate.

Ye Shengge stood up and said, “I have nothing to do with Star Brilliance anymore.

Take care, everyone.”

She then prepared to leave.

Mu Yanhuais face sank.

He was about to stop him, but Shang Tianyi stood up and blocked his way.

Shang Tianyi took out the resignation letter he had prepared and handed it over to Mu Yanhuai, “Boss Mu, the world is a large place.

I want to head out and explore.”

“You…” Mu Yanhuai expression darkened.

There were only three heavyweight agents in Star Brilliance.

Ye Shengge had left and Shang Tianyi wanted to resign now

Are you kidding me!

Ye Shengge was very happy to see Mu Yanhuais gloomy face.

She took the chance to leave the meeting room and forgot all about Mu Xiaoyas smug and resentful look.

Ye Shengge got back to Qianfan Villa for lunch.

She then read the script in the afternoon and called Director Xu to discuss the opening ceremony the day after tomorrow.

Before she knew it, it was already evening.

She was the only one who had dinner.

According to Sister Xiu, Ji Shitings most of Ji Shitings meals were officially business luncheons and dinners.

He met man different people each time and they were either business partners or business leaders.

Thus, meals meant business for them.

Ye Shengge couldnt help wondering if he could have a good meal like this at al;.

Sister Xiu saw her worry and said, “Young Madam, do you want to prepare a surprise for Young Master”

“What surprise” Ye Shengge was startled.

“Youll know when you return to your room.” Sister Xiu said mysteriously.

Ye Shengge was a little curious.

She went back to her room, only to find a pair of red silk nightwear on her bed.

She opened her eyes wider and realized it was actually a sexy nightdress!


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