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To a girl who had just fallen in love, a man like that was very attractive.

Jing Tong had fallen in love with him the moment she saw him.

Although their families had connections, they didnt have frequent contact.

At that time, she was still in middle school, and Jiang Yu was undergoing closed-door training in the military college.

It was almost impossible for her to see him.

However, no matter how difficult it was, it couldnt stop the girls burning heart.

She skipped class and tried to enter the military college to find him, but she didnt see any surprise on Jiang Yus face.

He was only shocked and annoyed about her appearance.

However, she still refused to give up.

She knew how much Jiang Yu disliked her getting close, but she still pestered him shamelessly.

Before long, almost everyone in the circle knew that she was chasing him.

However, Jiang Yu had never given her any response.

He was so cold and heartless, and his dark eyes had never shone for her.

Later, she heard Jiang Yus cold and impatient denial when he was teased by his partner, which showed that her persistence had really troubled him.

However, at that time, she was hot-headed and believed that Jincheng had made gold open.

In the end, she didnt even look forward to his response anymore.

Her heart gradually cooled after being rejected countless times.

Her final determination might just be unable to accept her failure.

However, it turned out that she had failed completely.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she recalled that.

She bit her lips, afraid that she would cry.

Jing Tong was so immersed in her emotions that she didnt even hear anything beside her, so she screamed and pushed his hand away when the man stroked her face.

“Its me.” The man grabbed her wrist and said.

He then turned on the bedside lamp and looked at her.

“Are you crying”

Jing Tong sniffed and forced back her tears.

She glared at him and said, “Who said I was crying”

“Your eyes are so red, yet you say youre not crying What happened” He bent down and his handsome face was magnified in front of her.

Jing Tong realized how intimate that position was.

“Its none of your business.” She stiffened and tried to break free.

“Stay away from me, Jiang Yu!”

The man finally stopped leaning forward and kept it at a subtle level.

What was subtle was that it was enough for Jing Tong to see his well-defined chest through his slightly open collar.

Jing Tongs heart pounded faster.

She suddenly recalled that when she had gone to the military college to look for him, she had seen his upper body naked.

The mans back muscles were smooth and distinct, and his pure masculine strength made her blush.

After that, she would dream of such a scene for a long time, and she would even dream of him hugging her.

After she went to college, she realized that she had been having a wet dream.

Unfortunately, the Jiang Yu she saw later was all dressed up, and his buttons were always buttoned to the top to cover his Adams apple, and he was so cold that no one could imagine him.

Although Jing Tong had fantasized about taking off his clothes, she often had to stop because of his cold gaze.

She couldnt help glancing at the mans tanned chest.

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