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“Powerful enough” Jing Tong curled her lips.

“Jiang Yu, I dont have to explain that, do I The more powerful a man is, the more impossible it is for him to marry me.”

All those men who held power wanted to get closer, so why would they marry a hidden danger like her

However, she knew that Jiang Yu was right.

Ordinary people couldnt take any risks.

If Jing Zhiyuan did anything in prison, Jing Tong would definitely be the first to bear the brunt.

No matter who she was with, she might “destroy” the other partys family.

She suddenly felt dejected.

She thought she could start a new life, but everything in the past was still holding her back.

She was destined to be shackled forever.

“Not necessarily,” Jiang Yu suddenly said calmly.

“At least Im willing.”

The mans voice was so calm that Jing Tong was embarrassed.

She blinked and blinked again, finally confirming that she hadnt heard wrongly.

“Jiang Yu,” she said hesitantly.

“Do you not like women”

The man said with a sullen gaze, “No.”

“Then you have a hidden illness,” Jing Tong said firmly.

He wanted to hide something from her, so he needed to find a woman he could control.

She couldnt think of any other explanation.

However, Jiang Yu said coldly, “Not really.”

“Then whats wrong with you” Jing Tong glared at him.

“Thats not important.” Jiang Yu sounded stressed.

“You just need to tell me whether youre willing or not.”

“Of course I dont want to!” Jing Tong said without hesitation.

“Jiang Yu, I dont need your sympathy.

Id rather die alone than accept your charity!”

That word made Jiang Yu feel indescribable.

He wanted to say that he wasnt sympathizing with her, and it wasnt charity, but seeing the womans determined face and cautious eyes, he didnt say anything.

“Forget it.

Pretend I didnt say anything,” he said calmly.

Jing Tong breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the crisis was resolved, she still felt that the man was dangerous.

“Go sleep first.” She looked at him warily.

Jiang Yu looked at her, walked to the temporary bed and lay down.

The pressure from the mans tall body finally dissipated, and Jing Tong was relieved.

However, she couldnt help feeling pleased seeing that he couldnt even straighten his legs.

She climbed onto the other side of the bed and turned off the light.

For a moment, Jing Tong couldnt believe that there was someone else in the room, and it was a man.

She listened for a while and finally heard the man take a deep breath.

She bit her lips, turned around and closed her eyes.

However, it was difficult to ignore that breathing.

Even if the mans breathing was soft, it was enough to move her nerves and make it difficult for her to sleep.

Jing Tong was a bit irritated.

She recalled the first time she had seen that man.

At that time, she was just a girl in her teens, and Jiang Yu was only twenty years old, but he had lost his innocence.

He was mature and focused like a real man, and he had the suaveness and coldness that other men didnt have.

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