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“You saw it” Jing Tong said.

“Stay here.

Ill sleep in a motel for a night.”

When she had to agree to take that man in, she had made this decision.

She wouldnt be in the same room as that man no matter what, even if she knew that he was cold and boring and wouldnt do anything overboard.

He had been thinking about the possibility of them sleeping together, but he hadnt expected Jing Tong to have such plans.

“No,” Jiang Yu said.

“If youre not home, theres no point in me staying here.”

Jing Tongs eyes widened.

“What are you doing Why do you need me to cover for you”

“You wont be in danger.

Dont worry,” Jiang Yu explained.

“Thats not the point.

The point is that I dont want to be in the same room as you at all!” Jing Tong held the door frame and glared at him, looking like she wanted to lock him outside.

Jiang Yu thought for a bit and said, “Then, I can only trouble you to endure it.”

Jing Tong resisted the urge to swear, kicked off her high heels, changed into her slippers and walked in.

“Ill take a shower first.

Dont touch my things!”

She found her most conservative nightdress from the wardrobe and walked into the bathroom with her underwear.

At that moment, Jiang Yu had walked to the desk and was sizing up the books and materials on the bookshelf.

The man was tall, and the room wasnt big.

Him standing there made the space tense.

Jing Tong bit her lips and rushed into the bathroom, feeling ridiculous.

There was a man outside, and she didnt want to take a shower at all.

She washed up and put on her clothes.

She usually only needed to wear her pajamas after showering because Jiang Yu was outside, so she had to put on her bra to avoid awkwardness.

She walked out of the bathroom, and Jiang Yu looked at her.

She was embarrassed for a moment, but thinking that she was dressed very conservatively and neatly, she calmed herself down and said, “I dont have any mens pajamas here, but theres a new toothbrush in the cabinet under the bathroom sink.

You can wash up.

Ill help you lay the things so you can sleep on the ground.”

“Thank you.” Jiang Yu nodded and walked toward her.

The room was really cramped, and the aisle between the bed and desk was especially narrow.

Jing Tong had to turn around to let the man pass when he walked over.

Even so, his elbow still touched her chest.

The man looked straight ahead as if he didnt realize what he had just touched.

Jing Tong couldnt flare up, so she could only grit her teeth and endure it.

After Jiang Yu entered the bathroom, she took out a blanket from the wardrobe and spread it on the innermost part of the room, which was the empty space between the bed and the window.

She could barely tolerate someone else in the room.

Of course, she definitely wasnt comfortable with it.

Jing Tong threw a pillow and a duvet down, and the bunk was done.

Jing Tong sat down at the desk and started to work.

She worked in a foreign company, but she usually took on some translation work to earn money.

After all, she was almost broke now, so she could only work harder.

She still wanted to save up to buy herself a house.

She was nothing like the spoiled and pampered heiress of the Jing family she was back then.

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