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It was rare that he wasnt wearing a uniform today.

His black windbreaker made him look tall and sharp, but even in his casual clothes, the man still exuded coldness and aloofness.

He came alone without any guards, and his aura was incompatible with the restaurants environment.

Jing Tong suppressed her beating heart and was about to look away, but she didnt expect the mans dark gaze to land on her, and even look straight into her eyes.

Jing Tong couldnt help widening her eyes and staring at him.

She didnt look away until three seconds later.

“Jiang Yu” Tang Ranran broke the silence first.

“Long time no see.

Are you here for me”

Jiang Yu looked at Tang Ranran.

“Thats right,” he said coldly.


Tang, your father is in a difficult situation now.

Dont trouble him anymore.”

“You caused most of my fathers difficulties.” Tang Ranran snorted.

“To be honest, Jiang Yu, why do you have to oppose my father Cant we get married and turn hostility into friendship”

“You must be kidding, Ms.

Tang.” Jiang Yu took two steps closer.

“I heard from Ji Shiting that Star Hans source of funding is very interesting.

If we follow this clue, well find something more interesting.”

Tang Ranran was furious.

“What kind of men are you guys”

“It doesnt matter who we are.

What matters is whether you can bear the consequences, Ms.


Tang Ranran was so exasperated that she almost vomited blood.

She stood up and said, “Jiang Yu, just you wait!”

Her first mission was to let her father be re-elected.

If her father succeeded, she would have enough time and chance to take revenge on those two men who didnt know what was good for them!

Jing Tong hadnt expected Tang Ranran to be so weak.

She had left after being threatened by Jiang Yu.

It was one thing for her to leave, but she wasnt paying!

Jing Tong was still holding her chopsticks.

She hesitated for a moment, put down her chopsticks and picked up the bill resignedly.

However, Jiang Yu grabbed her wrist and ordered, “Continue eating.”

“Im full.” Jing Tong wasnt happy.

“Let go.

I want to go home.”

Jiang Yu looked at her and said, “Okay, Ill go with you.”

Jing Tong was dazed.

She thought she was hallucinating.

“What did you say”

“I came in a hurry, so I didnt bring my assistant and guards.” The man looked at her.

“I have nowhere to go now.”

Jing Tong couldnt help chuckling.

“Are you kidding Just find a hotel and stay there.

If you cant, you can contact Ji Shiting.

He can provide you with a place to stay anytime.”

“The hotel isnt safe.

The Ji family is too eye-catching.” Jiang Yu looked at her.

“Your residence is very safe.

Ive checked before.

Its the most suitable place to stay.”

Jing Tong was dazed for a while before realizing that the man wasnt kidding.

“Sorry, I live in a single apartment.

Theres only one room and one bed.

Theres no place for you to stay,” Jing Tong said and sneered.

“Besides, even if I have an empty room at home, I wont let you stay there.”

Jing Tong found his request unbelievable.

“Let go.

Ill pay the bill!” Jing Tong mumbled.

“People who give treats but dont pay are the most shameless!”

She had spent half a months salary on dinner, so how could she not be upset

“Ill pay for you,” Jiang Yu suddenly said.

“As long as you can let me stay at your house for a night.”

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