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Chapter 114: How Can You Help Other People Bully Me

Before long, Mu Yanhuais phone rang.

He picked it up, “Are you here, Vice-President Zhou Ill pick you up now.”

He then glanced at the others and left the meeting room with a confident smile.

Shang Tianyi couldnt help glancing at Ye Shengge.

Mu Yanhuai had even invited T.S.

Corporations higher-ups.

Was the collaboration real

Ye Shengge met his gaze, indicating for him to calm down.

Vice President Zhou.

Wasnt that Zhou Yandong And Ji Shiting was the one who had asked him to contact T.S.


As the wife of the president, Ye Shengge was very confident.

Before long, Mu Yanhuai brought Zhou Yandong to the meeting room.

He was surprised to see so many people there.

“Vice-President Zhou, T.S.

Corporation and Star Brilliance moving ahead with the cooperation for a long time.” Mu Yanhuai smiled.

“But because the agreement hasnt been signed yet, some of the artists in the company dont believe it, so Ive asked you to come.

Besides, I reckon we can finalize the contract today.”

Zhou Yandong smiled and said, “Of course, thats why Im here.

We can discuss the details of the agreement now.”

Everyone gasped.

Mu Xiaoya was smug, and Song Yihai was excited.

Shang Tianyi, Ying Xiaoyu, and Wen Kexin all looked towards Ye Shengge, only to see shock and disbelief on her face.

Ye Shengge was certainly astonished!

Ji Shiting must have been the one who had asked Zhou Yandong to do that.

What was he trying to do

“I need to use the bathroom!” Ye Shengge stood up ashen-faced and rushed to the bathroom.

Mu Yanhuai couldnt have been more smug as he watched her leave.

After Ye Shengge reached the bathroom, she immediately took out her phone and called Ji Shiting.

However, nobody answered the call.

She tried again, but no still no one picked up.

Ye Shengges heart sank.

Why was it that she was treated even worse than before after getting married to that man

Was he angry because she had said something to offend him last night

He couldnt be that petty could he!

Ye Shengge was upset and aggrieved, and she called Ji Shiting several times more.

Finally, he answered with a “hello”.


Ji!” Ye Shengge said.

“Vice-President Zhou is here in Star Brilliance, and he wants to sign a cooperation agreement with Mu Yanhuai.

Didnt you say you wouldnt cooperate with Star Brilliance”

“When did I say that” Ji Shiting said indifferently.

“Did you call to condemn me”

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

“Im not questioning you, but you told me that the so-called investment in Star Brilliance was just a cover…”

“This is part of the companys development plan,” Ji Shiting said coldly.

“Are you questioning my decision”

Ye Shengge was about to cry.

“You cant do this…” She choked.

“Were already married.

How can you help outsiders bully me”

Ji Shiting paused momentarily, then said, “You keep calling me Mr.


I thought you didnt even know about our relationship.”

“…” Ye Shengge was speechless again.

Then, she yelled his name, “Ji Shiting, Ji Shiting, Ji Shiting, Ji Shiting! Is that enough”

The man gulped subconsciously as he listened to how she was sucking up to him.

He shifted his phone to the other side and said, “Not enough.”


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