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“So, I dont have any benefits anymore” Ji Shiting took a deep breath and said hoarsely.

“I shouldnt have agreed to it.”

Ye Shengge couldnt help chuckling upon hearing his resentful voice.

She bit his chin and said, “Ill have it tonight.”

Perhaps it was for the benefit of the night, Ji Shiting had solved the shares problem of the studio, and he only kept ten percent of the shares.

His goal was to make it easier for the studio to continue borrowing T.S.

headquarters resources.

Ye Shengge and Shang Tianyi each had 60% and 30% of the shares.

Shang Tianyis shares tripled, and he was screaming with excitement.

He was about to swear loyalty to her.

Ye Shengge said, “Dont be excited.

I just want you to work for the company willingly.”

“I have a part of the studio now.

Im not just working for you, Im also working for myself,” Shang Tianyi said hostilely.

Ye Shengge was certain that he had rolled his eyes.

“Ill leave Xu Xiangjie to you.

Dont delay the normal shoot!”

“No problem!” Shang Tianyi agreed.

However, Tang Ranran didnt want to let her go easily.

After Xu Xiangjie made it clear that he wouldnt give up on her, Star Han finally decided to withdraw their investments.

Almost at the same time, the news spread online.

It wasnt just Star Han who had withdrawn their investments.

‘The World was at risk of being suspended, and someone pointed out that Ye Shengge was the culprit.

They claimed that she had gotten the role through sleeping around with an investor, but the investors wife had found out that she was the third party.

The investor couldnt take the pressure and had to withdraw his investments.

The source of the news seemed very real.

The description was detailed, and it was spreading rapidly.

It was obviously a planned event again, and this time, simple unspoken rules werent enough.

He even wanted to label Ye Shengge as athird party.

What made things worse was that the wife of the investor had even posted on Weibo, hinting that Ye Shengge was shameless and wanted a third party.

Since Tang Ranran could ask Star Han to withdraw their investments, she could ask the wife of the president of Star Han to post such a post.

It was a ruthless move that almost pinned Ye Shengge as a third party.

However, it was already late when Ye Shengge heard the news.

She coaxed the two kids to sleep, went back to the master bedroom to take a shower, and heard her phone ring.

She then heard the news from Shang Tianyi.

“I called you several times in the evening, but you didnt pick up!” Shang Tianyi questioned her.

Ye Shengge calculated.

On the way back, she had been hugged by the man on her lap, and she hadnt been able to answer the phone at all.

After returning, she had been busy taking care of the two kids…

She coughed and said, “Im busy… By the way, its been hours.

You mustve thought of a solution, right”

“Send a lawyers letter directly to show that its defamation.

Well sue and take legal action.” Shang Tianyi humohed.

“You have to react fast and be firm.

The slower you react, the guiltier youll look.

At least youve stabilized your fans, but the passersby are still watching.

To be honest, the person you offended this time is someone who can make the wife of an investor defame you!”

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