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Lin Rans heart softened, and she couldnt help smiling.

Sun Ye had been working in T.S.

Corporation for so many years, and he had seen countless big occasions.

Nothing could make him panic, yet he was so nervous.

It was obvious that this was very important to him.

She then quickly put the ring on her left ring finger.

The size was just right, and the diamond shone beautifully.

Lin Ran suddenly felt her eyes tearing up.

Everyone cheered even louder.

Sun Ye stood up, hugged Lin Ran, and kissed her lips.

Both of them were blushing.

Even Ye Shengge couldnt help tearing up.

Lin Ran let go of Sun Ye and walked toward Ye Shengge.

“Sister Shengge…” Her eyes were filled with tears, and she looked grateful and shy.

Ye Shengge hugged her and said, “Congratulations! Dont worry.

If Sun Ye bullies you, tell me.

Ill stand up for you!”

Lin Ran smiled and nodded.

It was lively for a while before the set finally quietened down.

Everyone ate and chatted.

Lin Rans friends surrounded Lin Ran and looked at her ring.

Lin Ran didnt leave until a while later.

However, the first thing she did after getting some free time was to chase Sun Ye away.

Although Ye Shengge said she would give her a break, she refused to leave, so Sun Ye had to drive away alone.

“Itll be so troublesome for you to change into costumes in the afternoon if I leave,” Lin Ran said.

“Dont worry.

Ill ask Sun Ye to pick me up in the evening, and Ill meet my parents in the hotel.”

Ye Shengge smiled and looked at her left hand.

“Youre wearing such a big diamond ring.

I wont dare ask you to help me get my costume.

What if my clothes are torn”

She covered her left hand and said, “Ill take it off first.”

“No need.

Just wear it,” Ye Shengge smiled.

“This ring probably isnt cheap.

It looks like Sun Ye has accumulated a lot.”

She picked it up with a smile.

He paused for a bit and smiled, “Have you eaten”

“What happened that made you so happy” Ji Shiting could hear her joy.

“Oh, Sun Ye just proposed to Lin Ran.

Im happy for Lin Ran.” Ye Shengge curled her lips.

“Propose” Ji Shiting said.

“I asked him to deliver lunch to you, but he went to propose”

Ye Shengge tried not to laugh.

“He took half a month off to deal with his parents.

Dont you know that”

He frowned and said, “I know now.”

“Do you think we should do something as bosses” Ye Shengge asked seriously.

“I just gave Lin Ran a raise before the year ended… Why dont I help her pay for the wedding gown Why dont you give Sun Ye more year-end bonuses Hell be the happiest when he sees money.”

Ji Shiting listened quietly and smiled.

“Well do as you say.”

“When they get married, we can let Jinchen and Jinqing be their flower boys,” Ye Shengge said excitedly.

“Shengge.” Ji Shiting chuckled.

“Why are you so focused on others”

“How is this about others” Ye Shengge was upset.

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