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Chapter 1122 Did She See The Photos

“Impossible!” She said indignantly.

“Theres something wrong with this photo! Its just a normal work exchange.

Cant the netizens see it”

“No one cares.

The netizens just want to watch the show.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Its time for me to shoot my next scene.

I should


No matter how lively the gossip was, she still had to work when it was time to do so.

She wasnt the only one.

All the staff put down their phones and got into position, but they looked at Ye Shengge more inquisitively.

“Are you not going to bother then” Lin Ran couldnt help yelling at her back.

Ye Shengge waved at her and said, “Someone will care.”

Lin Ran was confused but she suddenly realized that this was a scandal about Ji Shiting.


Ji wouldnt stand aside and do nothing!

Ye Shengges phone suddenly started ringing.

It was a call from Ji Shiting.

Lin Ran picked it up and said, “Mr.

Ji, its Lin Ran.

Sister Shengge is filming.”

Ji Shiting paused and said, “Did she see the photos”

“Um…” Lin Ran didnt dare to lie.

“But Sister Shengge is rather calm and isnt mad.

Sister Shengge definitely trusts you.”

“Okay.” Ji Shiting said.

“Tell her Ill deal with


“Dont worry,” Lin Ran answered.


Elsewhere, in the presidents office.

Ji Shiting was in a meeting when Qiao Yanze called to remind him to read Weibo.

He then realized that Tang Ranran had something up her sleeve.

He immediately announced the end of the meeting and returned to his office.

If this matter wasnt handled well, not only would Ye Shengge be angry, but it would also affect T.S.

Corporations reputation.

Tang Ranrans methods werent brilliant, but they were effective.

It was easy for rumors to spread, but it was difficult to clarify.

He moved the mouse to one of the photos and smiled coldly.

Sun Ye wanted to rush to T.S.


He had just arrived in Yang City at noon, and he had settled Lin Rans parents down.

He was prepared to propose tomorrow, but he hadnt expected to see the scandal.

He immediately left the arrangements in his hand and went to the company.

He had been maintaining his relationship with the media, and his boss definitely needed him at this time.

Sun Ye felt that it was time for him to show off.

After less than an hour, the car arrived at the door of T.S.


Sun Ye jumped out of the taxi and didnt even bother to respond to others on the way.

He rushed into the elevator and clicked into Weibo again to check on the latest situation.

He hadnt expected the trending topic to have been this time, and all the photos had disappeared.

Sun Ye was dumbfounded.

He then went to the office.

Ji Shiting had just ended a call.

He put down his phone and picked up his coffee calmly.

He raised an eyebrow and said, “Why are you back at this time Didnt you say you would be back for work the day after tomorrow”

“Um… Boss, I saw Weibo.” Sun Ye was a bit embarrassed.

“But I didnt expect you to deal with it so quickly.”

“It has to be done quickly.

The longer this news takes to spread, the harder itll be to deal with it,” Ji Shiting said.

“Since youre back, you shall be in charge of checking this Weibo post.

Get rid of it as soon as you see the photos.”

“Okay, dont worry,” Sun Ye agreed.

“But Tang Ranran…”

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