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Chapter 111: Triple Critical Hit

Ye Shengge could hear something wrong in his tone and thus, she immediately stood up and said, “Okay… Ill go with you.”

She couldnt eat the soup dumplings anyway, so it was no use staring at them.

Ji Shiting relaxed a bit upon hearing what she said.

His lips curled up and he reached out to her, “Come here.”

Ye Shengge was shocked by the mans sudden gentleness.

However, she was his wife after all.

Given Ji Shitings responsible personality, he would show her basic respect even if she was just a wife for show.

After all, Sister Xiu and the others were still by her side.

If Ji Shiting was being too cold to her, she wouldnt be in for a good time.

With that in mind, Ye Shengge accepted his consideration.

Blushing, she put out her hand into his.

Ji Shiting gripped tightly, his smile deepening as he held her hand and led her upstairs.

It had to be said that he was very pleased with how shy that woman was.

Ye Shengge couldnt help blushing.

The mans warm slender hand wrapped around hers tightly, which made her feel aroused, but… Sister Xiu and the others were still watching.

Thus, she could only endure it.

She walked upstairs and turned around.

Ye Shengge breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her room.

She smiled and said, “Mr.

Ji, Im here.”

She tried to free her hands but failed.

The man tightened his grip and his gentle expression turned cold.

“What did you call me” He said.

“Um… Boss Ji” Ye Shengge changed the way she addressed him and pointed to the bedroom.

“Um, my room is here.


She then looked at their hands, signaling for him to let go.

Ji Shiting eyed her expressionlessly with his dark chilling eyes.

He had thought that the woman had realized something, but it turned out that he was overthinking.

“Why do you think I agreed to marry you, Ye Shengge” He enunciated each and every word to the woman standing before him.

His voice was calm, but it made Ye Shengge shiver.

She licked her lips nervously as she realized something and blushed.

It seemed that she wasnt mistaken.

The reason that the man was willing to marry her was partly because of his grandpas pressure, and partly because she was a good partner.

After all, he didnt stop sleeping with her even though he disliked her.

Of course, it wasnt that she didnt want to.

If he needed her, she wouldnt mind taking to his bed, just that…


Ji, just last night we… Do you need to rest for a bit” she asked, blushing.

He had done it three times or four times last night, so shouldnt it take a few days to recover.

Ji Shitings lips when taut and his expression was a little frightening.

He gripped the womans hand tightly, wishing he could crush it to pieces.

Very good, very good indeed.

She had called himMr.

Ji and insisted on staying in the second bedroom, and now she was questioning his capabilities

He was afraid that he would strangle that woman if he couldnt control himself.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!” Ye Shengge felt so wronged that she was about to cry.

What had she said wrongly She was so sweet!

Ji Shiting sneered and released his grip.

He said, “Thats right.

I do need to rest for a few days.”.”

Ji Shiting was furious! Im going to tie that woman to the bed till she cant get out for three days!


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