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Chapter 1109 He Drinks A Lot

Ji Shiting glared at him and ignored him.

“Gu Yimo seems to be trying to find a way to let you recover, so he hasnt even been to 1921 recently.

Tsk tsk… Indeed, his research is number one for this kid.

Women can be thrown to the back of his mind anytime.

Serves him right for still being a virgin at this age.” Qiao Yanze sneered.

“I told him not to waste his energy,” Ji Shiting said.

“He doesnt even know the reason behind my emotional stripping.

What can he figure out Besides…”

“Besides what” Qiao Yanze moved his face closer.

Ji Shiting said, “Besides, I can feel more and more emotions.

For example, I think youre annoying and want to punch your face.”

Qiao Yanze rolled his eyes at him, picked up the bottle and filled his glass.

Ji Shiting didnt stop him.

Qiao Yanze finished the last bottle of Louis XIV cognac.

However, he was only a bit tipsy.

“Ill send the twins to school for you tomorrow.

Theyll definitely miss me.” He put down his cup.

She meant to stay in Qianfan Villa tonight.

Ji Shiting wanted to agree, but he suddenly recalled the video he had seen that day.

Jinchen said, “Why dont we let Uncle Qiao be our father”

He was upset and said coldly, “No need.

Ill send them.

If you want to see them, youll see them tomorrow at breakfast.”

Qiao Yanze humphed coldly and said, “Petty.” Ji Shiting knew that Qiao Yanze had made up for the lack of fatherly love in the three years he had been missing, but he still couldnt be grateful to him.

“Are you done drinking” He said.

“Go to sleep if youre done.

I have work to do.”

Qiao Yanze smiled lazily.

“No wonder Shengge didnt want to talk to you and ended up with another man.”

Ji Shitings eyes dimmed again.

“Shengge will clarify everything soon.

You dont have to worry.” The man stood up and walked into the villa.

Qiao Yanze stood up slowly and followed him.

“Huh You dont dare clarify yourself Heh heh, it looks like Shengge really did it herself to anger you…” Qiao Yanze said gloatingly.

Ji Shiting felt that he should have gotten a few more bottles of alcohol from the wine cellar and gotten this guy completely drunk.

When Qiao Yanze went upstairs, he was finally tipsy and began stumbling.

Ji Shiting had to help him to the guest room.

However, just as he walked to the stairs, he saw Li Yinian rushing into the living room and asking Sister Xiu something.

Sister Xiu pointed to the second floor.

Li Yinian looked up and met Ji Shitings gaze.

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

Li Yinian seemed a bit embarrassed.

She walked very quickly and went to the second floor.


Ji, is Qiao Yanze here I just saw the message he sent me.

Im a bit worried…”

Ji Shiting looked in the direction of the guest room and said, “Hes inside.”

He thought for a bit and added, “He drank a lot.

Im too impatient to take care of him.

Help yourself.”

The man then turned around and walked to the study.

Li Yinian bit her lips, hesitated for a bit, and walked to the guest room.

She opened the door and saw that the lights in the room were on.

Qiao Yanze and his clothes were lying on the bed.

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