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Chapter 1108 Cant Let Go, Cant Let Go, Cant Bear to

Two years ago, Yu Shuhang and Ling Yutong had gone to live in the United States after getting married, and he had registered a technology company in Silicon Valley.

It was developing well.

He basically treated Little Zheng as his own son, and the family of three lived well.

Occasionally, Yu Shuhang would send Qiao Yanze a few photos, and Qiao Yanze didnt want to admit that he was jealous.

In the end, among them, Yu Shuhang was living the best.

Although Little Zheng wasnt related to him by blood, he wasnt bothered by it, so others couldnt say anything.

Besides, Little Zheng was smart, good-looking, and sensible.

He didnt know how much longer Ye Shengge could take it if Ji Shiting continude behaving that way.

Qiao Yanze humphed coldly as he thought about it.

“What triggered you again” Ji Shiting said coldly.

“Cut the crap.

Are you drinking or not” Qiao Yanze glared at him.

Ji Shiting looked at him for a few seconds and closed his laptop.

“Lets go to the garden.”

Qiao Yanze was satisfied.

“Thats more like it.”

The weather tonight was good, and the moon was shining brightly.

Ji Shiting restrained himself and only poured a glass of liquor to drink it slowly, but Qiao Yanze didnt control himself at all.

However, he didnt lose his composure even after drinking three glasses.

He just sat more lazily.

His shirt was slightly open and messy, and his lips were moistened by the alcohol.

His eyes were dim.

If a woman were here, she would definitely find him sexy and seductive.

However, Ji Shiting was the one opposite him.

“You havent settled Li Yinian yet” He said and put down his cup.

Qiao Yanze chuckled and said, “After she found out about my situation, she begged me to let her go.

She didnt want to be implicated by


Qiao Yanze wasnt surprised at all.

Ji Shiting nodded and said, “Shes right.

Even if shes willing to cooperate with you, its unlikely for you to have an outcome.

The Li family can only be ranked at the bottom of the list of rich families.

Besides, shes no longer the daughter of the Li family, and shes been in a marriage before, even if it lasted less than a day.

You dont mind, but your parents do.”

Qiao Yanze shook the crystal glass in his hand and said sarcastically, “The problem is, she doesnt even want to cooperate.”

Qiao Yanze didnt know what he was being stubborn about sometimes.

Li Yinian didnt seem to care about anything, but every time he interacted with her, he felt that the woman liked him or even cared about him.

Her feelings were like a deep pool, without any waves at all.

Only when the moonlight shone in could he see the depth.

Perhaps that was why he couldnt let it go, even if his heart was abandoned by that woman.

Ji Shiting thought for a few seconds and said, “When are you going to tell your brother about it You can still afford to delay it for a month or two, but if you continue to delay it, all of Fengqiao Corporations assets will be split among your brothers, and the directors will think you dont have any ambition.

After they stand on their own sides, you wont have a chance even if you want to fight.”

Qiao Yanze sneered, “I know what Im doing.”

Ji Shiting nodded and didnt say anything else.

“Why do I feel that you seem more human tonight” Qiao Yanze suddenly stared at him.

“How rare.”

Qiao Yanze had looked for him twice in the past month, but he was furious every time.

It was rare for him to comfort him so patiently tonight, although he didnt say anything good.

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