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Ye Shengge dimmed down the contempt in her eyes.

They could act intimately under the guise ofsiblings, and she would be the despicable one if she had some second thoughts.

“Xiaoya just said Im the mistress.” She pulled back her hands and pretended to be irritated.

“Xiaoyas been relying on me for a long time, so sometimes shell act spoiled.

I know you wont mind it.” Mu Yanhuai smiled and put his hands on her shoulders.

“How about this If Xiaoya can get to be the lead actress ofXue Ning, well get married.”


“Get married I wont allow it!” Mu Xiaoya screamed.

She was already indignant over seeing the man she loved comforting another woman, and after hearing that, she exploded.

“Xiaoya!” Mu Yanhuai scolded her as he was really annoyed.

“Shengge is going to be your sister-in-law.

Show some respect.”

Mu Xiaoya knew that Mu Yanhuai did it on purpose, yet she still felt so wronged that she was about to cry.

He had reprimanded her because of another woman.

All because of that woman!


She glared at Ye Shengge.

Ye Shengge found it amusing seeing how sore Mu Yanhuai looked.

“But Corporation T.S invests inXue Ning.

How would they allow an actress who just went through a scandal to become the lead actress”

“Its indeed difficult, but I have faith in you.” Mu Yanhuai looked at her affectionately.

“Xiaoya will definitely become one of the top actresses after that TV show, then you wont need to worry about our company anymore.

You can then be the maker of our home.

We talked about having two kids, didnt we”


Ye Shengge was astounded.

She hadnt known until now that his real plan was that he would just marry her after exploiting her, and then, he would take away her power in the company.

After taking all her shares, he would kick her out of his house and be with Mu Xiaoya.


Ye Shengge clenched her fists while trying to suppress her anger, otherwise, she wouldve punched that man.


She couldnt believe she had fallen for a guy like that.

She also felt lucky that she had learnt the truth in time, otherwise, she mightve actually consented to an agreement like that.

After all, shed been wanting a home for herself for a long time, and Mu Yanhuai knew that very well and was sure that she wouldnt refuse!

“How about that, Shengge” Mu Yanhuai was a bit anxious seeing Ye Shengges irresponsiveness.

The womans eyes would always glow whenever he brought up home and kids before, yet today, she didnt seem to care at all.

“Of course! Ye Shengge raised her head and smiled.

“Ill try to get Xiaoya the part inXue Ning.”

Mu Yanhuai was relieved.

Just as he wanted to say something, Mu Xiaoya voiced out, “I want to go have a rest, brother.”

“Sure.” Mu Yanhuai agreed, then he said to Ye Shengge.

“Ill go back with Xiaoya.

Please take care of the rest.”

Mu Yanhuai then escorted Mu Xiaoya out before Ye Shengge said anything.

Mu Xiaoya turned around and shot Ye Shengge a glare.

It seemed that she was really triggered when Mu Yanhuai brought up marriage.

Ye Shengge curled her lips.

“Shengge!” She then heard a furious voice.

Ye Shengge relieved, looked back and saw Shang Tianyi with messy hair, “What happened to you”

“What happened Im so angry now!” Shang Tianyi rolled his eyes.

“What happened to you just now.

Why did you defend Mu Yanhuai Have you lost your mind”

He was also amazed by Ye Shengge when she showed up, however, thatstupid woman had tried to clarify things for Mu Yanhuai, which infuriated him.

“Its not the time yet.” Ye Shengge explained.

“And besides, this is my company too.

I need to defend my companys image, and most importantly, I dont want the audience to think of me as some pitiful person whos been deceived and betrayed.”


“What” Shang Tianyi was dazed.

“Youre a boss, not an actress.

Why would you care about image You shouldve just told everyone the truth!”

“Not yet.” Ye Shengge blinked.

“Im preparing for the future.”

The general public admired the strong.

A pitiful fiancé who got cheated on would be sympathized with, but never adored.

Shang Tianyi was dazed.

“Are you saying… But… Has that birthmark disappeared”

He was exhilarated.

Ye Shengge fake coughed a bit and said, “Not now, but Ive found a way… Found a way…”


She wasnt so sure of what she was saying.

How could she meet Ji Shiting and sleep with him again


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