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Ye Shengge went back to Ming Building with Uncle Jin, to do some simple packing and said goodbye to the place she had been living in for more than three years.

Qianfan Villa was located in the city, but the area around the villa was either filled with plants or artificial lakes, so it was unusually quiet.

The car drove in through the main gate, and it took a couple of minutes to reach the villa.

It was such a huge piece of land in the city, yet there was only one building on it.

It really was luxurious.

Ye Shengge knew Ji Shiting was rich, but she was still intimidated.

Poverty limited her imagination… she thought, tearing up.

She saw the entire villa after getting out of the car.

It was indeed the work of a world-class architect.

The Baroque-style building looked elegant and luxurious.

The lake water on the side reflected light blue light on the wall, giving off an exquisite vibe against the woods on the other side.

Ye Shengge swallowed hard.

Although Ji Shiting said it was also her home, it was a bit difficult for her to treat it as her home.

“Lets go in, Young Madam.” Uncle Jin saw how uncomfortable she was.

He smiled and said, “Young Master hasnt been living in the manor ever since he came of age.

Hes been single for so many years, and its boring to live in such a big place.

Fortunately, youre here now, and the chairman and I are very happy.”

Uncle Jin sounded gentle and kind.

Ye Shengge relaxed a bit.

She could feel that Grandpa and Uncle Jin sincerely welcomed her, but Ji Shiting had been single for so many years

“I remember Mr.

Ji had a fiancée before…” She couldnt help asking.

Besides, ever since his fiancée left him, he had been refusing his grandpas matchmaking…

Uncle Jin was dazed for a moment, then he smiled and said, “Are you talking about Ms.

Ling Yutong I dont know much about Ms.

Ling and Young Master… You can ask him directly.”

Ye Shengge nodded, but she wouldnt ask.

It was because she wasnt curious at all.

“Also, Young Madam, youre already Young Masters wife.” Uncle Jin sounded a bit upset.

“You can call him by his name.”

“Um…” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Okay, Ill keep that in mind.”

Uncle Jin asked the servants to bring Ye Shengges things in.

“Which room is Uncle Jin going to put it in” asked the older maid.

“Put it in Young Masters bedroom.” Uncle Jin smiled and pointed at Ye Shengge.

“This is Young Madam.

Shell be the mistress of Qianfan Villa in the future.

Please listen to her.”

The maid immediately smiled and said, “Thats great! We finally have a mistress! Young Madam, my name is Li Xiu, and they call me Sister Xiu.

Im the housekeeper, and there are about ten chefs and servants in the villa.

Everyones been looking forward to seeing you.

“Hello, hello…” Ye Shengge chuckled.

She hadnt expected even the servants of the Ji family to be so warm.

It was as if Ji Shiting was the only one who was cold.

“Theres plenty of time to help Young Madam pack her things,” said Uncle Jin.

“Okay!” Sister Xiu picked up the box and was about to walk off.

“Wait.” Ye Shengge couldnt help saying, “Please arrange for me to have a bedroom or any other room.

Dont put it in Ji Shitings room…”


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