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Chapter 1061: The President Still Trusts Me Most

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At that moment, Sun Ye looked up and saw her.

He widened his eyes in surprise and whispered something to Mr.


Ji Shiting glanced at her and nodded slightly at Sun Ye.

Then, Sun Ye walked towards her.

The female assistant also looked over, but she quickly looked away and followed Mr.

Ji into the office.

Lin Ran looked at the female assistants back view and suddenly felt very unhappy.

“When did you come back Why didnt you tell me Ill send someone to pick you up.” Sun Yes tone was affectionate as he put his arm around her shoulders.

Lin Ran slapped his arm away unhappily.

“What are you doing touching me!”

“Havent you had enough yet” Sun Ye thought that she was still throwing a tantrum and did not take it to heart.

“Wait for me for a while.

Ill bring you to have good food tonight.

Ive recently discovered a Thai restaurant that tastes pretty good.

Youll definitely like it.”

Lin Ran was not in the mood to argue with him.

Her gaze landed on the CEOs office.

“Who is that woman”

Sun Yes expression darkened.

“The new assistant.”

“Why did Mr.

Ji hire such a young female assistant” Lin Ran frowned.

“Of all the applicants, she is indeed the most outstanding one.

Also, the president is relying on her now.” Sun Yes expression turned even uglier.

“Wow, did she replace you”

“Nonsense! The CEO trusts me the most!”

“Hmph… Is this woman up to no good”

“Lhave the same suspicions, but her performance so far is quite normal,” Sun Ye said.

“Dont worry, if she reveals anything, I will definitely report it to Madam immediately.”

“Thats more like it.” Lin Ran was slightly relieved, thinking that with Sun Ye watching over her, this female assistant probably wouldnt be able to find any opportunities.

“Oh right, why is my work desk occupied Wheres my stuff”

“Tm keeping it for you.”

“Hurry up and bring it over.

I have to return to the production team immediately.”

Sun Ye was stunned.

“Youre going back now Didnt I say that Ill bring you to eat Thai food tonight”

“No.” Lin Ran was annoyed.

“Why should I eat with you”

Sun Ye finally realized that something was amiss.

“Whats the matter Are you still angry”

“Tm not even angry, how can I be appeased” Lin Ran smiled insincerely.

“I told you before I went back to my hometown that we broke up.

Did you forget”

Sun Ye frowned.

“What breakup I didnt agree!”

“Is that so You havent contacted me in the past two weeks.

I thought you had already accepted this outcome.” Lin Ran sneered.

“Tm just giving you time to calm down… Also, Ive been really busy recently, so I didnt think of it…” Sun Ye grabbed her wrist.

“Ranran, let me apologize to you.

Stop fooling around, okay”

Lin Rans eyes reddened and she bit her lip.

“Sun Ye, Im serious.

I dont think were compatible.”

“How is it not suitable!” Sun Ye was getting anxious.

“You didnt say that back then!”

“If I say its not suitable, its not appropriate.

Youre so long-winded!” Lin Ran lowered his voice.

“Hurry up and give it to me!”

“No!” Sun Ye decided to be a rascal.

“I didnt agree to break up anyway!”

“You… If you dont let go, believe it or not, Ill find Mr.

Ji to judge!” Lin Ran glared at him.

Sun Ye unwillingly let go of her wrist..

“What did I do wrong”

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