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Chapter 1054: Teased

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Ye Shengge never expected that she would be teased by a boy who was barely

twenty years old.

She wanted to fly into a rage, but when she recalled that she was the one who

had said the words “have you grown your hair”, she could only restrain


With a cold expression, she said, “Focus on filming.

If you continue to say such

nonsense, do you believe that I will replace you

T dont believe you.” However, Su Yao did not take her threat seriously at all.

He smiled and showed his white teeth.

“Tm the cause of viewership ratings for

this show.

The producers would rather replace you than replace me.


this show is not invested by T.S., theyre not afraid of you.”

Ye Shengge was speechless.

She glared at the boys innocent smile and stood


Tl talk to the director about the script.” She turned around and left.

Hehe, she could not afford to offend him, but she could avoid him.

“Sister Shengge, are you afraid of me He chuckled, successfully stopping Ye

Shengge in her tracks.

Ye Shengge looked dowm at the mans sunny and handsome smile.

“How long is your contract with Shi Sheng

“Three years.” Su Yao blinked.

“Sister Shengge, are you going to freeze me

Brother Tianyi wont allow it.”

Ye Shengge choked.

She could not figure out why she could not do anything to this brat when she

already had the right to speak.

At the end of the day, it was because she was too kind.

She did not want to be

too calculative about things that did not cross her bottom line.

“Su Yao, behave yourself.”Ye Shengge snorted.

“Although your Brother Tianyi

is protecting you, dont forget that Im your boss.”

Su Yaos eyes flashed and he replied obediently, “Then Sister Shengge, take a

photo with me.

Ill post it on Weibo.”

“No.” Ye Shengge rejected instinctively.

Please! I want to interact with my fans and promote this show.

Its also

written in the contract,” Su Yao said as he opened the selfie app.

Actors from the same cast and crew often used selfies and daily promotional

methods during filming.

Ye Shengge had already rejected other promotional

activities, so it would be unreasonable for her to reject such a small matter.

Hence, she nodded.

“Alright, dont overdo it when you digitally retouch it”

“Theres no need to edit the pictures.

Sister Shengge, youre a natural beauty.

Every time he stood up, he would reveal his teeth.

“You look better without


This kid had a glib tongue.

In the end, Ye Shengge could not hold it in.

The corner of her lips twitched, but

the kids sharp eyes noticed it.

“Sister Shengge, youre not angry anymore!”

“You talk too much,”Ye Shengge said as she placed her elbow on his shoulder.

“Quick, take a picture.”

Su Yao immediately raised his phone and the two of them took a few pictures

of the camera.

Facing the camera, both of their smiles were perfect and the photos were

pretty good.

It was just that in the photo, Ye Shengge had her hand on Su Yaos

shoulder and was very aggressive.

“Tm leaving” Ye Shengge patted his shoulder and turned to look for the


This time, Su Yao did not stop her.

He hummed and lowered his head

to edit Weibo.

Meanwhile, Tang Ranran had returned to T.S.

When Sun Ye saw her, he immediately asked, “Hows the matter going

“Dont worry, Assistant Sun.” Tang Ranran smiled.

“The atmosphere in the

production team is pretty good.

Everyone says that Madam is a very nice


“Thats good.” Sun Ye nodded in satisfaction.

“You stay here.

Ill go in and report

to Mr.


Tang Ranrans eyes flashed.


Sun Ye seemed to want to stop her from having direct contact with the big


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