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Chapter 1053: Mr.

Ji Is So Lucky

Although she felt a little strange, Ye Shengge did not feel as if she was facing a formidable enemy just because of a female assistant.

Moreover, she was very happy that Ji Shiting was becoming more and more considerate.

Therefore, she specially sent Ji Shiting a WeChat message to express her gratitude after lunch.

[Lunch received! This win-win tactic is awesome.]

Ji Shiting had never used WeChat before, but under her strong request, he finally started to use it.

However, he did not have a profile picture nor a WeChat Moments, so it was very simple and crude.

It made people wonder if he would not read the news at all.

A few seconds later, the man replied with a smiley face emoji.

Ye Shengge could not help but laugh.

This emojis smiling face seemed a little silly.

She could not help but laugh when she imagined Ji Shiting smiling at her like that.

At that moment, a head suddenly appeared beside her.

“Sister Shengge, so you are really Mrs.


Ye Shengge was shocked and turned to look at him.

“Su Yao Why are you still here”

After the three of them had lunch, Shang Tianyi left.

Su Yao took the opportunity to return to the nanny van during his lunch break.

Who knew that he would return in just a few minutes

He smiled.

“Im bored alone… Sister Shengge, you havent answered my question.

Are you really Mrs.


Ye Shengge raised her brows.

“Do I have the obligation to answer you”

She would not announce this to others on purpose, but if others asked, there was no need for her to hide it.

However, Su Yaos self-righteous tone made her unhappy, so her attitude was hard.

The boy looked hurt.

“I want to know.

Brother Tianyi already knows… I wont say anything.”

Ye Shengge felt that this boy was really spoiled, but he did have the ability.

Once he showed such a hurt expression, Ye Shengge felt that it was inappropriate to argue with him.


Are you satisfied now Go get some rest.

We still have to film in the afternoon.”

Su Yao looked at her.

“Sister Shengge, I think Mr.

Ji is really lucky.”

The boy had a serious look on his face and his eyes were very clear.

He was as sincere as he could be.

“Have you forgotten what Brother Tianyi said” Ye Shengge sighed.

“Im your boss and your senior!”

‘Are all boys nowadays so lewd He knows that Im married, yet he still didnt give up on flirting with me!

“I know.” He chuckled.

“But Im telling the truth.

Others may be envious of you and think that youre lucky to be able to marry Mr.

Ji, but I think that its Mr.

Jis fortune to be able to marry you.”

Ye Shengges eyes turned hot from the boys sincere tone.

After a while, she said softly, “Other than him, youre the first person to say that.”

“Shengge…” Su Yao called her name softly.

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In a voice that was between a boy and a man, it was strangely enchanting.

However, Ye Shengge gave him a knock on the head.

“Youre so rude! Go back and read the script! I wont go easy on you.

Be careful of being suppressed by me!”

This kid really couldnt be condoned!

Su Yao sighed.

“Sister Shengge, Mr.

Ji wont be able to see it anyway.

Dont be so cold to me.

Besides, well be on set for a few months.

Its too boring.”

Ye Shengge suddenly squinted.

“Kid, do you always tease the female lead during filming How old are you Do you have any hair”

“Sister Shengge, do you want to check if my hair is fully grown” He smiled.

Ye Shengge was so angry that she almost slapped him..

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