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Chapter 1048: Youre Very Different Today

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‘Could it be because I asked him to recite a love poem last night

Ye Shengge did not know, but there was no doubt that this man was changing bit by bit.

Whether he was sincere or not, he was becoming more and more like the Ji Shiting in her memory.

When she realized this, she couldnt help but feel excited.

Looking at her back, Ji Shiting smiled and looked at the two little guys.

“Mommy will be joining the filming crew in two days.

You know that, right”

“Mommy said shed come back to see us often.”

“After Mommy finishes filming, well be able to see her on TV!”

“Thats right.” Ji Shiting nodded in satisfaction.

“Daddy and Mommy are very busy, so its time for you to go to school.”

Their eyes widened in shock.

On the other hand, Ye Shengge heard their conversation and turned around in surprise.

“School Are you sending them to kindergarten”

“Of course.” Ji Shiting placed the two children on the chair.

“Its perfect for them to go to kindergarten at their age.”

Ye Shengge recalled the two kids fighting in the corridor earlier and could not help but nod.

“Thats right, they should go to kindergarten too.”

Previously, Ji Shitings life and death were still unknown.

She did not want the existence of the two children to be exposed, so she did not send them to kindergarten.

But now that the crisis was resolved, the two little guys should have other playmates.

However, to the two children, this news was like a bolt from the blue.

“Mommy, I dont want to!” Qingers eyes were filled with tears.

“Ill be good.”

Jinchen looked at Ji Shiting pleadingly.

Previously, Ye Shengge was unable to keep them company at all times.

She was worried that they would be lonely, so she transformed several rooms in the house into toy rooms.

The two little guys had countless toys, and there were fitness facilities in the front yard of the villa.

There was a lake and garden at the back.

This was their little paradise where they had fun every day.

Therefore, they did not want to go to a place like kindergarten because it did not sound fun.

However, this time, no matter how much they begged and whined, it was useless.

Their parents had agreed to it, and even their great-grandfather couldnt help them.

The two kids were so dejected that they could not eat anymore.

Ye Shengges heart ached as she looked at them.

She couldnt help but hesitate.

“Theyre still young…”

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‘Should I wait another year

“No.” Ji Shiting was determined.

“They have to get in touch with people their age.”

Ye Shengge thought about it and decided to be firm.

Fortunately, they had always been magnanimous.

After confirming that their parents decision could not be shaken, they accepted this fact.

During their afternoon nap, the two of them had already recovered and promised Ye Shengge that they would get along well with other children.

Ye Shengge could not help but laugh.

After coaxing them to sleep, she left the room.

Ji Shiting was standing in the corridor, playing with something and looking at her with a smile.

Ye Shengges heart skipped a beat.

She was even more certain that he was really different today.

She walked up to him.

“Arent you going to the office”

“Theres no hurry,” the man said as he showed her his palm.

“This is for you.”

Ye Shengge took a look and saw a shiny lipstick lying quietly on his palm.

The golden lines were very beautiful.

She was shocked.


“Yes.” The man nodded slightly..

“Theres real gold and broken diamonds embedded outside.”

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