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Chapter 1043: Fine, Dont Give Birth

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Ye Shengge saw the mans darkened eyes from the mirror and couldnt help but snort.

“Youre unhappy”

If he had always been like this, Ye Shengge would never have given birth again.

Although he was good to Jinchen and Jinqing, it was more because he wanted to work hard to fulfill his responsibility as a father.

It did not mean that he loved them very much.

Ji Shiting swallowed his saliva.

“I am not unhappy.

I will listen to you.”

“Then why are you looking so gloomy” Ye Shengge was unwilling to give up.

“I just feel that you seem to be very against pregnancy.” The man paused.

“Is it because of me”

Back then, she was clearly looking forward to getting pregnant.

Was it because she felt that he was not a qualified father Or perhaps, she still had no intention of giving up on separating from him

Ye Shengge was stunned for a moment.

She wanted to nod, but when she saw the mans dark eyes, she held back.

“No, I just dont want to delay my career any further.

Do you know how much Ive suffered during my three years of retirement” She snorted heavily.

Ji Shiting looked at her in the mirror and his face finally relaxed.

“Alright, then I wont give birth,” he said hoarsely.

He turned her over to face him, then grabbed her chin and kissed her heavily.

The kiss didnt last for long before Ji Shiting was aroused again.

He let go of her with a low gasp and asked hoarsely, “Do you have a condom at home”

Ye Shengge blinked.


She had already thrown away those that she had not used up.

Ji Shiting cursed under his breath and stared at her with his dark eyes.


“No.” Ye Shengge rejected without hesitation.

“Ill be careful.” The unsatisfied man seemed a little irritable.

“That wont do either.” Ye Shengge bit her lip.

For some reason, she was suddenly in low spirits.

She suddenly pushed him away and rushed into the bathroom, slamming the door shut.

Startled, Ji Shiting followed her.

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“Dont come in!” Ye Shengge suddenly roared.

He had no choice but to stop, but his heart was filled with frustration.

He did not understand what he had said wrong.

In the bathroom, Ye Shengge quickly took off her clothes and turned on the shower to wash herself.

Although this might not be useful, it was better than doing nothing.

She even considered taking a pill after the fact.

At this thought, her eyes suddenly turned red.

Her dreams shattered so quickly.

She didnt want to be calculative, but she couldnt help but compare herself to the past him.

This man not only loved her deeply, but also admired her acting skills and supported her career.

So, if she expressed her unwillingness to have children, he would never let her take this risk.

It was all because he had placed her in his heart, so he could always spare a thought for her.

After showering, she put on her clothes and walked out.

To her surprise, the man was still standing at the bathroom door, waiting for her.

His tall body made the bathroom seem a little cramped.

He pursed his thin lips, his dark eyes containing some regret.

“Shengge.” He called her name, his voice low and even a little careful.

Ye Shengges heart suddenly softened.

“Carry me back.” She opened her arms to him.

The mans eyes widened slightly.

In the next second, he strode over to her and lifted her up.

Ye Shengge reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck.

The moment she looked up, she saw the mans lips curling up slightly..

She sighed silently and the last bit of resentment in her heart disappeared.

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