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Chapter 1041: The Smell of Perfume

Feeling the softness against his back, Ji Shiting froze.

This was beyond his expectations.

Was it because of the earrings

His Adams apple moved and he held her hands.

His voice was low and hoarse, unable to hide his surprise.

“Okay, I wont leave.”

With that, he put her hands down and turned around to pull her into his arms.

The woman was buried in his chest, her face almost transparent.

Her long eyelashes covered her eyes, but her slightly biting red lips still revealed her emotions.

She looked slightly annoyed.

“Do you regret it” Ji Shiting asked in a hoarse voice.

Ye Shengges eyelashes fluttered as she looked up at him.

Before she could speak, Ji Shiting said with a low laugh, “Its too late to regret.”

Ye Shengge hit his chest in frustration.

In the end, she accepted her fate and hugged him tightly.


She had to admit that, in comparison, it was more difficult for her to accept being separated from him.

She would rather he be selfish and keep her by his side, even if he had to resort to all means.

At least he still needed her.

This “need” was enough for her to weave an illusory dream for herself, although this dream would never last long.

If only she could be a little slower.

If that was the case, she would be much better off.

But now, her dream had not shattered.

The mans strong arms and smiling black eyes made her feel at ease.

Ji Shiting reached out and touched her face.

The smooth and delicate touch made his heart race.

He lifted her chin and leaned over to kiss her lips.

Ye Shengge raised her head and cooperated with him, allowing him to kiss her.

However, not long after, she suddenly frowned and struggled to avoid his kiss.

The man was still engrossed in the kiss a second ago.

He frowned unhappily and panted softly.

“Whats wrong”

Ye Shengge put her hand on his chest and said in disdain, “You smell awful.

Go take a shower first.”

Ji Shiting was startled for a moment.

He soon remembered that he had smoked a lot today.

“Is the smell of smoke a little too heavy” His dark eyes were deep and he acted pitiful as if he had learned everything by himself.

“Guess why I smoked so much”

However, Ye Shengge did not feel sorry or soft-hearted because of this.

She snorted.

“Not only do you reek of cigarettes, but you also reek of perfume.”

Ji Shiting raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“I didnt use perfume.”

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“I know.” Ye Shengges tone was dry as she stared at him.

Ji Shiting suddenly realized something and said word by word, “I didnt touch any other woman.”

He had only one female assistant and he would strictly keep a distance of at least a meter away from her all the time.

There was no reason for him to reek of any strange smells.

“Im not suspecting you.” Ye Shengge snorted and pushed him forcefully.

“Go take a shower.

Dont get on my bed until youre done.”

The mans eyes lit up.

“On your bed”

“Thats not the point!” Ye Shengge glared at him.

Ji Shiting chuckled and finally let go of her.

He turned around and went to the bathroom.

Looking at his back view, Ye Shengge suddenly bit her lip.

Just now, she had indeed smelled the scent of Chanel No.

5 perfume.

It was a very unique scent, and she would not remember it wrongly.

Although she would not suspect him because of this, it at least meant that there were other women who had tried to get close to him.

Perhaps they were employees or partners.

Ye Shengge felt uncomfortable..

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