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Chapter 1039: This Is For You

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The chauffeur, Old Chen, had just started the car when he heard the instructions and quickly drove to Tang Ranrans side.

Ji Shiting asked coldly, “What happened”


Ji…” Tang Ranran looked at the man in the backseat and revealed an embarrassed smile.

“My car couldnt start… so I had no choice but to take a taxi.”

Tang Ranran lowered her head and tried her best to smile.

“Ive already booked a cab, so Ill be there in half an hour at most.

You can go back first, dont worry about me.”

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for a superior to watch a female subordinate wait by the roadside for half an hour.

Although Tang Ranran lowered her head, her eyes were sparkling.

She did not believe that Ji Shiting would be so heartless as to leave.

It was true that Ji Shiting could not leave his female subordinate behind and let her wait for the cab here alone, but he could not invite her to the car either.

If it was before today, he would definitely not mind sending her home first.

However, tonight, Tang Ranran had challenged his patience again and again.

He would not fire her because of this, but it was not a problem to teach her a lesson.

For example, waiting for half an hour in the chilly night breeze.

“I will ask Old Chen to accompany you here.

He will send you home,” Ji Shiting said as he looked at her meaningfully.

“Dont act presumptuously in the future.”

Tang Ranran almost lost control of her shock.

‘Get the chauffeur to stay with me Trust this man to think of something like that!

Tang Ranran suppressed the indignation and anger in her heart and rejected him in a panic.

“No need…”

“Old Chen, come down.

I will drive home on my own.” Ji Shiting interrupted her and ordered the driver.

Tang Ranran could only shut her mouth.

She realized that she was a little anxious tonight.

This man had already lost his patience.

She could only thank him with a smile and watch as Old Chen got out of the car.

Then, Ji Shiting got into the drivers seat and started the car.

It was already two in the morning when Ji Shiting arrived home.

Although he didnt want to alarm anyone, the sound of the door opening still woke Sister Xiu up.

Fortunately, Sister Xiu didnt make any noise and only asked him softly if he wanted to have supper.

Ji Shiting shook his head and walked to the stairs.

He went up to the second floor and walked to the door of the master bedroom.

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He reached into his pocket and felt a hard jewelry box.

Thanks to the female assistants reminder, he passed by a 24-hour shopping mall on his way back.

He wore a mask and went in for half an hour before finally choosing a suitable gift.

He intended to go in and place it beside her pillow, but he was worried that she would not be fast asleep by this time and his actions would disturb her, so he hesitated.

Before he could make up his mind, the bedroom door opened.

Their eyes met and they both froze.

She heard movement in the living room and wanted to come out to take a look, but she didnt expect to see Ji Shiting standing at the door.

She bit her lower lip and asked hoarsely, “Why are you back”

‘Wasnt he not coming back to sleep Because of this fact, she lay in bed for a few hours without falling asleep.

Looking at her pale face, Ji Shiting suddenly took out the jewelry box from his pocket and passed it to her.

His tone remained calm.

“This is for you.

See if you like it.”

Ye Shengge was stunned..

She had no idea what was going on.

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