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Chapter 1037: Career and Beauty

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Qiao Yanze was furious.

“I know! So this is just a hypothesis.

A hypothesis! Do you not understand”

The Ji family had a simple population.


was destined to belong to Ji Shiting, so he did not need to make such a choice.

What made peoples hair stand on end was that not only did this guy not have any siblings, he did not even have any elders from the other side of the family.

The old man came from a poor family background.

Back then, he came to Yang City alone to work hard.

When he made his mark, he had already cut off all contact with his old family, and even now, he did not have much contact with them.

Not to mention these wealthy families, even ordinary families had a few relatives, right

Qiao Yanze was speechless.

“Suppose…” Ji Shiting let out a puff of smoke slowly and looked thoughtful.

If he were to make a choice between T.S Corporation and Shengge, what would he choose

If it was the old him, he would definitely not hesitate to ask this question.

However, this decision seemed meaningless now.

After all, even if he did not have such a choice, his marriage with Shengge was in danger.

Ji Shiting suddenly laughed.

Even so, he could not let go of her.

“I will not make such a choice.” Ji Shitings voice was low.

“You will always find a way to get what you want.”

Sacrificing career for a beauty was not true.

More often than not, when a man loses their career, they also lose their beloved woman.

People like them, who came from such backgrounds, were more aware of the importance of money and power.

It would be fine if they never had it, but if they lost it after having it, then their end would only be worse than ordinary people.

Although the ending would not be so exaggerated to Qiao Yanze, the logic was the same.

When a person in power changed from his father to his older brother, he would never have the freedom he had now.

Just like in ancient times, being a prince and being the kings brother were completely different treatment.

Of course, Qiao Yanze understood this too.

“…By the way, does Gu Yimo have any medicine that can make a woman fall head over heels for you” he suddenly asked.

If Li Yinian was willing to be with him and cooperate with him, he could protect her well.

Why would he be forced to make such a choice

Ji Shiting furrowed his eyebrows.

“Qiao Yanze, are you crazy”

He could not understand his thoughts at all.

Qiao Yanze sneered.

“Of course you cant understand now that youre drinking cold water! I really pity Sister-in-law… You deserve to sleep in the office!”

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Ji Shiting took a deep breath and hung up angrily.

Qiao Yanze did not call again.

He did not expect to receive any reliable advice.

However, Ji Shiting could not calm down for a long time.

He stubbed out his cigarette and stood up.

He was about to go to the break room to wash up and sleep when he suddenly stopped.

He seemed to have thought of something as he turned around and strode out of the office.

The sound of him pushing the door open was loud and woke Tang Ranran up.

After Tang Ranran and Sun Ye went downstairs, they turned back.

However, she did not make a single sound, so Ji Shiting did not expect there to be someone else in the office.

He frowned.

“Didnt I tell you to go back”

Tang Ranran quickly smiled.

“I have a project that I havent finished yet, so I might as well stay behind to work overtime.

If you need anything, I can satisfy you anytime.”

He needed satisfaction.

If Sun Ye was here, he would definitely feel that there was more to this womans words.

Ji Shiting did not think too much about it.

He only looked at Tang Ranran coldly and unhappily..

“Did I ask you to stay”

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