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Ji Shiting stared at her beaming smile and he suddenly smiled himself.

“Okay, as you wish.”

“Wonderful!” Grandpa Ji face reddened with excitement.

Ye Shengge was stunned.

“What, regretting already” Ji Shiting lips curled upwards.

“No… Of course not,” Ye Shengge retorted, but she sounded guilty.

Ji Shiting shot her a glance and sneered.

It was too late for regrets.

He picked up his phone from the coffee table and called Sun Ye, “Come to Qianfan Villa and wait for me at the Civil Affairs Bureau with my ID.”

He put away his phone, looked at Ye Shengge and said, “Lets go.

Arent you going to marry me”

“Oh.” Ye Shengge nodded, still a little confused.

“Go quickly and return quickly,” said Grandpa Ji as he rubbed his hands.

“Ill ask Uncle Jin to prepare some good food.

Come have lunch with us.

Were going to be a family soon.”

“Mhmm,” Ji Shiting answered and walked out.

Ye Shengge watched the mans slender back and suddenly felt light-headed.

Was she dreaming Why was she getting married to him

Did it mean they would be legally married after sending the marriage agreement

Ye Shengge shivered at the thought.

Grandpa Ji couldnt help asking, “Go quickly, Shengge.

You have to come back at noon.

I have something to give you.”

He then smiled kindly.

Ye Shengge forced a smile and followed Ji Shiting.

Her heart was still in a mess until she got into the car.

Ji Shiting saw how confused she was, and his eyes dimmed.

“Seat belt,” he reminded her.

“Huh Oh.” Ye Shengge came to her senses and put on her seat belt.

Ji Shiting started the car.

There was silence in the car.

After a while, Ye Shengge couldnt sneaking a peek at him.

The mans side profile was perfect as always, and his face was as cold as ever.

He didnt look angry or upset at all.

Of course, he didnt look happy either.

It was as if getting their marriage certificate was nothing special to him.

However, Ye Shengge couldnt be as calm as he was.

“Mr… Mr.

Ji…” She smiled.

“Are we… really going to register our marriage”

Ji Shiting shot her a glance and scoffed, as if her question was meaningless.

Ye Shengge was a bit embarrassed, but after a few seconds, she couldnt help saying, “I… I thought you didnt want to…”

Ji Shiting sneered, “But how can I let you down your sincerity”

Ye Shengge couldnt help thinking about what she had said.

Why couldnt she have restrained her anger

She bit her lips and said, “Um, Mr.

Ji, if you want to get a divorce one day, please tell me.

Ill definitely fulfill your wish.

If your grandpa doesnt agree, Ill try to convince him.”

Ji Shiting suddenly stepped on the brakes.

Ye Shengge was shocked.

If it werent for the seat belt, she would have flown through the windscreen.

“What happened”

“Youre thinking of getting a divorce before registering” Ji Shiting pinched her chin and sneered.

“Stop dreaming, Ye Shengge.”


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