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Chapter 1014: President and Madam Have A Loving Relationship

Ji Shiting was interviewing for a new assistant when Ye Shengge called.

Although he had only taken over the company for a few days, it was enough for him to familiarize himself with all the affairs and procedures.

Ye Shengge had basically followed the rules he had set in the past few years, but it was also because of this that he needed to make some changes.

He had to fire those subordinates who couldnt keep up with the pace.

Thus, the HR department hired a few assistants for him again.

Sun Ye was in charge of the two sides, and Ji Shiting selected three candidates.

The three of them had good academic backgrounds, and Ji Shiting only chose one person after talking to them.

He took out that resume and said to Sun Ye, “Ask the HR department to inform her to come here as soon as possible.”

Sun Ye was a bit surprised as he took the resume.

“Tang Ranran Only her” He couldnt help asking.

Ji Shiting didnt like having young and beautiful female subordinates around him in the past, so Sun Ye couldnt help being surprised that he had made an exception today.

Ji Shiting looked at him and said, “Whats the problem”

“No.” Sun Ye immediately suppressed his doubts.

“Tang Ranran is indeed the best of the three.”

“Thats right.

Shes very sharp and she reacts very quickly.

Thats rare.” Ji Shiting nodded.

Efficiency was very important when working beside him, so he needed an assistant who was smart and capable.

Sun Ye was relieved.

It seemed that the president didnt have any ulterior motives for the female assistant.

He just thought she was better.

Besides, Tang Ranran wasnt infatuated with Ji Shiting or had any ulterior motives.

Otherwise, Sun Ye wouldnt have let her appear in front of Ji Shiting.

Ji Shitings phone rang at this moment.

It was Ye Shengge.

He immediately picked it up and said, “Are you done Ill pick you up immediately.”

Sun Ye walked to the rack and took Ji Shitings jacket.

Ji Shiting put on his jacket and said, “You can get off work after you go to the human resources department.”

“Okay,” Sun Ye answered as he watched his boss leave.

It seemed that Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge had a good relationship, and he had been worried for nothing.

Ten minutes later, the couple met in the car again.

They were going back to the manor for dinner tonight and to pick up the two kids back to Qianfan Villa.

Ji Shiting was still working when Ye Shengge got into the car with the script.

There was a thin laptop in front of him.

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“Ive contacted Yanze.

He said hell deal with it and wont make things difficult for you.” Ji Shiting looked at her.

“Do you think thats okay”

“Whatever he does, Yinian wont admit that she has anything to do with him.” Ye Shengge snorted.

Ji Shiting looked back at the screen and said, “Ill tell him.”

Ye Shengge flipped open the script in her hand.

She had wanted to read the script in the car, but a few minutes later, she realized that the man beside her had only looked at her once when she got into the car, which made Ye Shengge very uncomfortable.

“Are you busy, Shiting” She couldnt help asking.

“Its alright,” the man said indifferently without shifting his gaze.

Ye Shengge bit her lips, reached out and closed her laptop..

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