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Chapter 1011: Is Mr.

Ji Different From Before

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Ye Shengge sighed.

She then heard the door close.

Ye Shengge turned around and saw the man walking toward her.

“What happened” Her eyes widened.

Ji Shiting quickly came to her side and grabbed her waist.

He raised an eyebrow and said, “Ill give you a ride.”

Ye Shengges heart warmed up a little but she still said, “Theres no need.

Its just a few steps.”

Ji Shiting might have believed her if she hadnt smiled.

Fortunately, he reacted in time.

Ji Shiting noted that down.

He curled his lips and said, “Lets go.”

For the past three years, Ye Shengges focus had been on T.S.

Corporation, but Shang Tianyi would still report to her about the progress of the studio regularly.

Besides, with T.S.

Corporations resources and Huayaos help, Shi Sheng Studio had been developing rapidly these few years, and the hottest starlets in the industry were all supported by Shang Tianyi.

Thus, Shang Tianyi was very happy recently.

Shang Tianyi thought that since Ye Shengge hadnt been here for a long time, he came downstairs to pick her up when it was almost time.

He was afraid that the staff wouldnt recognize her and neglect the boss.

However, Shang Tianyi hadnt expected to see the big boss.

Shang Tianyi couldnt help straightening his back when he saw Ji Shiting walking closer.

Because he was a man, his boss had always disliked him even if he knew that he was gay.

Now that T.S.

Corporation was back in his bosss hands, he had to act according to his bosss wishes.

Shang Tianyi felt bitter.

However, the expected coldness didnt appear this time.

The big boss only looked at him indifferently.

Ye Shengge saw Shang Tianyi too.

She waved at him and turned to the man beside her.

“Tianyi is here to pick me up.

Go to the company.”

“Okay, remember to wait for my call.”

“Mm.” Ye Shengge nodded and stared at him.

However, Ji Shiting didnt understand what she meant.

He stroked her hair, smiled and left.

Ye Shengge watched the man leave and sighed again.

She couldnt help laughing at herself.

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Perhaps to prove something, she might be more demanding of him than before.

Perhaps it was because she still had fantasies, so she always hoped that the man would show how much he cared about her in all kinds of details, even if those details didnt affect their lives.

This was also a ridiculous obsession.

After laughing at herself, she suddenly felt sour.

To make matters worse, Shang Tianyi suddenly said, “Why do I feel that Mr.

Ji is different from before”

Ye Shengge wanted to kill someone.

She yelled, “How is it different Are you blind”

Shang Tianyi looked at him as if he was crazy.

“What happened to you”

Ye Shengge bit her lips and said, “Nothing.

Lets go in.

What do you plan to do about Li Yinian”

“Im worried!” Shang Tianyi gritted his teeth.

“That photo is so realistic! Its useless even if I tell others that theyre dating! After all, Fourth Young Master Qiao is famous.

Who would think hes serious Besides, even if theyre just dating, itll damage Yinians image..”

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