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Ye Shengge suddenly felt incensed upon hearing that man tell such lies.

He seemed to care about her a lot when he was in bed last night.

He didnt just force her to look him in the eyes, he even hugged her to sleep… Yet, he refused to admit it after putting on his clothes.

Not only was he aloof and detached, he even had the cheek to say that they were innocent.

Shed slept with him three times already, what the hell

Ye Shengge couldnt help being impulsive and retorting, “Grandpa Ji isnt like that! Ive known Mr.

Ji for a long time.

It wasnt the first time last night either.”

Grandpa Ji was about to chide Ji Shiting, but he was thrilled to hear Ye Shengges rebuttal.

“Really” His eyebrows were twitching.

Ye Shengge felt the cold stare of that man and she flinched.

However, she couldnt help nodding when she thought about everything that happened the night before.

“Thats right! And one day, you went to Boss Jis office to look for him.

Actually, I was there too.

I was hiding under… Um, under the desk.

He didnt want you to force him to marry me, so he didnt want you to see me!”

Grandpa Ji burst out laughing after hearing what she said.

Ji Shitings gaze became icy, which made her stiff.

She didnt even dare to look him in the eyes.

“If thats the case, itll be easier.” Grandpa Ji clapped his hands.

“Shengge, do you have any documents on you Ill arrange for you to register now!”

Ye Shengge was shocked.

“Um… Theres no need for that, right”

She didnt want Ji Shiting to deny it, but registering their marriage… Ji Shiting wasnt willing to marry her, so the man would definitely take revenge.

“I want it!” Grandpa Ji said solemnly.

“I know you youngsters dont think it is practical, but the rules of our Ji family are that you must marry him after sleeping with him.

Its the same for me.

Shitings father was the same too.

All the men in our Ji family are wholeheartedly devoted.

I bet Shiting will be like that too!”

Ye Shengge was stunned by Grandpa Jis aura.

Furthermore, wholehearted devotion… She turned around and looked at Ji Shiting, only to see that man looking at her.

There seemed to be some indescribable emotion in his dark eyes, which made Ye Shengges heart skip a beat.

“Grandpa lied to you.” Ji Shiting sneered.

“He had a couple of girlfriends when he was young.”

“Damn it!” Grandpa Shens face turned red.

“We didnt even hold hands with that woman before.

We only… Do you really think Im as irresponsible as you”

“Ask her if she wants to marry me,” Ji Shiting said coldly and in a threatening manner.

Ye Shengge bit her lip anxiously, regretting her impulsiveness.

Grandpa Ji softened his tone and said, “Shengge, dont bother about his attitude.

Ill let him marry you if you want!”


Ji…” Ye Shengge smiled.

“It was all an accident.

I dont need him to be responsible.

Please dont force him.”

“Did you hear that, grandpa Its her who doesnt want it.

You can give up now.” Ji Shiting sounded relaxed as lips curled upwards.

“Im going to the company.”

He stood up.

“Stop right there!” Grandpa Ji yelled as he held his chest.

“Youll drive me to my grave sooner or later.”

“Grandpa, shes the one who doesnt want it.” Ji Shiting tried to shirk responsibility.

“You cant blame me, can you”


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