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Chapter 1006: The Body Is Completely Dominated by the Sensory

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The man buried his head between her legs.

Ye Shengges eyes widened, and she wanted to retreat, but Ji Shiting seemed to have expected it.

He grabbed her lower body and stopped her from moving.

“Shiting… Um!”

The mans breathing brushed against her sensitive area, and Ye Shengge couldnt even speak.

Two hours later, they finally came out of the bathtub.

Ji Shiting wrapped her in a towel and carried her back to the bedroom.

The woman in his arms stared blankly.

She was leaning against his chest, and her eyes and face were red.

Her lips were swollen, as if she hadnt recovered from the passion.

Ji Shiting smirked, put her on the bed, and bent forward to suck on her lips again.

Ye Shengge snorted softy with a trace of resistance.

After a few climaxes, her mind had gone blank, and she didnt even know what day and night it was.

Her body was completely dominated by her senses, and this feeling made her both happy and flustered.

However, Ji Shiting always had a way to make her forget about panic and drag her into the abyss of desire.

She couldnt allow herself to be so corrupted.

Ji Shiting noticed her resistance and chuckled.

He let go of her pitiful lips, swallowed, and kissed her face and neck.

He kissed her slowly, meticulously, and patiently.

Ye Shengge bit her lips and said.

A few minutes later, Ji Shiting slowly and firmly possessed her body.

Ye Shengge couldnt remember when she had fallen asleep.

Her body, which had been through multiple highs, was very limp.

She sank into the soft bed and felt that her body was very heavy, so heavy that she couldnt even lift her arms.

The mans burning palm moved across her body, using neither strength nor force to comfort her sore body, making her unconsciousness sink further.

When she woke up, the room was still dark, and light seeped in through the gaps in the curtain.

Obviously, it was broad daylight.

Ye Shengge knew it was time to get up, but her body was too weak, so she didnt want to move at all.

She had to admit that she had had the best experience last night.

Ji Shiting had been trying to please her, and he would stop whenever she felt uncomfortable.

Ye Shengge felt sour.

Since he didnt love her anymore, why was he able to do this Was it because he was grateful

Someone walked in at this moment.

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Ye Shengge subconsciously turned around and wrapped herself tightly with the blanket.

Familiar footsteps approached.

It was Ji Shiting.

She was still hiding under the blanket until he lifted it up.

The man had opened the curtain, and the light was glaring.

She closed her eyes.

“Youre awake” Ji Shiting leaned down and stroked her face.

He curled his lips and said patiently, “Are you hungry”

Ye Shengge opened her eyes and met his dark pupils.

For a moment, Ye Shengge felt that nothing had changed.

Her eyes were burning.

She nodded and wrapped her arms around his waist coquettishly.

“Im starving… What time is it”

“Its already two in the afternoon.” The man patted her wrist.

“Put on your clothes and go downstairs for dinner..”

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