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It was night in Yang City.


Ye Shengge had already gotten drunk early in the night, so she decided to go back to her office to spend the night.

It was the award ceremony of Prime Prize tomorrow, and as the major shareholder and agent of the company, she had a lot of errands to run, so she had to wake up early.

Ye Shengge was awakened by some noises outside shortly after she fell asleep.

She opened her eyes and saw light coming from outside.

Someones out there

Ye Shengge was alerted.

Just as she was pondering whether she should call the police or not, she heard a bang of the door as if someone had kicked it.

“When can we officially be together, Yanhuai” She heard a melodious female voice.


Ye Shengge was dazed.

Isnt that the voice of Mu Xiaoya

Mu Xiaoya was an artist managed by Ye Shengge, and Yanhuai was the fiancé of Ye Shengge.


Three years ago, Ye Shengge and Mu Yanhuai had founded Star Brilliance Entertainment Company together.

Mu Yanhuai was in charge of the operation whilst she managed the artists, and together they made Mu Xiaoya the queen of television ratings.

And besides, Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya were siblings!


How could they be together

She reckoned she was hallucinating as she was very drunk.

Ye Shengge couldnt help shaking her head.

“Come on, its not the time yet.”

The mans voice was hoarse.

It was Mu Yanhuai.

“The company has just started to prosper.

We still need her.”

“Im already queen of the annual television ratings, and the Queen of Television of Prime Prize is destined to be mine.

Isnt that enough” The woman said with a whiny pout.

“Cant you break up with her Just seeing you two together disgusts me.”


“Come on, Xiaoya, just bear with it for a bit longer,” said the man.

“Ill find a chance to tell her, but its not the time yet.

Im the only person she has.

I fear that she might not be able to handle it.”

“I didnt expect you to actually care about her, Yanhuai,” Mu Xiaoya said enviously.

“Silly girl.” Mu Yanhuai chuckled.

“Why would she actually help us wholeheartedly if I dont show her some actual concern”

Mu Xiaoya smirked, “Theres no way she realizes that Im not your sister.”


Their conversation pounded Ye Shengges brain like a hammer, making her dizzy.

She went blank for a long while after hearing the conversation, and she could hear the continuous humming sound.

After she had finally calmed herself down, the people outside stopped talking.

All she could hear was constant moaning that reminded her what was really happening.

It wasnt a dream or hallucination.

Everything she had just heard was real.

One of them was her fiancé while the other one was an artist she had devoted all her energy to.

She trusted them completely, yet theyd been deceiving her the whole time.

Ye Shengge couldnt help shivering because of the humiliation and indignation.

She wanted to rush out and confront them directly, but she knew she shouldnt.


She couldnt let them get away with it that easily!


She kept biting her lips so that she wouldnt cry out, but she still couldnt stop tearing up.

It took a long time for the two people to leave.

Ye Shengge took a deep breath, thinking about all the feelings and time she had wasted in the past three years.

She wiped away her tears and rushed to her desk, turning on her computer.


Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya would never have guessed that Ye Shengge had set up a CCTV in the public area outside, and she had set it up because of Mu Xiaoya, but she had never realized that it would come into use so soon.


Perhaps even fate didnt want her to be fooled like this anymore.


Soon, Mu Xiaoyas face showed up on the screen.

Her eyes were closed, and her face was blushing.

Mu Yanhuai was kissing Mu Xiaoyas neck, and they were both half-naked already.


She was surprisingly calm watching that scene, probably because she had numbed herself after being hurt like this.

Ye Shengge immediately cut out that section of the video and copied it onto her hard drive.

It was already dawn after she was finished.

She then went to the bathroom, washed her face and washed away her tears.

Her pale yet exquisite face was reflected in the mirror when she raised her head.

However, anyone would have felt pity when they saw her appearance.



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