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Chapter 1277: Living Dead

Zu An had never encountered such a thing before.

However, he immediately noticed something even stranger… The black-haired monster was clearly quite angry, so why had he not received any Rage points through the Keyboard System Not only was his Poisonous Prick ineffective, even Rage points were ineffective.

Could it be that the monster was above the Keyboard System

At that instant, countless possibilities flew through his mind, but he still dismissed those suspicions in the end.

Previously, whether it was Emperor Zhao Han or the other powerful beings he had met through the dungeons such as Qin Shihuang and Mi Li, the Keyboard System had always worked.

Even though this monster was strong, it wasnt at their level yet.

He suddenly realized something.

He remembered Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen mentioning the strong death energy around the monster.

“Be careful!” the beauties on the stone platform cried out in alarm, all simultaneously warning him.

The monster rushed toward Zu An with greater speed than ever before.

Its hand expanded, seemingly vast enough to block out the sky.

If it landed, forget about Zu An, even the survivors off to the side would be crushed into a bloody paste.

Zu An didnt evade.

He took out something that resembled a torch, but there was no flame at the end.

Instead, a beam of light emerged from it.

The gentle light instantly penetrated the terrifying black palm, deflating it like a popped balloon until it disappeared.

The monster screamed and quickly retracted its hand.

Smoke came from the black hairs on its hand, and it caught fire.

It patted its hand to put out the flames, but the burning continued.

It even seemed that the fire would continue burning until it devoured the monsters entire body!

The survivors were stunned.

Even something with the monsters level of cultivation could actually be set aflame And yet, there had been fire element cultivators among them, so why had their attacks been ineffective

“What is that” the survivors on the stone platform asked.

They had special statuses and extensive knowledge, but they had never seen the thing in Zu Ans hand before.

They reflexively looked at Yu Yanluo.

After all, she was the closest to Zu An.

However, Yu Yanluo blushed.

She had never seen that thing either.

Zu An stepped on the Wind Fire Wheels again, brandishing thetorch and continuously shining it in the other partys direction.

He called out, “Come on! Werent you strutting around as if this entire world was yours just a moment ago”

“Dont tell me thats a deity-grade weapon” Yun Jianyue exclaimed, completely stupefied.

Wherever that thing Zu An was holding went, the previously insufferably arrogant monster fled in terror.

When she heard the wordsdeity-grade weapon, Princess Changnings breath caught for a moment.

Even Princess Suoluns expression became a bit unusual.

They had heard of deity-grade weapons before, but they had never seen them before.

Just what kind of status did this man have, for him to so easily possess such a thing

Princess Changning thought to herself, No wonder this man was able to defeat the Golden Crow Crown Prince despite his having the Sun Slaying Bow.

So he had a divine weapon of his own!

Yan Xuehen shook her head and said, “That is probably not the case.

I cannot sense the power of a deity-grade weapon at all.

I do not even sense the pressure of a heaven-grade weapon.”

“Then why is he able to completely overwhelm a grandmaster” Yun Jianyue asked, baffled.

However, even after discussing the subject for a long time, they were still completely lost.

In the air, Zu An could vaguely hear their suspicions.

He couldn\'t help but chuckle inwardly.

This thing wasnt as amazing as they thought.

It was just the magical flashlight he had gotten from the lottery a while back.

It would shine when there was light, but not if there was no light at all.

Even though its restriction sounded like a scam, its sole ability was extremely useful, which was that it was the bane of all kinds of dark creatures, deceased spirits, and the like.

If the Poisonous Prick didnt work even after stabbing into the monsters body, the only explanation was that the target had been dead to begin with.

Once he factored in Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyues keen perception of the monsters death energy, the kind of being it was had become extremely clear.

The flashlight could be used three times.

The first time, it had been used to defeat the terracotta army in Brightmoon Academys secret dungeon, and the second time, it had been used in the Yinxu secret dungeon.

This was its final use.

The monster screamed and screamed, left in a sorry state as it tried to evade the beam.

However, the light had an almost magical quality, making the once lightning-fast monster seem like a tottering elder.

The monster struggled to evade at first, but eventually, it was as if all of its strength had been sucked out of it.

It couldn\'t even keep flying anymore and plummeted to the ground.

Then, it continued to roll on the ground and howl beneath the light.

Only then did the others notice that the blood pool that previously filled the hall was gone, revealing the original ground underneath.

They were all shocked.

They looked toward the Three Three Flower that had been in the center, but it was already nowhere to be seen.

They looked around, but they still didnt find it.

The black-haired monster was still the biggest threat, so they needed to get rid of it first.

They could search carefully afterward.

However, the creature itself could no longer move beneath the light, and was only able to curl up in pain on the ground.

“Look, why does its hair seem as if its falling off” Yu Yanluo suddenly cried.

The others looked over and noticed that the black mist that had previously surrounded the monster was gradually receding.

The black hair on its body also seemed to be burning away, eventually revealing its true facial features.

“This was a person” Yan Xuehen exclaimed in shock.

Even though the monster was humanoid, it had been covered in black hair and black mist, making it look more like an ape.

The cultivators hadnt expected him to actually be a person, and one who seemed to have had a refined bearing in the past, no less.

“Why does he look a bit familiar” Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen wondered, exchanging a look.

This didnt make any sense.

After all, with their grandmaster skills, they shouldnt have forgotten anyone they met before.

Zu An hadnt expected the monster to be a person either.

However, the Poisonous Prick had already proven that he was already long dead.

As so many people had died miserably at the monsters hand, Zu An obviously needed to rid the world of him.

“Who am I Why am I in such pain, ah…” A hoarse and barely-intelligible voice emerged from the monsters mouth.

Zu An was a bit stunned.

Isnt this fella a deceased spirit Why can he speak

Suddenly, a voice let out a beautiful and sweet-sounding sigh and asked, “This young master, can you be lenient and let him off”

The voice was as gentle as jade, and had a tender and enchanting air to it.

However, no one was in the mood to admire the beauty of the voice.

All of them were horrified upon seeing who had just spoken.

Her brows were like a spring mountain, and her features were stunning.

She wore her hair high, and her dress fluttered around her.

Whether by the beauty standards of the humans or the fiend races, she would be praised as an absolutely stunning woman.

More importantly, she looked exactly like the one who had been inside the coffin.

The survivors finally understood where the missing Three Three Flower had gone.

“There really was an eternal medicine that could revive a dead person…” Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen both murmured absent-mindedly.

Zu An felt his scalp turn a bit numb.

He asked, “Are you a person or a ghost” He wanted to shine the flashlight on the woman, but he was worried that the black-haired monster would use that chance to escape.

The beautiful woman sighed and said, “I was once truly dead, but my esteemed husband revived me.

Unfortunately, he ended up in this state, neither alive nor dead.”

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