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Chapter 370 – That Divine Weapon Is Not Something We Can Covet

8-11 minutes

Above the Great Demon Mountain.

“Buzz ……”

As the sky shook up layers of ripples, a figure came out of it and stood in every direction.

They looked at the Great Extreme Divine Tower, and their eyes were filled with brilliant auras.

“There really is the Great Divine Tower, if we can obtain this, won’t we make a fortune”

“Don’t dream about it! We are lucky to see it, and if we really want to go up and grab it, we will only die!”

“Yes, that kind of divine weapon is not something we can covet!”

The more people gathered the more they congregated.

These people were all immortal cultivators from other planets.

Those with low strength were all in the Immortal King realm.

Most of them reached the Immortal Emperor realm.

However, none of them had the intention to steal it.

“Buzz ……”

Suddenly, there was a boom that shook heaven and earth.

A huge ripple shook up from the sky and rippled out.

Immediately afterwards, an immortal boat that emitted a metallic luster burst out of the ripples and floated in the sky.

The immortal boat was several thousand meters long and several hundred meters high.

It looks like a huge object standing in the sky.

The people who saw this scene was shocked all over their face.

Above the immortal boat, written in three big words – Immortal God Palace!

These three big words above emit golden light, and it is so bright that one cannot open their eyes.

“I’m going.

The people of the Immortal God Palace are here, bull!”

“With them here, we can’t even touch the waves!”

“Don’t even think about it! There is only one divine weapon.

Who will it really be Let’s wait and see!”

The shouts of excitement continued.

Everyone’s eyes, fixed on the immortal boat, did not move a muscle.

“Buzz ……”

There was a roaring sound of metal friction, and the door of the immortal boat slowly opened.

Dozens of figures flew out from the immortal boat and landed in the distant crowd, standing there motionless.

“Hoo ……”

The immortal boat closed up, and the sky returned to calm.

When the crowd of onlookers looked at this scene, doubts filled their faces.

“Such a big immortal boat, just a few dozen people came This is too high-profile, isn’t it”

“You do not understand this, right Soldiers in many but not, in essence, look at them, the strongest strength is the third grade immortal, how strong!”

“So what, in front of the Immortal Emperor, they are still no more than mere ants! With this strength, they also want to snatch the divine weapon, and I think they are foolish to dream!”

“Not necessarily, maybe their Immortal Emperors have come long ago and are waiting for their chance!”

Fierce discussions kept resounding.

In response to these, the people of the Immortal God Palace stood motionless as if they had not heard it.

A few moments later.

“Buzz ……”

The sky once again shook up layers of ripples as an enormous immortal boat drilled out from it.

Above the immortal boat, also written a few big words were written: Blue Feather Sect!

When the onlookers looked at this scene, they once again froze in place.

“Holy **, the Blue Feather Sect also came.

It looks like the attraction of the artifact is really extraordinary!”

“Is this Purple Sun Planet still a waste planet So many major powers came!”

“What waste planet, in ancient times, this is the center of the universe!”

“No matter what, at least this time, it has not come for nothing.

This drama is really good!”

The crowd was still in a dazed moment.

“Buzz ……”

Once again, the sky shook a few ripples.

Several immortal boats pierced through the ripples, floating in mid-air.

The immortal cultivators flew down from the immortal boats, each with strength comparable to that of the Immortal God Palace.

After they flew down, they kept a distance of several kilometers from the Great Divine Tower and watched from afar.

The people from each power stood on one side and looked at the Great Tower in an encircling position.

“Awesome, eight major powers, standing on eight sides.

Is this an attempt to unite”

“It looks like it! Hey, there are two mortals sitting inside that Great Divine Tower, drinking tea!”

“No way, really comfortable ah, later how they die, they will not even know!”

“Mortals, they certainly can not sense the presence of the Immortal!”

The eyes of the crowd locked on Sun Hao, two people.

Only to see.

Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng drinking tea and chatting from time to time, looking at the boundless earth, pointing at the mountains, and exciting words, with a laughing and smiling appearance.

“Young master, they are all here.

Won’t you let me make a move” Huang Rumeng smiled and said.

” Do you”

Sun Hao shook his head slightly, “It’s not your turn to make a move.

Just watch!”

“What about Miss Liuyan and the others Don’t let them do it either” Huang Rumeng said.

“No hurry, they are not attacking.

They are waiting for something!”

“If they don’t fight, just let them surround you for as long as they want!” Sun Hao smiled and said.


Huang Rumeng nodded and held the cup, taking a small sip.


“Haha ……”

A loud laugh resounded through heaven and earth.

Immediately afterwards, five figures emerged from the ripples in the sky.

When these five people appeared, they immediately attracted the eyes of the onlookers.

“He …… they are the Five Lords of Mercury Planet!”

“What Five Lords of Mercury Planet”

 “Damn, you have not heard of this They are very famous on the Mercury Star, and even the Mercury Planet Lord can’t do anything about them!”

“What, they are the Five Lords of Mercury Planet”

“Keep your voice down, each of them has reached the strength of a fifth-grade immortal, and together, they can fight against a sixth-grade immortal! If you did not heed them, you would die and not live!”

“So what Can’t they still dare to snatch the divine weapon!”

As these words fell.

The Five Lords of Mercury Planet were seen walking straight towards the Great Divine Tower.

The appearance of this scene instantly caused a cry of shock.

“What They wanted to die, and they really dared to go!

“They’re not the kind of people who can’t walk when they see a treasure, aren’t they”

“You’re right! Someone must have instructed them to go for a test mission!”


“Don’t you know the life-preserving ability of the Five Lords of Mercury Planet If they can’t win, they can escape without any problem!”

“It is said that even Immortal Emperors cannot capture them!”

To these voices, the Five Lords of Mercury Planet ignored them in the slightest.

Their eyes were all fixed on Sun Hao’s two people as they walked forward step by step.

Each step seemed to be taken carelessly, but in fact, it was very measured, in an offensive and defensive position.

“Haha ……”

“Two little dolls, that’s not a place for you to stay!”

“I urge you to leave there quickly, otherwise, do not blame us for being ungracious!”

The Five Lords of Mercury Planet’s voices were eerie and clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears.

However, Sun Hao two people spoke as if they didn’t hear it, minding their own business.

To the five people, they completely ignored.

“This ……”

There was a touch of caution on the faces of the Five Lords of Mercury Planet.

After looking at each other, they continued to advance.

“Stupid kid, the old man spoke with you ……”

Before saying it!

“Swoosh ……”

There were five air-breaking sounds.

Five figures darted up from the ground.

In an instant, they appeared in front of the Five Lords of Mercury Planet.

Ice cold killing intent, written all over the five people.

These five people were none other than Luo Liuyan, Flower Immortal, Daoist Ruoxi, Mu Bing, and Xuanyuan Shi.

“Dare to insult the young master.

You and others will die today!”

On Luo Liuyan’s body, killing intent rolled up without any concealment.

Looking at Luo Liuyan and the other five, the Five Lords of Mercury Planet  were shocked, stunned, and then laughed.

“Haha ……”

“I thought five experts had come!”

“It turns out to be just five little yellow-haired girls who are still wet and stinky!”

“With just you five female dolls”

“The old man is standing here with one hand behind his back, and all of you are not my match.”

Luo Liuyan, five people, looked at each other.

After nodding, they sought one person each and rushed over.

Once this scene appeared, it instantly stunned many people.


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