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“Wei-ge!” Cheng Zhaoci immediately puts his comic work down when Wei Zhuo comes over, “you’re here Are you free”

“Yes, I’m checking to see if you are adjusting to life here well.

Would you feel a bit lonely by yourself” Wei Zhuo embraces Cheng Zhaoci, “make sure you tell me if there’s anything I could do to make the stay more comfortable.

I’ll do my best.”

While it would be difficult to get supplies out here, but insectoids always find a way.

The male shouldn’t have to endure harsh conditions wherever he goes, especially when he’s now his xiongzhu.

That said, he still doesn’t feel that much like he is Cheng Zhaoci’s cijun either.

“I don’t need much here,” replies Cheng Zhaoci.

He can draw by himself for most of the time, and loneliness hasn’t really set in yet, if it even was setting in.

That said, “are you going to live here with me from now on”


I have to be by your side just in case your Awakening suddenly comes,” well, as much as insectoidally possible; he is still in an active warzone.

It’s entirely up in the air how much time they could spend together.

Well, that’s still better than nothing.

Especially when some genius designer only designed a single bedroom on the entire vessel.

Wei Zhuo can only sleep together with him.

Of course, they’re in trying conditions, and so Cheng Zhaoci isn’t planning to do anything either.

Wei Zhuo is already exhausted by fighting day in, day out.

He can’t possibly try to do anything inappropriate to him when he’s trying to rest; he’s not a fiend, you know.

“Hey bro! Did you see He’s married!” Jin Yue pushes his holodeck screen into Sun Wushe’s face.

Sun Wushe is now glaring at him expressionlessly.

A little spooked by the glare, Jin Yue then hears Sun Wushe ask, “so You thought he was never going to after becoming an adult”

Jin Yue is surprised how calm Sun Wushe looks, “and you’re not upset at all”

“I’ve already said more than once, he and I are insectoids on parallel lines,” then Sun Wushe stands up, knitting his brows, “we’re operating at a huge disadvantage here.

I don’t know how you still have the mind to care about these trivial things.”

“When did we ever have an advantange anyway” Jin Yue gets his holodeck back to look at the photo, “the little ugly thing does have a good looking paw, don’t you think”

“Are you bored out of your mind Did you know another two males have died You know, on the one hand you’re doing this, on the other you’re fantasising about another male.

It’s pretty disgusting,” Sun Wushe takes a deep breath, and exhales.

“Fantasising how” Jin Yue asks, furrowing his brows, “stop seeing things through your tinted glasses.

If I really had any fantasies about him, you think I’d be sitting here, all calm and **”

The two males’ death is not brought up again, not even by Sun Wushe.

What would that achieve Condemnation of those who killed the males, chase them out for disobeying their vision Do they even have a vision

They’re already ** insectoids.

They don’t need to dress themselves up in hypocritical, kind clothing.

If only they could be more bad, more mad.

“Wei Zhuo… I’ll deal with him.

Even if all of us would die, I’ll drag him with me,” Jin Yue is smiling pretty happily, “or I can’t live with myself,” can’t accept the fact that Wei Zhuo has successfully embodied what he wanted to become.

He cannot live down the fact that he’s practically living the route of ‘Wei Zhuo the Inferior.’

Sun Wushe is looking at Jin Yue; Jin Yue smirks, “oh Still loving your older brother very very much”

The response comes coldly, “who loves what now He’s nobody to me, from the very beginning.”

He’s just wondering, if Wei Zhuo really dies on the battlefield, what would Cheng Zhaoci’s reaction be like Sad Angry Defeated Or, completely apathetic

“This bed is really big.

We can sleep together, and don’t worry, I won’t do a thing,” Cheng Zhaoci takes Wei Zhuo to the least wholesome room on the vessel.

Wei Zhuo says nothing when Cheng Zhaoci is making all these ironclad promises about how he would never do anything to him, like he thinks he, Wei Zhuo, would be worried that he, Cheng Zhaoci, might force himself on him.

Even though, looking at Cheng Zhaoci’s small frame and form, Wei Zhuo thinks his definition of ‘force oneself on somebody’ needs updating.

The bed is a water bed, but apparently, Wei Zhuo does not understand the implications, so Cheng Zhaoci is relieved, and he asks, “come take a seat”

“Sure,” Wei Zhuo couldn’t refuse most of the time when it’s Cheng Zhaoci, and he also wants to accompany the male some more.

They sit, but when they do, the lights dim; the ceiling has turned into a simulated starry sky – with a pink background.

While Cheng Zhaoci sits there, stupefied, the water bed comes to life.

Wei Zhuo is shocked, when a drawer pops out next to his legs.

Inside, there are… kuhum, objects.

He thinks he might need to reevaluate his life choices.

The AI suddenly speaks up through the speaker, [Authorised personnel confirmed.

Have a nice trip] Who knows where it got its sound packs from, but it sounds convincingly punchable.

Wei Zhuo and Cheng Zhaoci look at each other, nonplussed.

Where did the smart and intelligent insectoid AI go

Cheng Zhaoci really feels more like tearing the artificial stupidity apart!


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