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Chapter 1912 Glorious Natural Laws! Ll

The blue skies of the Main Reality were pristine and clear.

They were like this in some regions, and in others- fantastical scenes of coiling stellar bodies of Realities could be seen stretched out across the skies.

Massive rivers of Realities coiling around each other ranging in the tens to hundreds could be seen in some regions, which existences living in or occupy these domains as the sheer number of existences within the Main Reality were countless!

Other regions had crystallized Nacres of Grotto Sanctums formed from the hundreds or thousands of weaving Realities, forming vast endless domains within these spaces as well as Pure-Blooded Bloodlines had their domains in regions that had clusters of Realities or Grotto Sanctums as their bases.

This was because such areas were dense in essence, resources, and the concentration of Natural Laws!

It was why the scene Noah was staring at became all the more fantastical as time had forged on into the next day, and Akaris had appeared to lead Noah and Katelyn across multiple Waypoints to appear before their current location where Aileron was waiting for them in the dazzling skies.

A decent number of events had happened in the past day as Kaitlyn had a different look in he eyes when she gazed at Noah, and this was because he had revealed the methods of False Grotto Nacres, Liquified Soul Seas, and Physique Refining Pearls to her as a small semblance of his means! All of them could be considered Limit Breaking Tools with the correct usage as the goal was for Kaitlyn to exceed her Aspect of Origin with these tools and more.

Noah had also given a glance to some of his techniques and their resource cost as this Dimensional Royalty had shaken her head in disbelief, her mind being expanded as she followed along to see the region of the Northern Empyral Domain of Nature even though she wasn\'t allowed entrance within it!

This brought them to their current location where all of them were dazzled by what they saw.

The skies were littered with colors as in the distance, a massive cylindrical beam of dreadful essences shot upwards to the skies endlessly- and countless glorious rivers of Reality seemed to be coiling around this pillar of essence as they stretched out from it in a circular manner as if they were branches sprouting from a tree!

Even from afar, the air was thick with all different types of liquefied essence as the skies held seas of Destiny, Fortune, Karma, and Fate that knew could freely swim in.

The Essence of common elemental laws and the Essence of Daos could be felt all around…but nothing as potent as the thick and oppressive tendrils of essence of the Natural Laws of Reality.

The closer one went towards the beam of cylindrical light and the surging givers of Reality that fantastically seemed to be spinning around it in a perpetual motion, the more oppressive of a pressure they would feel as part of the reason why the Empyral Domains of Nature were reserved for Golden Throned Representatives was because they had sufficient power to even reach close to it!

Golden Throned Representatives were at the peak of the Stratas of Reality as many were half a step into the stage of Grotto Haven, beings like Aileron who were considered young and at the peak of Ultima Strata being very rare.

But they had the power to at least get close to the majesty of the Empyral Domains of Nature as the closer one went, the more concentrated the tendrils of Natural Laws became as if they were powerful and Destined enough, they might be able to cleanly absorb some of this essence into their bodies and awaken the understanding of a Natural Law.


Think you can handle it

In the dazzling skies, Aileron pulled out a golden star that showed spinning rivers of realities in it that he handed towards Noah, this being the key to allow one past the thick and massive barrier one would come across the moment they neared any entrance of the Empyral Domains of Nature.

If you didn\'t have this key that Golden Throned Representatives had and it wasn\'t your ordained time to be at this location, you could potentially be stripped of your ranking or face punishment!

Aileron was granted the authority to allow Noah to enter under his banner since he stood for him in the Primordial Assembly, Noah taking the key and floating towards the dazzling location surging with essences as nodded calmly.

Akaris and Katelyn watched from behind as past them, the gazes of many other beings who even held the authority to be in this region were watching things unfold.

Normally, I would ask whether he would even be able to near the Empyral Domain of Nature, but after what I\'ve seen in the Unexplored Grotto Sanctum…

Far in the skies, some of the existences that had been with Noah in the Kun Peng\'s Cataclysm Nest watched on with Elders of their Bloodlines after they passed word of this being\'s ridiculous power!

The Young Emperor was gazing on with a pondering gaze as a Golden Throned Representative stood beside him, with Juliette\'s figure standing beside her parents as many other beings were also spread out across different areas near this Northern Empyral Domain of Nature to see the results of this existence nearing this pristine location!

There were rumors that he already understood a semblance of a Natural Law and it was how he had managed to wipe out the budding will of a Dimensional Hellion Ruler, and all of this conjecture could be confirmed here and more.

If true, the power of this genius was something the Royal Humans or any of the other Pure-Blooded Primordial Bloodlines could not lose out on!

Destiny weaved silently as they watched on.

Noah moved across the gradually changing skies while bypassing the thick barrier with the authority of a key granted by Aileron, his body feeling the oppressive force of the Essence of Natural Laws all around him as the closer he went towards the tendrils of spinning rivers of Reality, the more his eyes could differentiate many types of essences!

He could barely glean the Essence of Gravitation and Polarity as he wondered, what of the Fundamental Natural Law Essences of Manadynamics and Entropy

Could he manage to see them or even grasp them ever so briefly when the only way he attained his first 2 preliminary understanding of the Natural Laws was from wondrous loot and his own unique ability

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