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Si Wenxuans temper erupted when Yun Xi so blatantly provoked her.

“Do you think youre the only one unafraid of death If I werent the presidents daughter, I wouldve marched right into the pits of death with him! Marksmanship, fencing, and melee combat—I wouldnt lose to you in any one of them!”

After all, she had also been professionally trained and had all the capabilities that a socialite ought to possess.

She had mastered them all as well! For her to have the ability to protect and prevent herself from being kidnapped, her bodyguards had also taught her melee combat and marksmanship, and it was more than enough for her to follow him onto the battlefield.

“Oh Who knew you had such integrity” Yun Xi squinted and smiled.

That certainly took her by surprise.

The brighter she smiled and the more harmless she seemed, the more Mu Feichi sensed that this girl was about to stir up trouble! Since Si Wenxuan had provoked her, wouldnt that mean the poor girl was going to end up being played like a fool

“Since youve already mastered it all, lets compete in dismantling and assembling guns.

Well use two guns.

If you assemble it faster than I do, then you win.

How does that sound”

“Sure!” Si Wenxuan agreed right away this time.

Simple things such as assembling guns did not stump her one bit, and she certainly did not believe that this cursed Yun Xi could beat her in this!

So what if she had good grades and won the title of first-class socialite At the end of the day, if the one who was deemed qualified to stand by Mu Feichis side could not even protect herself, what use would her medical skills be

“Xiaoer, Xiaosi, bring us your guns!”

“Yes, miss!” Xiaoer and Xiaosi shouted back respectfully, and they took out their trusty guns and offered them to her with both hands.

Their stance and gestures made Si Wenxuans eyes turn green with envy! She had bodyguards too, way more than she had! But none of them was truly as respectful as they were to her from the bottom of their hearts.

Yun Xi glanced at the trusty guns they carried in both their hands.

Although they were both handguns, they were not the same model.

Yun Xi took both guns in her hands, then she raised her eyebrows and showed them to Si Wenxuan.

“Si Wenxuan, there are two guns here.

Pick one.”

“Ill take this!” Si Wenxuan pointed to the one in her left hand.

Yun Xi dropped the gun on the coffee table with a loud clank, then, with a brisk swipe, the gun sped toward Si Wenxuan as it slid across the coffee table.

Just before the gun was about to slide off the table, she stopped it with her palm.

Yun Xi glanced at her smug little face as she fiddled with the gun in her hand, then she raised her eyebrows and looked at Si Wenxuan, who had clearly distinguished the gun model, and said nonchalantly, “Lets start then!”

She twirled the black handgun into position between her fingers, then raised her eyebrows and glanced at Si Wenxuan, who had already started disassembling it.

Ever so calmly, she disassembled the parts one by one and placed them neatly on the coffee table.


After the dismantling was done, they had to reassemble it again to complete this match.

Mu Feichi looked at the little girl sitting on the right end of the couch.

Taking it slow and steady, completely unperturbed, as if she was teasing Si Wenxuan.

On the other hand, Si Wenxuan, who had merely picked up the skill, seemed extremely fast when disassembling the parts, but it was done in a very disorderly fashion.

To save time, she didnt even bother to take a second look at where the parts were placed when she put them down on the coffee table.

She had already finished dismantling and was now starting to assemble the gun.

She looked up at Yun Xi, who was right across from her and was still steadily dismantling the last parts of her gun.

Seeing that her opponent was one step behind her, Si Wenxuan quickly made haste.

Because she wanted to win, she began to quickly rummage through the disorderly parts on the table.

Yun Xi glanced at her, then put down the last disassembled part of her gun, and in the next second, while everyone seemed to be in awe, she quickly picked up the parts on the table, and her hands started to assemble them at lightning speed.

In less than a few minutes, she had the whole gun assembled and loaded with a bullet.

When Si Wenxuan heard the click of the gun barrel being locked into the gun, she whipped her head up abruptly, and the person opposite her suddenly raised the assembled gun, and fired a shot at her.

A loud bang ended the contest and broke the silence in the living room.

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