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Im Actually a Cultivation Bigshot Chapter 30: Experiencing The Law Of Nature

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Chapter 30: Experiencing The Law Of Nature.

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In the sky above the Wanjian Immortal Sect, an elderly man was standing on his Seven Star Sword, his long robes fluttering in the wind as he traveled in the sky.

With a proud smile on his face, he called out, “Bai Wuchen, your old mate is out of his retreat!” Zhao Shanhe smiled as he exuded his newfound energy of the Out of Aperture realm.

“Zhao Laotou, that was quick! You had a breakthrough already” A strong Sword Qi rushed into the sky. Bai Wuchen appeared in front of Zhao Shanhe with his sword under his feet, too.

The cultivators had long lives. Typically, a short retreat would take at least ten years while longer ones would take a hundred years. If the retreat was for a breakthrough, it would take even longer.

Zhao Shanhe only took one month to retreat before he had a breakthrough! He stroked his beard and smiled, “I was nothing like you though. You had a breakthrough within a night.”

“That was because I was helped out by the expert.” Bai Wuchen sighed.

Zhao Shanhe nodded. “Yeah, the experts skills are beyond any of our imaginations. A slight Insight from him was enough for us to easily break through from Yuan Ying to Out of Aperture. Hes way beyond an Immortal.”

Bai Wuchens look became serious. He asked in a lowered voice, “Did you see the lightning today”

“I came here because of that!” Zhao Shanhes look turned serious as well. “If Im not mistaken, the location of the lightning was not far from the residence of the expert.”

Bai Wuchen nodded. “Exactly. As of now, many powerful forces have made their way over there, especially Monster Kings and cultivators.”

“Im not so concerned about the transformed monster. Im more worried about the expert being disturbed,” Zhao Shanhe frowned.

“I thought so, too.” Bai Wuchen looked at Zhao Shanhe and suggested, “Why dont we go over there now If someone is disturbing the expert...” A flash of harshness appeared in his eyes.

Zhao Shanhe said, “I agree! We owe so much to the expert. The first thing I wanted to do right after my retreat was to thank him.”

With that, the two of them took off with swords under their feet and disappeared into the sky.


Li Nianfan was carrying the woman on his back. Finally, they arrived at his four-part architecture.

“Were home.” Li Nianfan smiled.

He gently placed the woman on the bed and checked her pulse. Eventually, his brows tightened. He had assumed the woman was severely injured, but he did not expect it to be this severe!

On the surface, she seemed alright. However, her lifeline had been broken. If this happened to ordinary people, the person would have died a long time ago. This woman was lucky to have survived, buying him some time to save her.

Watching the pale face of the woman, a wave of strange anger arose from within. He growled, “So what if theyre powerful Does that mean they can ruin lives Bastards!”

He recalled how he was so terrified inside the cave and he got more agitated.If I wasnt an ordinary man, I wouldve made you all pay! Li Nianfan thought.

Seeing Li Nianfan angered on her behalf, a faint sparkle appeared in her eyes. She said softly, “Ill be fine.”

“Youre so severely injured. Howre you going to be fine” Li Nianfan said in despair. “Oh, right. Im Li Nianfan. May I know your name”

“I, I am...” The woman frowned slightly, a hint of panic appeared in her eyes. She had only just been transformed and had not made up a name for herself yet. In a panic, more fresh blood spilled out from her mouth.

“Dont panic. You mustve been so severely injured that you lost your memory. Dont think about it for now,” Li Nianfan comforted her.

He was secretly delighted. Since she had lost her memory, it only made sense for her to stay here with him. Considering the inconvenience of not having a name, he suggested, “Why dont I call you Daji for now”

Her eyes sparkled a little. She liked this name very much. A pink flush appeared on her face. “Thank you for the name, Mr. Li.”

Li Nianfan smiled. “Get some rest. Ill make you some medicine broth.”

After he left the room, Li Nianfan instructed Xiao Bai to pick the needed ingredients from his backyard. He then started to cook the medicine according to Dajis injury.


At the foot of the mountain, Luo Shiyu, Lin Qingyun, and Bai Wuchen bumped into one another unexpectedly.

“Lin Qingyun, why are you here” Luo Shiyu asked in surprise, looking at Lin Qingyun.

Lin Qingyun smiled and said proudly, “Of course, Im here to visit the expert.”

Luo Shiyu frowned slightly. Recently, she had been so caught up with the things happening between the Nation Master and the Prime Minister that she had no time to visit Li Nianfan. She could not believe that Lin Qingyun did not go home in the past month, and instead, secretly befriended the expert.

The Holy Emperor looked at Bai Wuchen and Zhao Shanhe with a shocking look.

“Sect Master Bai, Sect Master Zhao, you two have had a breakthrough”

Bai Wuchen and Zhao Shanhe exchanged a smile, “Greetings to His Majesty.”


The Holy Emperor took in a cold breath. Bai Wuchen and Zhao Shanhe had to call himSenior. Yet, they had a breakthrough so quickly

Since when was breaking through into Out of Aperture so easy

“It was all thanks to the expert,” Bai Wuchen said.

The Holy Emperor stared at him with wide eyes. Although he had known the expert was powerful, he had just realized that he had far underestimated the power of the expert.

The group started making their way up the mountain.

They chatted on the way up. When they realized they had missed theJourney to The West sessions with Li Nianfan at the restaurant, the Holy Emperor and Luo Shiyu sighed in agony. The expert was teaching so close to them, yet, they missed out on such an opportunity. It was definitely one of the most painful things in life. Although they had solved the problem happening in the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty, compared to missing the opportunity to learn from the expert, it was like picking up a small sesame seed while missing a huge watermelon.

Luo Shiyu glared at Lin Qingyun with her beautiful eyes. She scoffed coldly, “You mustve been the one who stopped the news from getting out!”

With how popularJourney to The West was getting, there was no way that Luo Shiyu had not heard about it.

“The expert wanted to live as an ordinary man, and its apparent that he wants to keep things on the down-low. Of course, I cant let people disturb him,” Lin Qingyun smiled as she replied.

Luo Shiyu gritted her teeth helplessly. Now that Nanan had recovered, and thatJourney to The West had ended, it seemed that she would never be able to listen to it ever again.

Bai Wuchen comforted, “Miss Luo, please, dont feel bad. A scholar recorded every word of theJourney to The West. This book contains the most important knowledge. Id like to borrow it at some point.”

“Being qualified enough to stay by Mr. Lis side, this scholar must be someone impressive,” the Holy Emperor said.

Bai Wuchen nodded and said with a serious tone, “Ive observed this scholar closely. He claims to be the scholar of Mr. Li. He seems like an ordinary boy, but sometimes, hed stare at a leaf for one whole day. Hes always concerned about the lives of others, too. Regardless if it was a baby being born or an elderly passing away, hed rush over instantly to be present during the event. Ive once asked for his reasons out of curiosity, and he simply said he was experiencing the law of nature.”


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