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“So, how are you going to help Rio”


Leon propped himself up.


You could get up already… If it were a normal person, they wouldn’t be able to move so soon.


It would seem that he was truly trained to be an assassin.


“I’m going to go find Maddie.”


He snickers at my response.

Calling me “reckless”, as he stared at me.


“You can stay here and take care of your brother.” 


“…I’m coming with you.”


“What about your dear brother”


He was at a loss for words at my question.


There was no one to take care of Rio now.

He would be alone in the dungeon, and Leon would not want his brother to be left alone.


“Still, I’m going.

You’re the only one who can help him right now, right Then I’ll do my best to help you.”


He looked at me with honest eyes.


What should I do


I should decide soon, but I was not certain.


I understood Leon’s feelings and I wanted to respect them.

But Rio was only 8 years old.


Leon must have noticed my hesitation because he knelt down in place.


“I, Dick Leon, hereby pledge my allegiance.

I will protect Master Ria as my Master with all of my being.”


His clear voice echoed in the quiet night.


How could he swear allegiance to me Well, I wouldn’t mind being fooled by Leon.


“I pledge to you, as well.”


I said, and he looked up at me curiously. Bathed in moonlight, I smiled at Leon.


“I will never let Leon and Rio die.”


I’d make sure to find Maddie so that these words could come true.


“If you decide to do so, I’ll help Rio as well.

I need to get him out of the dungeon first.”


With that, I stepped forward, not noticing that Leon didn’t seem to be following me.


I wondered what was wrong…


I stopped and turned to look at him.

Leon looked at me a little suspiciously, his brow wrinkled.


“…Why are you helping us”


He addressed me in a respectful tone, perhaps because I was now his master.


I wasn’t expecting him to ask that.

Maybe he still didn’t believe me, or maybe I didn’t believe them…probably both.


Perhaps, I should try to approach them from the other side.

If Leon betrayed me, it was just my bad judgment.

It would simply be my negligence.


I slowly removed the cloth that had been wrapped around my eye.

My right eye was freed, and I could see better.


Leon looked at me with widened eyes.

He then looked as if he was gasping for breath.


It was fun to see someone so mesmerized by my looks.

It was like being a boy smitten by a villainess, and it made my heart skip a beat.

I do, after all, only have one eye.


Once again, I realized how great being blindfolded was.


It could disguise the gender of the person.

If someone saw my face, they would realize that I was not a man.

I had the looks of a villainess.

No matter how much I acted like a man, I could never change my face.


Now he should know that I was a woman.

Now all that was left to do was….


I snapped my fingers and all of the clouds in the sky vanished.

Leon slowly looked up at the sky, which was filled with stars.


Under the shining stars, he just froze in silence.

“You’re kidding me”, I heard a small voice mutter.


For the first time, I showed him the dignity of Alicia.

I couldn’t help but smile a little.


“My wish was to be the most evil villainess in the world.”


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