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“Scumbag How did he become a scumbag for doing nothing”

Song Jia was hesitant to label him.

What a handsome little brother.

What right did she have to say that he was a scumbag

“Didnt you see the woman beside him Its obvious that she was drunk.

As for what will happen next, I dont need to tell you,” Sugar said coldly.


Song Jia didnt know how to refute him.

“I guess so, but hes really handsome.”

“Can you not be so infatuated Being handsome doesnt make you a meal.

It doesnt matter how you look in life.

You have to find a genuine person,” Suger said.

“Dont say that I didnt warn you.

Be careful not to be deceived in the future.”

“Thats true, but Sister Su cant just stereotype like that, right There are also good-looking and good-natured people,” Song Jia said.

“I dont believe that,” Sugar said.

“If you think hes a good person, just watch what he does later.”

Neither of them was in a hurry.

Thus, they kept observing Lin Yis movements and soon saw Lin Yi go to the pharmacy next door.

“Why did he go to the pharmacy when he was fine” Song Jia asked suspiciously.

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“What else could he be doing He must have gone to buy that thing.”

Song Jia understood what was going on after Sugar said that.

Pharmacies typically sold TT, so he must have gone to buy that thing.

“Hey, Sis Su, youre the best.

He was really a scumbag.

I was not thinking clearly.” Song Jia said in disappointment.

“Alright, dont bother with them.

Lets go in and eat.”


Sugar and Gu Jingshu then entered the barbecue shop.

Not long after, Lin Yi walked out of the pharmacy as well.

“Lin Yi, where have you been Im a little hot,” Gu Jingshu said in a daze.

“Can I go to your car and take off my clothes”

“You can go to my car, but you cant take off your clothes.”

Lin Yi opened the medicine box in his hand and fed one of the pills to Gu Jingshu.

At the same time, he rubbed her temple with some balsamic oil.

Lin Yi did not know if this would work, but it was better than wasting time.

A few minutes later, under the effects of the balsamic oil, Jingshus condition improved.

At the very least, her face was not so red anymore.

“Im sorry, I think I drank too much.”

Up until now, Jingshu still didnt know what was going on.

She thought that she had drank too much and did not think about anything else.

“Its fine.

Get in the car now.

Ill send you to the hotel to rest for a while.” Lin Yi said


Lin Yi helped Gu Jingshu into the car.

In his heart, he was cursing all eighteen generations of Qin Hans ancestors.

I dont want to hit a home run at all.

I dont want your f*cking assistance.

Lin Yi opened the window when he got in the car, trying to wake Gu Jingshu up.

“Lin Yi, thank you.

If you hadnt shown up, I would have been annoyed to death by Qiao Zihao today,” Gu Jingshu said as she held her forehead.

“Its no big deal.”Lin Yi said.

“Besides, you have to take care of Kong Jing when shes at work.

I should be the one thanking you.”

“I dont think I can take care of her for much longer.” Jingshu said.

“I get annoyed whenever I see Qiao Zihao, so Im planning to go to another school.

I dont want to be at Zhonghai First Highschool anymore.”

“Do you need me to help you contact other schools” Lin Yi asked

“Thats not necessary.

With my credentials, all the other high schools are fighting for me.” Jingshu said

“Youre good at this.”

Lin Yi took out a bottle of water.

“Drink more water.”

“Yeah, thank you.”Jingshu nodded.


“But what”

“But I still feel a little hot.” Jingshu tugged at her collar.

She was in a much better state, but she was still not as clear-headed as before.

Lin Yi turned his head and saw a large patch of spring sunshine.

Even her black panties were exposed.

“Dont move yet!”

Lin Yi held the balsamic oil with one hand and rubbed Jingshus temples to calm her down.

At the same time, Lin Yi sped up and drove towards the hotel.

Although it took some time, Qiao Zihao and the others did not arrive too early.

Instead, they waited for Lin Yi and Jingshu.

After they got out of the car, they saw that Gu Jingshu was holding her forehead.

Thus, her mother walked over and asked,

“Jingshu, are you okay”

“I drank too much.

I have a bad headache,” Gu Jingshu said weakly.

“Then lets go in and stay for a while.”


The group of people entered the hotel.

When they saw Lin Yi, the hotel security came up to welcome him respectfully.

“Big hotels are different.

They are so polite to us,” Gu Jingwu said.

“If we went to other hotels, they would look down on us.”

“I come here often and Im a member here.

Thats why they are like this,” Qiao Zihao said.


“I see.”

The Gu familys impression of Qiao Zihao changed.

Although he was not as good as Lin Yi in every aspect, he was still pretty good.

Lin Yi did not know what to say.

It was already so late, yet he still did not forget to act cool.

Chen Beixuan had a successor in this man.

With his personality, if he did not reveal his identity, he would probably continue to act cool.

At the bar counter, Qiao Zihao took out his membership card.

“Get three rooms.”

“You dont have to pay for it,” Lin Yi said.

“How can that be I brought Uncle and Auntie here.

I have to pay for it.”

“Since you insist on paying, I wont argue with you.”

“Haha…” Qiao Zihao laughed coldly.

“Lin Yi, I think you just suggested paying out of respect.

You never had any intention of paying.”

“Do you think Im the kind of person who needs that kind of money” Lin Yi was speechless.

“Why not” Qiao Zihao replied.

“Second generation rich kids like you like to play without paying.

You dont want to pay for anything.

Although I dont have as much money as you do, Im willing to spend money for Jingshus family.

Would you do the same”

“Dont talk about Lin Yi like that.

Hes not that kind of person,” Jingshu said in a daze, her face flushed red again.

“Jingshu, youre a few years younger than me, so you dont have as much experience as me,” Qiao Zihao said.

“Ive seen a lot of people like him before, you cant be fooled by him.”

“I wont allow you to talk about Lin Yi like that,” Jingshu retorted.

However, she did not have any firmness in her tone.

“Alright, theres no need to argue so much,” Lin Yi stopped her.

The most important thing now is to send her to her room, not to argue about these useless things.

“Haha, Lin Yi, I think I was right.

You dont know how to refute me, do you”

“Im a dumb person, I cant argue with you.

You can take it if you want.”

“Some people are really interesting.

They drive a luxury car worth tens of millions, but they cant even bear to part with a few thousand dollars.

I feel ashamed on your behalf.”

As he spoke, Qiao Zihao handed over his bank card.

“Swipe the card.”

The female attendant at the front desk was a little hesitant and asked,

“CEO Lin, can I accept this money”


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