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“Hehe, its okay.

Since were friends, lets eat together.

Its not a big deal.”

Qiao Zihao said with a smile.

“Since Xiao Qiao said so, lets bring him along,” Gu Jianguo, Gu Jingshus father, said.

Gu Jingwu stood to the side and whispered,

“Brother-in-law, why are you inviting him along I suspect that this gigolo clearly came here on purpose to ruin your relationship with my sister.”

“Its okay, I dont care about him at all,” Qiao Zihao said.

“In terms of status and position, hes miles away from me.

How can he compare to me”


Qiao Zihao patted Gu Jingwus shoulder earnestly.

“Since youre here, dont be afraid.”

“Brother-in-law is the best,” Gu Jingwu said in admiration.

“I think hes just a gigolo.

He doesnt have any ability as is miles away from you.”


If it was possible, Jingwu would have kicked Lin Yi away with one kick.

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His brother-in-law even knew the famous Young Master Qin, yet he still wanted to show his face here What the hell!

“Lin Yi, lets go.

Its getting late.

Youre probably hungry.” Jingshu said as she held Lin Yis hand, acting particularly intimate.

Lin Yi was a little surprised.

In his mind, Jingshu never seemed to be such a bold person before this!

She was probably trying to piss off Qiao Zihao on purpose.

Qiao Zihaos expression changed slightly.

He and Gu Jingshu had never been this intimate before!

However, Qiao Zihao soon suppressed the anger in his heart.

Now, the Gu family was on his side, and his status was many times higher than Lin Yis.

Other than having a good body, how else could he compare with him

The group walked to the entrance of the restaurant and looked into the hall.

It was already crowded, and it was not easy to find an empty seat.

At the same time, Qin Han and the others on the second floor happened to see Lin Yi standing at the door.

“Look, Young Master Qin, its Young Master Lin,” Lina said.

“Where is he”

“Hes at the door, but there are several people around him.”

Qin Han looked in the direction Lina was pointing and saw Lin Yi standing at the door.

“Nice of him to bring people to support us,” Qin Han said, rubbing his chin.

“But the woman in the middle, she looks really hot.”

“Hehe, I can tell that shes from a good family just by looking at her outfit,” Lina said with a smile.

“So thats the style that Lin Likes.”

“No wonder he doesnt have feelings for you sisters.

Its because he doesnt like your style.” Qin Han said with a smile.

“Then Ill change my style over the next few days.

In that way, I think Ill be able to match Young Master Lins taste.”

“Someone come over here.”

Qin Han called out and a waiter in uniform walked over.

“Young Master Qin.”

“Do you see those people at the door Theyre my friends.

Treat them well and send them all the good stuff.

Put this on my tab and serve them well.”

“Got it, Young Master Qin.

Ill go now.”

Qin Han had originally planned to receive Lin Yi personally, but he gave up on that idea when he saw that Lin Yi had a friend present.

Besides, there was still time for a toast later.

Qiao Zihao looked around at the entrance of the restaurant and saw that there really were not any empty seats left.

At that moment, the waiter walked over and smiled:

“Hello Sir, weve prepared a private room for you.

Please follow me.”

“A private room”

Qiao Zihao was a little hesitant.

In a restaurant of this level, private rooms had a minimum consumption amount.

If the cost of their bill did not exceed 10,000 dollars, they would not be allowed to enter the private room at all.

For a moment, Qiao Zihao did not know what to do.

Spending more than 10,000 dollars for a meal was indeed a little extravagant.

“The private room is too stuffy.

Why dont we go downstairs to the hall to get some air Lets find a seat on the first floor,” Qiao Zihao pretended to be calm and said.

“Yes, yes, yes.

The private room is too expensive and not suitable for our consumption habits.

You dont have to recommend it,” Gu Jingshus mother said.

“Young Master Qin said that you are his friend, so he prepared a private room for you.

If we prepare a table for you in the main hall, Young Master Qin will deduct my salary.”

“No way! Young Master Qin prepared it personally!” Gu Jingwu said in surprise, “Brother-in-law, you are too much.

Seeing that you are here, the famous young Master Qin actually personally prepared a private room.

Its amazing.”

Qiao Zihao was also a little surprised.

He had indeed met Qin Han a few times, but he did not expect him to still remember!

“Im so sorry.

We just wanted to have a simple family banquet, yet you had to arrange a private room for me.

Young Master Qin is too polite.”

“Young Master Qin has always been hospitable.

This is what we should do,” the waiter said politely.

“Please follow me.”

“Lets go.”

Qiao Zihao turned to Gu Jingshus parents.

“Uncle and Auntie, theres nothing we can do now.

We can only go to the private room.

Seriously, I just wanted to secretly come to show my support.

I didnt want to make such a big fuss, but I didnt expect him to find out.”

“That means you have a lot of respect for others, Brother-in-law.” Gu Jingwu looked at Lin Yi with disdain.

“If it was someone else, not only would they not get a private room, they might not even get a seat.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

Qin Han must have seen him, and thats why he arranged for it to be this way.

However, Qiao Zihao acted like it was all.

Under the guidance of the waiter, the group went to the private room on the third floor.

“Brother, let me ask.

Ive seen the promotion of your restaurant.

Generally speaking, the private rooms on the third floor are all big private rooms, right” Qiao Zihao asked.

“Yes, our Young Master Qin just told me that you guys are distinguished guests, so he specially cleared out the Peony Hall for your use.”

“The Peony Hall” Qiao Zihao asked in surprise.

“If I remember correctly, the Peony Hall should be the most luxurious private room here, right”

“Yes, sir.

According to our rules, the peony hall is usually used by the municipal party committee leaders.

Ordinary people cant enter it,” the waiter said very politely.


The Gu family members gasped.

What kind of reputation did their future son-in-law have How could he let the other party prepare such a good private room

If they ate here, would they not be on the same level as the leaders of Zhonghai City

This was too awesome!

“Brother-in-law is awesome!” Gu Jingwu was so excited that he did not know what to say.

He came here and did not say a word, but Young Master Qin took the initiative to arrange such a luxurious private room!

How much prestige did he have

How close was the relationship between brother-in-law and him

From the looks of it, if he and brother-in-law had a good relationship, their future would definitely not be bad!

Just thinking about it made her excited!

Facing such a situation, Gu Jingshu was also a little surprised.

Even if Qiao Zihaos father was a leader of the bureau, there was still a certain gap between him and Qin Hans family background.

With such a huge gap in class, would their relationship really be so good

Under the guidance of the waiter, the group of six arrived at the Peony Hall.

As soon as they entered, the Gu family members were attracted by the magnificent decoration inside.

The entire room was more than 100 square meters in size, with screens, antiques, and jade ornaments decorating the room.

Each one of these decorations was worth a lot!

What was even more amazing was that a small artificial hill had been built here.

Water flowed from the top as koi fish swam underneath.

It looked near perfect.

“Dad, look at how amazing brother-in-law is.

He didnt even need to say anything to get us such a luxurious private room.

I want to be as amazing as brother-in-law in the future!”

“Hehe, then you have to learn more from your brother-in-law.”

“I will!” Gu Jingwu said confidently.

Seeing the luxurious peony hall, even Qiao Zihao felt taken aback.

“Young Master Qin is too polite.

Our relationship is so strong, but theres no need to do this.

He even prepared the best private room for me.

Its making me feel bad.”

As he spoke, Qiao Zihao took out 200 dollars.

“This is your tip.”

“Sir, youre too polite.

Youre Young Master Qins good friend.

I cant take this.”

“Its okay if I ask you to take it,” Qiao Zihao said.

“Thank you, Boss.”

Seeing Qiao Zihao handing over the tip in a cool manner, Gu Jingwu secretly gestured.

He found that no matter how hard he tried, he was not as handsome as his brother-in-law, so he had to spare some effort to learn from him.

He was simply too handsome!


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