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“Youre scared now Thats not young master Qins style.” Lin Yi said.

“Youre trying to trick me,” Qin Han said.

“If Id known youd bought so many cars, I wouldnt have asked you about racing.”

Qin Han got into the car with his friends, but he did not forget to say before he left,

“I opened a new barbecue shop.

Are you free tonight Can you come over to support me”

“You have a side business” Lin Yi asked with a smile.

“Im bored.

Im just having fun.

Its easier for me to make friends that way.”

“Okay, tell me the address later.

Ill be there tonight.” Lin Yi said.

“Then its a deal.

You have to come.”

Before getting into the car, the girl in the miniskirt looked at Lin Yi.

“Little brother, my name is Lina.

Can I sit in your Lykan next time”

“No problem.”

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“Wear less next time, then you wont feel hot anymore.”

“Itll be cooler if I dont wear anything.”

“How annoying.”

“Alright, lets stop being horny and get in the car.”

After watching Qin Han and the others leave, Lin Yi drove the car back to the garage.

He realized that the number of cars he owned was not enough.

At the very least, it was not complete yet.

He would have to buy a few more if he saw a suitable car in the future.

After parking the car, Lin Yi drove the lykan out.

These cars all used temporary license plates, so he had to get the license plates first.

He drove to the DMV.

There was not many people inside, and there were only three people in front of him.

Thus, it did not take long before it was Lin Yis turn.

“Do you have a pre-selected license plate number” The staff asked.

With the development of the Internet, a lot of things could be done online.

It was the same with license plate numbers.

On the 12123 official APP, you could choose the number and report it here.

However, Lin Yi didnt make any preparations for that.

“No, just randomly choose the number.”

Lin Yi was an experienced driver, so he knew everything about this place.

Whether he tried to choose the number online or on the spot, there was little chance he would get the number he wanted.

If he really wanted to get a good license plate number, he would have to buy it through other channels.

It was almost impossible to get a good license plate number here.

“Start by pressing the space, end by pressing enter, and then go to the screen to select the number.”


Lin Yi pressed twice, and dozens of numbers appeared on the screen.

Lin Yi had wanted to pick any random number, but he realized that the second last number on the third row was very eye-catching!

Hu! ANB666!

“F*ck! NB666!” Lin Yi exclaimed.

“What kind of godly license plate is this When did my luck become so good”

The staff was stunned when they saw Lin Yis license plate.

He had encountered this one-in-a-hundred-million opportunity

At this time, the other people from the DMV also came forward, their eyes wide.

Such an awesome license plate was worth at least a million!

Many of the car dealers turned their attention to Lin Yi.

Looking at the kids outfit, he looked like an ordinary white-collar worker.

They had to think of a way to get that license plate.

“Hello, I have to pick three more,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Three more”

“Yes, I havefour cars that need plates.”

Upon hearing that, the car dealers were eager to give it a try.

Four plates at one go.

It was probably a car purchased by the company.

Otherwise, who would buy so many cars at one go

This was even easier!

After pressing the space and enter, more than ten new plates appeared in front of Lin Yi again.


Seeing this number, some of the people lost their composure again.

First it was NB666, then NB888!

How f*cking awesome were you!

Two plates worth at least two million!

Why did they not have such good luck

Lin Yi rubbed his chin, feeling that things were never that simple.

The first plate could be explained by coincidence, but the second plate could no longer be attributed to sheer luck.

Perhaps since all of his attributes had been enhanced, at the same time, his luck had improved as well.

Even so, Luck had a time limit.

Otherwise, if he went to buy lottery tickets every day, it would not be long before his wealth surpassed even Jack Mas.

In that case, he had to make good use of it.

At that moment, even the cleaning ladys gaze fell on Lin Yi.

Soon, Lin Yi began to draw the third license plate.


The fourth license plate, A888NB!

“F*ck! Awesome!”

Seeing Lin Yis four license plates.

Everyone let out a cry of surprise.

NB666, NB888, 666NB, 888NB!

This was f*cking awesome!

Soon, the logistics staff finished making the four license plates and handed them over to Lin Yi.

At that moment, he felt like he was not holding four plates anymore, but four million in cash.

“Hey bro, do you have time Lets talk.”

A bald man in jeans said.

“Talk about what” Lin Yi asked.

“I think your four plates are pretty good.

Are you selling them” The bald man said, “Ill pay one million for your four plates.

Thats a sky-high price.”

“F*ck, Yin Laosi, dont you have a f*cking conscience Youre only giving him one million for his four license plates Did you let a dog eat your conscience”

At that moment, a long-haired man walked over and said to Lin Yi.

“Bro, ignore him.

Ill give you one million two hundred thousand for your four license plates.”

“Stop bullsh*tting.

You call one million two hundred thousand money” Another man said.

“Little Bro, Ill give you one million five hundred thousand for your four license plates.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

He did not care much about the license plates, but these people were daydreaming about buying four license plates with such a small amount of money.

“Stop arguing, did you come up here to trick him because you think hes easy to bully”

The one who spoke was a middle-aged man with a big belly and a briefcase.

He scolded the three car dealers.

“Who do you think you are What does this have to do with you” Old Yin scolded.

“I am the general manager of the China Trading Group, Zhu Ziqiang.

Who do you think I am” Zhu Ziqiang scolded.

“You car dealers better be honest.

If I report you, dont even think about staying here anymore.”

Seeing Zhu Ziqiangs tough attitude, the three car dealers stopped talking.

Their business was indeed not very clean, and they could not be too ostentatious.

“Little brother, these people are all car dealers.

They just want to cheat you of the license plate in your hand.

Dont be fooled,” Zhu Ziqiang said with a smile.

“Dont worry, I wont.”

The two walked out together.

Zhu Ziqiang said.

“Little brother, you came here today to get your license plates.

They should be for the company cars, right”

“Companys cars Why do you say that”

“To get four license plates in one go… it must be for the companys cars.

Isnt that obvious Otherwise, who would be able to buy so many cars in one go for their own use” Zhu Ziqiang said with a smile.

“Brother, I have a business idea that will make you a fortune.

Do you want to do it”

“What business”

“These are just the companys license plates.

You secretly transfer them to me, and then I will be responsible for getting you four ordinary license plates so that you can go back and report it to your higher ups,” Zhu Ziqiang said.

“But dont worry, I wont cheat you in terms of price.

Ill pay two million for these four plates.

The price will be absolutely fair.”

“That damn fatty is too rich.

He actually paid two million for those four plates” Yin Laosi said.

“F*ck,” the long-haired man said.

“Look at that kid.

Hes so stupid.

Hes so gullible.”

“What a pity.”

Lin Yi smiled when he heard the guaranteed price of two million dollars.

“You might have misunderstood.

These four license plates arent for the company, theyre for my own use.”

“For your own use” Zhu Ziqiang paused.

“Could it be that Little Bros family is in the auto transport business”

“You dont have to worry about that.”

“Little brother, even if you use it for your own use, it doesnt matter.

But think about it, your scooter wont be able to benefit even if it has such a good license plate.”

“What do you mean Does your car have any use even if it has a good license plate”

“Of course.” Zhu Ziqiang said, “See that Land Rover over there Thats my car.

Its worth more than 1.6 million dollars.

Now, all thats missing is a good license plate.

As the saying goes, good steel is used on the edge of a knife.

If you drive a scooter but have such a good license plate, the traffic police will definitely suspect that youre using an illegal set of license plates and will check on you every day.

It would be better to cash out and sell it to me.

2 million dollars is already quite a lot.

Other people cant offer you such a price.”

“If your Land Rover has such a good license plate, then what kind of license plate should my Lykan use”

At this moment, the Lykans scissor doors opened as Lin Yi spoke, as if welcoming its master!


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