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“What the f*ck!”

Ding Guanjie and Deng Shuang wanted to cry when they found out the truth.

They wanted to die.

He was the second-largest shareholder of Didi!

What did I do in my past life to make such a person my enemy

Lin Yi waved at Didis private car not far away.

After he saw the signal, the car drove toward Lin Yi.

“Thank you for today.” Lin Yi pointed at his Bugatti.

“My car broke down, so Ill have to trouble you to send me back.

But dont worry, Ill pay you for the ride.”

“I can send you back, but what about your car Should I call a tow truck”

“No need, its already in this state, and itll be troublesome to fix it, so I dont need it.”



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The owner of the car jumped in shock.

“I see that youre using a temporary license plate.

You must have bought it recently, right”

“I bought it at the Auto Show yesterday.

I wanted to drive it back to Zhong Hai, but I didnt expect this to happen today.

Its quite a pity.” Lin Yi said

The couples faces darkened when they saw Lin Yis smiling face.

I didnt see any sadness on your face!

After a short chat, Lin Yi brought Ding Guanjie and Deng Shuang into the Didicar.

“Thank you for today.

I dont have any cash in my pocket.

Ill apply for a bonus for you later.”

“Theres no need for a bonus.

Our family believes in Buddhism, so this is considered doing a good deed,” the drivers wife said.

“Alright then.

Since you dont want it, then Ill donate the 500,000 dollars to Project Hope.”

“Wait, what did you say The reward is 500,000 dollars” The drivers wife asked in surprise.

“Yeah, I was planning to apply to give you that much money.”

“Handsome, dont make fun of us.

Well be satisfied if you can give us 5,000 dollars.

How could you give us that much”

“Well, Im actually a shareholder of Didi.

Ill decide how much Ill give you later.”


The couple almost spat out blood when they found out who Lin Yi was.

“Youre a shareholder of Didi Isnt that my husbands boss”

“In a way, you could say that.” Lin Yi said

“Well, can I take back what I just said” The drivers wife asked.

“Even if were Buddhists, we still need to eat properly.”

“No problem.

Ill let the company know after this and get your bonuses as soon as possible.”

“Thank you, then.”

Lin Yi saw Ji Qingyan waiting on the bench when he brought Ding Guanjie and Deng Shuang back to the police station.

“Lin Yi, youre back.

Were you in any danger”

“What would I not do for you

“Ive already arrested him, leave the rest to the police and the judge.”

“President Ji, Ive already realized my mistake.

I can refund all the money to you.

I can give you my house and car too, so please dont sue me.”

“Whats the point of saying all this now”Ji Qingyan said.

“The police have already arrested Wang Zhengyi.

Just wait for the law to punish you!”

Ding Guanjie and Deng Shuang hung their heads in the shame.

They were both old employees of the Chaoyang Group, so they knew Ji Qingyans temper.

There was no room for them to calm down now that things had gotten to this point.

They had no choice but to accept the punishment of the law.

After handing the two over to the police, Lin Yi stayed behind to make a statement before leaving the police station with Ji Qingyan.

“Hm Wheres your car”

Ji Qingyan asked after leaving the station.

“It was damaged.”

“Damaged How could it be damaged”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“When I was chasing after them, Ding Guanjie didnt stop his car, so I crashed into it.

The damage was pretty bad too, so I didnt bother to call a tow truck and left it at the scene of the accident.”

“How could you be so stupid The money I lost wasnt even enough for you to buy a car.”

“Its not about the money,” Lin Yi said.

“Our President Ji lost so much face.

I had to help you get it back,” Lin Yi said.

“Its just a car.

Its nothing.”


Tears welled up in Ji Qingyans eyes as warmth filled her heart.

Although she had many suitors during all these years, Lin Yi was the first person to treat her like this.

“Its not about the money.

Do you know how dangerous it was to crash into someone elses car What if you got hurt”

“Even if I got hurt, I had to help you bring them back,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Youre really…”

“Hey, you two be careful.

This is the police station, and Rainbow Primary School is opposite us.

Dont flirt here.

Its not good for the children to see you,” the guard said.


Ji Qingyans face was burning.

It was too embarrassing.

The two quickly left the police station and returned to the hotel.

“Ive finished my matters here.

Are you okay When are you going back to Zhong Hai”

“Then lets go back immediately,” Lin Yi said.

“Okay, Ill book the plane ticket now.”

After booking the plane ticket, Ji Qingyan packed her things and took a taxi to the orphanage.

After saying goodbye to Wang Cuiping, she rushed to the airport.

“You should know the companys vice-chairman, Zhao Nanping, right” Lin Yi asked on the plane.

“Other than myself, he holds the highest position in the company.

How could I not know him”

“When we caught Ding Guanjie, I interrogated him in advance.

Zhao Nanping was the one who passed the message and said that you were in Yangcheng.

Otherwise, all this would never have happened.”

“Im a little curious.

How did he know that I was in Yangcheng Other than you, no one else knew that I was here.”

“After you bought the plane ticket, the airline sent the invoice to the companys finance.

It happened to be spotted by Zhao Nanping.

Its that simple.”

“How could I have forgotten about this”

Ji Qingyan said, “I didnt expect that there would be a mistake in this area.”

“Its nothing.

The problem has been solved perfectly anyway.”

“This Zhao Nanping is really a traitor.

If it wasnt for me recommending him to become the vice president of the company a year ago, he wouldnt be where he is today.

Im really blind!”

“Its understandable that she would do such a thing.

People are greedy,” Lin Yi commented.

“Ill deal with him now.

I cant let such a person stay in the company!”

“Dont worry,” Lin Yi said.

“Hes been a vice president for a long time, so hes definitely not clean.

Wouldnt it be more satisfying if you spent some time investigating her dirty work”

“You have a point.”

Ji Qingyan realized that Lin Yi was a lucky star.

He was always able to give her the most effective advice at the most crucial moment.

Why did she not discover his true self back then

If she did, he would have been promoted to her side.

He would not need to be a Didi driver anymore.

Ji Qingyan got to work on the plane.

She used WeChat to send messages to different people, and was already preparing to investigate Zhao Nanping.

Two hours later, when the two of them got off the plane, it was already past five oclock in the evening.

“Go to my house tonight.

Ill cook for you,” Ji Qingyan said.


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