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“F*ck, how did he catch up to us !”

Ding Guanjie almost jumped out of his seat when he learned that Lin Yis car was behind them.

He had no idea how Lin Yi managed to catch up to them after sending Li Laohei to stop them and buying them so much time!

“Dont worry about it, just drive!” Deng Shuang urged.

“Dont be afraid.

Even though he drives a sports car, my driving skills are top-notch.

A young kid like him wont be able to perform to the cars full potential!”

As he said that, Ding Guanjie stepped on the accelerator.

The speed of the car then reached 190 mph!

“D*mn, hes racing with me.

Ive been an experienced driver for 23 years.

How could I be afraid of you!”

“Go faster.

Hes getting closer and closer to us.”


Ding Guanjie cursed, “Im already driving at 190, how can he be faster than me Hes already driving at 220!”

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Ding Guanjie was so scared that he peed his pants.

How old was he, yet his driving skills were better than his


Seeing the Bugatti Chiron 1 and the BMW 7 Series in front racing, the Didi driver following behind was dumbfounded.

“You dont even dare to shoot a movie like that, do you Its so f*cking exciting!”

“Honey, hurry up and drive.

I want to record this.”

“Honey, were in Carolas that cost just over a hundred thousand dollars.

Theyll be gone by the time we reach 170.

Were no match for them!”

Within five minutes, Lin Yi had caught up to Ding Guanjie.

He kept honking the horn behind him as he realized that the other party was not stopping the car.

Deng Shuang, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was scared out of her wits.

“President Ding, what should we do now Hes already caught up.”

“Dont be afraid.

Theres a fork in the road ahead, and the road is full of potholes.

No matter how strong his Bugatti is, he wont dare to go down it.”

“Dont say that.

I think that kid is also a ruthless person.

What if he catches up”


Ding Guanjie said with certainty, “If Im not wrong, the car he drives should be the Bugatti Chiron 1.

It seems to sell for more than 40 million in this country.

If he follows us, he will definitely scrape the chassis.

When the car is scrapped, his heart will ache.”

“What you said makes sense.” Deng Shuang was slightly relieved.

A supercar was not like a BMW.

The dimensions were was so wide that they could only drive on the highway.

When they reached the bumpy dirt road, he would definitely scrape the chassis.

However, the BMW was different.

Other than the ride being very bumpy, it would have almost no effect!

They would definitely be able to shake him off!

“Sit tight, Im going down,” Ding Guanjie said.

“Okay, Im already sitting tight.

Drive quickly.”

Ding Guanjie stepped on the accelerator and rushed down the side road.

Seeing this scene, the Didi driver behind sighed.

“Its over now.

We cant catch up.”

“That BMW driver is really smart.

He actually knows to go down that road to escape.

That supercar definitely wont dare to follow.”


After all, its a Bugatti.

Who would be willing to drive on the dirt road in that thing”

“Oh my God, Hubby, look, that Bugatti is going down the same road!”

What the hell!

The couple was dumbfounded.

Bro, youre driving a Bugatti!

Arent you afraid of scratching the chassis

Inside the Bugatti, Lin Yi narrowed his eyes and muttered to himself:

“Since you guys arent stopping, then well have to play a little harder.”

Thinking of this, Lin Yi stepped on the gas again and rushed up again!

Seeing Lin Yi chasing after him, Ding Guanjies face turned green.

“Is he crazy Doesnt he still want his car Thats a car worth more than 40 million!”

“Now is not the time to talk about this.

Hes already catching up!”

“Whats there to be afraid of When I came out, I had just filled up the tank with gas and it can still go for a few hundred kilometers.

His Bugatti is a gas guzzler.

Ill run out of gas after running for a while.

Unless he dares to hit me, I can still run.”


Ding Guanjie, who was bragging, suddenly heard a muffled sound.

The BMW 7 Series under him started to jolt violently as if it was out of his control.

The steering wheel kept turning.

Even when he used all his strength, he was unable to stabilize it.

Ding Guanjie widened his eyes and opened his mouth.

“Is this kid f*cking crazy How dare he hit me with a sports car worth more than 40 million!”

Dingguanjie gritted his teeth and cursed.

“I only took 30 million from you.

Is it worth it for you to hit me with a 40 million dollar sports car!”


Another muffled sound was heard as Lin Yi hit them again.

This time, the impact was even more severe, causing Ding Guanjies BMW 7 Series to lose its balance and crash into a tree before stopping.

At the same time, the Didi special car behind also caught up.

They originally thought that the Bugatti and BMW 7 Series in front had already run far away, so it was impossible for them to watch the show.

However, they didnt expect the two cars to stop not too far in front.

“Hubby, am I seeing things The owner of the Bugatti car actually took the initiative to crash into that BMW 7 Series!”

“Thats possible.

Otherwise, the owner wouldnt have stopped.”

“These rich kids these days are crazy.

How could they do something like this A sports car worth tens of millions of dollars is ruined just like that.”

Lin Yi unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car.

He opened the door of the BMW 7 series in front and looked at Ding Guanjie and Deng Shuang who were in a mess from the collision.

“You two have run so far.

Its time for you to get out and rest.”

Ding Guanjie had a gash on his head.

His face was covered in blood, but the injury wasnt serious.

He was still conscious.

“Youre f*cking crazy.

I only took 30 million from you.

Did you have to hit me with a car worth 40 million Do you think its worth it”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“Of course its worth it.

First of all, you guys didnt just lose 30 million.

Its just a sports car.

I still have a few with me.

If this one is damaged, Ill just drive something else.”

Ding Guanjie and Deng Shuangs faces were ashen.

He had were a few sports cars worth tens of millions

Where did you come from

“Our President Ji is known as the cold goddess.

The people chasing her can form a line around the block.

No wonder you were able to take her down.

It seems that you are really capable,” Ding Guanjie said dejectedly.

“I admit defeat today.

You can deal with it however you want.”

“This is the attitude of admitting defeat.”

“Although I admit defeat, there is one thing I dont understand,” said Ding Guanjie.

“If theres anything you dont understand, just say it.

Ill let you die with a little clarity.”

“I had escaped so long ago, and there are no cameras here.

How did you catch up to me”

“Isnt that simple Did you see the white Didi Special Car Behind You”

“I saw it long ago.

Did they expose my information” Ding Guanjie asked in disbelief.

“Thats impossible.

Why would they listen to your orders”

“Because I own 20% of Didis shares.

I should be their second-largest shareholder.

As long as I say the word, all the Didi drivers in Yangcheng will listen to me.

Now you should understand whats going on.”


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