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Wang Zhengyi panicked.

CEO Ji had come at just the right time.

There was a total deficit of more than 50 million dollars, and the financial department had only made accounts that made up for 30 million dollars.

The rest of the money had not been dealt with in time.

With CEO Jis ability, she would definitely check everything accurately!

“Got it, CEO Ji.

Ill go make the arrangements now.”

Zhengyi did not dare to disobey Ji Qingyans orders.

The most important task now was to stabilize the situation before thinking of a solution.

“Lets go now.”

After giving out the task, Ji Qingyan brought Lin Yi to the meeting room along with the four executives.

As they left, Zhengyi looked around and realized that something was wrong.

President Ji was here.

Where did ding Guanjie and Deng Shuang go

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Normally, they would be here at this time.

When he realized that something was wrong, Wang Zhengyi went to the general managers office and found that Ding Guanjie was gone.

Sensing that something was wrong, Wang Zhengyi went to the finance office again.

“Where did Director Deng Go”

After arriving at the finance office, Wang Zhengyi did not see Deng Shuang, so he asked.

“Sister Deng went to the general managers office.

She hasnt come back yet,” a staff member of the finance department said.

“Director Wang, do you have anything else to arrange for”

“Director Ji is here.

Pack up the financial documents and send them to the meeting room.”

“Got it, Director Wang.

Ill get ready now.”

Wang Zheng walked out of the financial office anxiously.

He had already guessed what was going on.

Ding Guanjie must have known the news in advance and ran away with Deng Shuang.

“Damn it, he actually sold me out!”

Wang Zheng picked up the phone, found a place with no one around, and dialed Ding Guanjies number.

“Ding Guanjie, youre so f*cking nice.

You heard the news in advance and didnt inform me.

You actually ran away with your people!”

“Old Wang, listen to me,” Ding Guanjie said.

“The matter happened too suddenly.

I didnt want it to be like this.

Now theres no way to solve it.

We can only run away.”

“Then what do you think we should do now President Jis intention is very clear.

Shes here to check the accounts.

It wont be long before she finds out that weve lost public funds!”

“Its useless to talk about this now.

We can only do whatever she wants.

So dont talk about anything else now.

Hurry up and pack your things, then leave.

Otherwise, itll be too late.”

“How can I leave now CEO Ji has already arrived at the company! I reckon that I wont even be able to leave the city before Im stopped!”

“At least were working together.

I can help you.”

“What kind of help”

“I know a few people on the street.

I can get them to go to the company to cause trouble and help you stall.

That way, youll have enough time to escape.”

“Then make the arrangements as soon as possible.

Dont waste any more time.”


After hanging up the phone, Wang Zhengyi did not return to his office.

Instead, he hurriedly ran out and left in his car.

It did not take long before all the financial documents were brought into the meeting room.

Lin Yi did not understand financial matters, so he just sat in the room and played games.

Ji Qingyan, on the other hand, was looking at the companys financial documents and other project reports seriously.

Soon, Ji Qingyan realized that something was wrong.

She looked up at the executives of the branch.

“Ding Guanjie, where did Wang Zhengyi go”

Ma Changwu, the director of the engineering department, looked around.

“Where did director Wang go Wasnt he here just now”

The other executives looked at each other, not knowing where Wang Zhengyi had gone.

Lin Yi looked up and saw that Wang Zhengyi was indeed gone.

He immediately felt that this was suspicious.

Ji Qingyan was already here, but he, the vice president, had disappeared for no reason.

This was completely illogical.

Other than that, the general manager of the branch hadnt shown up either.

This made it even more suspicious.

“Is the manager of the finance department here” Lin Yi asked.

Looking at their expressions, Lin Yi felt that his guess must have been correct.

If there was no external reason, then there must be something wrong with the company accounts.

Otherwise, these three important people would not have disappeared at the same time.

“CEO Ji, what exactly happened Ill call them now.”

“The companys accounts have inexplicably lost more than 30 million, and there are also problems with the other accounts.

Hurry up and contact these three people!” Ji Qingyan said with a cold face.

The senior executives were speechless.

Those who could sit in this room were all smart people.

After hearing Ji Qingyans words, they immediately understood what was going on.

These people were too ruthless.

They had lost so much money.

“No need to call,” Lin Yi said in a low voice.

Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi.

“Do you have any good ideas”

“These three must have run away.

Even if you call, itll be useless.

So now, the most important thing is to find a way to catch up with them.”

“Then Ill call the police right now.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“If we call the police right now, we should still be able to catch Wang Zhengyi, but I dont know if well be able to catch Ding Guanjie and the other one.”

With their current level of security, catching Ding Guanjie and the others was not a problem.

However, it was hard to say how long it would take to catch them.

Even if they caught him later on, the two of them would have already squandered all the money.

“What should we do now Should we just let them get away with it”

“Dont worry.”

Lin Yi furrowed his brows.

He suddenly remembered that when he and Ji Qingyan first arrived, they saw a BMW 7 series leaving.

The price of a BMW 7 Series in China would be at least a million dollars.

In the Yangcheng branch, the only person who could drive this car was probably Ding Guanjie!

“Is Ding Guanjies car a BMW 7 Series License plate number Yue A1XC93.” Lin Yi asked.

“Yes, that is Ding Guanjies car.”

Confirming his guess, Lin Yi sent a WeChat message to Tian Yan.

He asked them to send a message through the system, asking all the Didi drivers in Yangcheng to look for this car.

Lin Yi guessed that although the traffic situation in Yangcheng was also better than in Zhong Hai, it was also pretty jammed.

Therefore, Ding Guanjie should not have beend able to run far.

After giving his orders, Lin Yi said, “Dont worry, Ive already sent people to investigate.

Therell be news soon.

Ill definitely be able to help you get your money back.”

Tens of millions in public funds was not a lot.

It was not even worth as much as Lin Yis car.

However, the nature of this matter was different.

If the three of them were allowed to get away with it, Chaoyang Group would become the laughing stock of the industry.

“Call the police now.

Itll be more effective if we work together,” Lin Yi said.

“Got it.”


Just as Ji Qingyan was about to call the police with her phone, the door to the meeting room was pushed open.

More than a dozen people came in from outside.

They were all dressed like hooligans and did not look like good people.

“Who are you people!” Ji Qingyan shouted.

“We are here to collect the debt from Ding Guanjie.

He owes us a million dollars.

Hurry up and hand him over to pay the money, or none of you will be able to leave!”

“Collect the debt!”

Ji Qingyan was surprised, which then turned into anger.

Ding Guanjie not only embezzled public funds, but he also caused so much trouble outside.

Now that he had run away, they had to clean up the mess for him!

“Ding Guanjie is not here, and I dont have time to deal with your matters now.

Hurry up and leave, or Ill call the police!”

The man in the lead looked at Ji Qingyan with a smile on his face.

“Let me tell you, if you dont give me the money today, I wont let you go.

I wont even give you the chance to call the police!”

Ji Qingyan slammed the table and stood up.

“Is this really a game in your eyes How could you do something like this!”

“Were just doing what were supposed to.

Whats wrong with that”

The man in the lead rubbed his chin.

“But then again, youre quite pretty.

If youre willing to spend the night with me, I wont demand this one million.”


“Dont say anymore.”

Lin Yi put his hand on her shoulder, signaling for her to calm down.

With Lin Yi behind her, Ji Qingyan felt much more at ease, as if she had someone to rely on.

Lin Yi looked at the leader and said in a low voice,

“If Im right, Ding Guanjie probably doesnt owe you any money, right And you guys are probably the gangsters he hired to buy us time to call the police, so that he can have a chance to run away, right”


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