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“Oh, I see…” Qingyan said awkwardly

“Yeah, why else would you say that a mothers love is great” Cuiping said with a smile.

“Looking at something like this, you can see why children never look for their father.”

“Mom, youre right,” Lin Yi said.

Qingyans face was burning up as if it was on fire.

However, if she was put in the same situation again, she felt it would still be better to go back and hug the child.

Comforting the baby was the most important thing.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Cuipings phone rang.

“Come down, Ning Yue is back with her boyfriend,” Quanfu said.

“Really Its only been one day.

Thats great.”

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Cuiping hung up after that.

“Whos coming again” Lin Yi asked

“Ning Yues back.

Lets go down and take a look.”

“Thats quite a coincidence.”

Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan followed behind.

“Whos Ning Yue Is she one of the orphanages children”Ji Qingyan asked.


Lin Yi nodded.

“Her name is Guo Ningyue.

Shes a year younger than me.

We both left the orphanage together, but she went to university in Yang City while I went to Zhong Hai.”

“I see.”

Guo Ningyue wasnt as tall as Ji Qingyan, but she was not short either.

She was wearing a white knee-length dress, black high heels, and her long, wavy hair made her stand out.

The person standing next to her made Lin Yi frown slightly.

He looked to be in her thirties, had a big belly, and looked like a nouveau richer who was seemingly much older than Guo Ningyue.

“Sister Ningyue, what delicious food did you bring for us” The children of the orphanage said.

“Theyre all in the car.

Come and move them.”

Guo Ningyue waved her hand and called the children around her.

“Slow down, all of you.

This is a BMW 7 series.

It costs more than a million dollars.

Dont touch it.

If it gets dirty, Ill have to clean the car,” the man next to Guo Ningyue shouted.

Ning Yue pushed the man beside her, complaining, “Theyre all kids, whats the point of saying all that”

The man said with a fake smile, “Its my fault, its my fault.”

When the kids took all the toys out of the car, Ning Yue walked over while holding the mans arm.

“Bro, youre back too.”

Seeing Lin Yi, Ning Yues smile became bright.

She let go of the mans hand, lifted the hem of her dress, and ran toward Lin Yi.

“Im not busy at the moment, so I came back to visit.”

Ning Yues gaze fell on Ji Qingyan as she asked with a smile,

“Brother, this is sister-in-law, right Can you introduce her to me”

“Ji Qingyan.”

Ji Qingyan reached out her hand and said in a dignified manner, “Hello, Lin Yi has told me a lot about you.

We finally met today.”

Lin Yi glanced at Ji Qingyan.

She really knew how to talk.

After saying that, their relationship instantly became closer.

“Hehe, hello, sister-in-law.” Guo Ningyue said, “Sister-in-law, youre so pretty.

Youre really letting my brother off easy.”

“If it wasnt for his constant pestering, I wouldnt have agreed to him.”

Lin Yi, “…”

Playing me again.

“Hello, Miss Ji.

Im Ningyues boyfriend, Wang Tao.

Its our first time meeting, but I hope we will meet more often.”

Wang Taos eyeballs almost fell out of his sockets as he looked at Ji Qingyan.

If she was 100 points, then Guo Ning Yue would only be 80 points at most!

A top-quality product like this was hard to find both in the heavens and under the earth.


Lin Yi slapped Wang Taos hand away.

“Were not outsiders.

Its fine if we just shake hands, theres no need to be so formal.”

Wang Taos face turned ugly.

‘What the f*ck, youre ruining my opportunity!

“Hehe, youre right.

Were all on the same side.

Theres no need to be so polite.”

Wang Tao hid his emotions well.

He had heard Guo Ningyue mention this person before.

He seemed to be a small-time white-collar worker who had relied on his good looks to find such a top-notch girlfriend.

However, if he used all his strength and gave her the temptation of a little money, wouldnt this conquest be easy


Lin, I heard about you from Ning Yue before.

You look talented, I wonder where you work” Wang Tao asked with a smile.

“Didi, whats up” Lin Yi asked


Cui Ping, Guo Ning Yue, and the others were surprised.

Was Lin Yi not working in a real estate company Why did he go to Didi

“So, youre a Didi driver, juh” Wang Tao laughed as he puffed out his stomach.

“That must be hard work.

You must constantly be tired, and you dont make much money.

“Haha, but were all the same.

I own a steel mill, and I only make a few million a year.

Its all hard work.”Wang Tao continued.

“What are you talking about” Ning Yue was a little unhappy.

They werent blood-related, but theyd been living together since they were kids, and their relationship was better than that of certain blood-related siblings.

It was only natural that she was not happy when Wang Tao said that about Lin Yi.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ill watch my mouth,” Wang Tao said with a smile.

“Lin Bro, listen to my advice.

Zhong Hai is a place for rich people.

People like you who cant make something of yourselves should stop living there.

Why dont you come back to Yangcheng and work at my factory For Ningyues sake, Ill give you an extra thousand dollars a month, and Ill make sure you live a better life than you did in Zhong Hai.”

Lin Yi narrowed his eyes as he smiled at Tao.

Was acting tough good for ones health

Why did everyone like to act tough

“You might earn more than me, but we bought a truckload of stuff when we came here.

Its worth at least twenty times more than what you brough,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“W-what did you say A truckload of stuff” Wang Tao asked.

“Its in the corner.

Take a look for yourself.” Lin Yi said

Wang Taos expression changed slightly when he saw the mountain of toys and snacks.

“So, you bought all those things” He asked.

“Thats right.” Lin Yi shrugged.

“Theyre not expensive, but they shouldhave cost more than what you bought.”

What the f*ck

Tao cursed in his heart.

He thought that the orphanage bought those things themselves, but it turns out that they were the ones who bought them.

“Brother Lin, why are you doing this” Wang Tao asked with a smile.

“If you drive for Didi, you wont make much money.

It would have cost at least 10,000 dollars to buy so many things.

Wouldnt you have to save for a few months to save up that much Why do you have to pretend to be well off”

“I did need to save for a period of time, but at least it is better than people who pretend not to be well off.”

Wang Tao narrowed his eyes as looked at Ji Qingyan, who was standing beside him, and said,

“Hehe, my car is a BMW 7 series, and there isnt much space in the trunk, so I didnt buy many things.

But I came with money, and Im prepared to take out 100,000 dollars to donate to the orphanage.”

“Donate 100,000 yuan!”

Wang Cuiping was shocked.

The orphanage had been established for so long, and this was the first time it had received so much in donations.

“100,000 is a bit too much.

It wont beeasy for you guys either.

Were already very grateful toward you guys for buying so many things.” Wang Cuiping quickly remaked.

“Aunty Wang, you dont have to be humble for my sake.

The steel factory I run has a profit of several million a year, and theres a chance that itll break through the ten million mark this year.

This small amount of money is nothing to me,” Wang Tao said.

“Unlike Brother Lin, who doesnt earn much from Didi.

You have to save up for a few months just to buy something.”

“Mom, theyre already donating the money.

Just keep it,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“No matter how small a mosquitos leg is, its still meat.”

“Lin Bro, it doesnt sound good when you say that.

A Mosquitos leg Its 100,000 dollars.

Its not a small amount,” Wang Tao said.

“Youve been working hard in Zhong Hai for a year, but you probably couldnt even save that much money.

Hehe, even if you could, you wouldnt be willing to donate it, right” Wang Tao said.

“Dont say that.

We came here with the intention of donating money.”

“I think its better to forget it.

With the size of the orphanage now, donating a few hundred dollars would be useless.

Its better to keep it for your own use.

Its quite tiring to drive for Didi.

Keep the money and buy some nutrition to replenish your body.”

Wang Tao held the cigarette in his mouth and pinched his waist.

His eyes kept glancing toward Ji Qingyan.

This guy was really angry.

He did not even want to hear a few words from Lin Yi.

You want to compete with me for money Are you my f*cking opponent

Im definitely going to steal your woman!

“Youre right.

Theres no point in donating a few hundred dollars,” Lin Yi said.

“Thats why people have to see reality and recognize their own weight.”

“No, no, no.

What I mean is, I wont donate a few hundred dollars.

Ill just donate a hundred million.”


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