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The air stewardess heart was pounding.

Her instincts told her that Lin Yi was not wearing a fake watch.

She also had a diamond accessory, so she could tell that the diamond on the watch wasnt fake.

Moreover, anyone who could sit up in first class would not have a lowly status, so naturally, they would not wear fake branded items.

If that was the case, then it would be easy to decide.

“Sir, do I really have to choose one”

Due to the rules, the stewardess asked again.

“Of course.”

“Okay.” The stewardess quietly took out her phone and prepared to add a friend of WeChat.

At the same time, Feng Haoyu pulled out his QR code and prepared to let the stewardess scan it.

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With his identity, he had to let her take the initiative to add him.

“Sir, Whats Your Wechat number Ill add you now,” the stewardess said with a smile.


Everyone in the first-class cabin was dumbfounded.

What the hell was going on!

She did not add a rich kid, but instead added someone who could not even afford a first-class ticket!

Was she crazy!

“Okay, hold on.”

Lin Yi took out his phone and asked the stewardess to scan the code before adding each other on WeChat.

Xinying smiled when she saw the stewardess sending a message to Lin Yi.

“Bro, your theory doesnt seem to be working anymore.”

Feng Haoyu was embarrassed.

What the hell was going on!

“Stewardess, are you sure you want to choose him”

“Yes, when it comes to love and bread, I will choose the former.”

What the F*ck!

Feng Haoyu felt like he was going to vomit blood.

“Youre new here, right”

“Yes, I just transferred to first class today.”

“So thats what this is about.” Feng Haoyus mood was much better.

“This is none of your business.

You can leave now.”

Newcomers like them had yet to clearly see the cruelty of society.

If it was someone older and more experienced, they would definitely choose him!

After the stewardess left, Lin Yi shook his phone.

“Are you going to surrender”

“Surrender my *ss!”

Feng Haoyu said, “What does a little girl like her know Were going to play two out of three.

Lets find someone more experienced this time.”

“Why humiliate yourself”

“Im teaching you a lesson.

Im letting you know that beauty isnt worth anything in front of money.”

Lin Yi could not help but give this pretentious guy full marks.

“Bro, turn around and look.

A pretty lady is coming up,” Feng Xinying said.

Everyone in the first-class cabin turned around and saw a tall woman walking over from behind.

The woman was wearing a 90% length sleeve over a one-shoulder top, and a brown skirt that reached her knees.

She had a pair of large sunglasses on her nose, but it was hard to describe her beauty.


Lin Yi was stunned when he saw the woman coming up.

Wasnt that Ji Qingyan

Why was she here

No wonder she said that the window seat was reserved for a pretty lady.

She was talking about herself!

She was so smug.

“What the hell! What kind of god-like beauty is this”

Feng Haoyu felt his heart beating like it was spring.

“Bro, well get her WeChat today.

Do you dare”

“Theres nothing to be afraid of.

Im just scared that you cant afford to lose.”

“Haha, if I lose to you again, Ill admit that youre awesome,” Feng Haoyu said confidently.

“No problem.”

At that moment, Ji Qingyan walked over as well.

She saw Lin Yi sitting beside her without any expression on her face, pretending that he did not know her.


Just as Ji Qingyan was about to sit down, Feng Haoyu said.

“The man beside you and I want to add your WeChat…”

“What WeChat”

Lin Yi got up and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her into his arms.

“You dont stand a chance with a woman like this.

Give it up.” Lin Yi said.

“What!” Ji Qingyan was shocked.

It was just a trick, so what was the point of all this

There were so many people here.

“F*ck, what are you doing Hugging her without saying anything Arent you being too much of a hooligan!” Feng Haoyu snapped.

“Because I have the ability to make her fall in love with me in just one second.”

“Stop bragging and wait for her to call for security.”


The passengers in the first-class cabin burst into laughter.

“This kid is just lusting after women.

He cant control himself when he sees such a beauty.”

“Hes going to get slapped.”

“He actually did such a thing.

Hes too quick and confident.

Who does he think he is”

Feng Xinying and her best friend, Li Yuyang, shook their heads.

This was awkward.

Feng Haoyu, on the other hand, was very proud.

This kids behavior was simply courting death!

“What are you doing There are so many people here.”Ji Qingyan blushed and said shyly.


Upon hearing Ji Qingyans coquettish voice, the passengers in the first-class cabin were dumbfounded.

What kind of scene was this

She was not angry

What the hell!

“Nothing, I just wanted to see just how charming I am.”

Lin Yi tightened his grip as he spoke.

There were so many people here, and it was too embarrassing.

“Alright, let go.”

Ji Qingyan whispered.

Then, she broke free from Lin Yis embrace and sat down beside him.

A strange atmosphere filled the first-class cabin.

What the f*ck It only took one second for her to fall for him!

In terms of picking up girls, Id call you the strongest!

“How about it, are you still going to compete”

“What the f*ck is there to compete with Youre awesome!” Feng Haoyu said.

“As long as youre convinced.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I just think youre awesome, but Im not convinced.”

“Why You can say it if youre not convinced.

Ill make you completely convinced.”

“I may not be as handsome as you, but Im richer than you.

Why shouldnt all the pretty girls throw themselves at me!” Feng Haoyu said.

“Cough cough cough…”

Lin Yi said, “You said you werent as handsome as me, and I think youre right.

You know your own position very well.

But you said youre richer than me, so Ill have to talk to you about that.”

“What You still want to compete with me when it comes to money” Feng Haoyu was a little disdainful.

This was his strong point.

How could he let Lin Yi challenge him on this

“I can compete with you.

Besides, I have nothing better to do.”

Ji Qingyan was speechless.

What was wrong with these people now

Did they think that they could do whatever they wanted just because they were rich

Feng Haoyu waved his Rolex and said arrogantly,

“See, this is a Rolex.

I spent more than a million dollars to buy it.

Every time I travel, I travel in first class.

I bought all of it myself.

And you, you travel in first class, yet you still need others to buy tickets.

How can you compete with me”

Everyone else in the first-class cabin was laughing as well.

Feng Haoyu was telling the truth.

Its not like he meant to belittle him.

A person who needed someone else to buy a ticket to fly first class actually wanted to compete with a rich second-generation

Was he not putting himself in the line of fire.

“First of all, I can afford a first-class ticket myself.

Even if I buy it myself, its not a problem,” Lin Yi said with a smile:

“But with your looks, I dont think youve ever experienced the treatment of someone taking the initiative to buy you a first-class ticket, right Sigh, I cant even stop them.”

Ji Qingyan pinched Lin Yi quietly.

It was just a plane ticket, how did it turn into something so negative

Feng Haoyu had a weird look on his face.

What the f*ck do you mean you cannot even stop them

Do you think youre a **ing saint!

“I know, I cant convince you with words alone, so I have to show you something else.”

Lin Yi slowly pulled up his sleeves as he spoke.

The Patek Philippe 175th Anniversary Edition wristwatch was thus revealed.


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