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After getting out of the car, the two stood to one side, waiting for the boss to wash the car.

“Bro, is this Shari yours”

Lin Yi paused for a moment when he heard the V8 owners question.

What kind of question was that

“I couldnt drive it if its not mine.”

“Ive driven a Shari before, why couldnt I meet such a beauty”

“Uh…” Lin Yi thought about it.

“Your question is a little out of expectation.”

“Bro, youre attractive beauties with a Shari, so your operation must be a little out of expectation too, right”

Ji Qingyan smiled but didnt say anything.

Women had to give men enough face outside.

“This question is indeed a little vague, but in summary, it can be summed up in one point,” Lin Yi said seriously.

“What point”

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“It depends on your face.”

The V8 owner was speechless.

F*ck, do you have to be so honest!

Cant you be a little more whimsicalYou can even lie to me!

After washing the car, Lin Yi got into it.

Meanwhile, Ji Qingyan sat elegantly in the passenger seat before they left together.


The V 8 owner kicked the tyre of his car.

“What the f*ck do I need you for!”

The owner of the car wash took out a cigarette silently.

“Xiao Liu, go to the garage and take out my used Shari to be repaint.”

“Brother, youre not good-looking enough.

Its useless to repaint it.”

“You dont want to work anymore, do you”

“By the way, did you say that youre going back to Yangcheng tomorrow” Ji Qingyan said when they reached the group parking lot.

“Whats wrong”

“I booked your flight for you.

Its at 10:12 am, is that okay”

“Thank you, President Ji.”

“Dont mention it.

Didnt you help me before Lets just call it even.” Ji Qingyan combed her hair as she spoke.

“Ill go up first.

Bye bye.”

After sending Ji Qingyan back, Lin Yi returned home.

Even though his job completion rate had reached 85%, he still had to drive for Didi.

However, he had to wait until after he came back from Yangcheng.

The Shari was indeed a little broken, and it wasnt suitable for him to run Didi with it.

Otherwise, if he received a bunch of bad reviews, he might as well not run at all.

Lying by the pool, Lin Yi picked up his phone and turned on the game, Pesticide, ready to kill some time.

If Ji Qingyan was here, hed probably be able to swim a few laps, and the scene would probably be even more beautiful.

He picked a character to enter the game, and Lin Yi picked a Ju Youjing, ready to play solo.

He looked at his teammates lineup and found that it wasnt too bad.

As long as they werent too unskilled, they had a good chance of winning.

(Ten minutes later…)

Seeing his own tower being pushed, Lin Yi had the urge to curse.

Ju Youjing, “Luban, you should head home and go to bed.

Dont play this game anymore.”

Luban No.7, “Whats wrong with me Ill be able to buy equipment after killing a few more units.”

Juju Youjing, “Its only been ten minutes and youve been killed nine times.

You still have the nerve to say that Have zombies eaten your brain Stop fighting and quickly hang up.”

The Descendant, “Lets not talk about the game.

Lets be civilized.”

Xiang Yu, “Dont get too excited, God.

Look at her name.

Its very likely that shes a girl.”

Ju Youjing: “What girl Shes probably a guy who picks at his own feet.”


7 Luban said, “Youre the one who picks at your feet.

I havent played in some time.

My skills are normally much better than this.”

Ju you jing said, “Stop bragging and go to the fountain before logging out.

Otherwise, you wont even have a chance at redeeming yourself.”


7 Luban said, “Im not bragging.

Im diamond in Ionia.”

Ju You Jing said, “A diamond in District 1 is nothing.

Ive been in Zuan for six years and have two parents, yet I havent come out to brag yet.

Stop wasting time.

Hurry up and log out.”

Xiang Yu, “Big Brother is awesome.

I played a round in Zuan and lost both my parents.”

Hou Yi: “I played three rounds and my ancestral grave was blown up.

In the end, I switched to farming.

The atmosphere here is still better than there.”

Luban seven: “If I log out, you guys will be 4V5 and end up losing!”

Ju Youjing: “If you stay logged in, it will be a 4V6.”


7 Luban was speechless.


7 Luban, “Without me, I dont believe you guys can win!”

“Enemy Sun Ce has been killed!”

“Enemy Nuwa has been killed!”

Juyoujing, Double Kill!

“Enemy Sun Wukong has been killed!”

Juyoujing, Triple Victory!

“Enemy Big Qiao has been killed!”

Juyoujing, Four Transcendents in a row!

“Enemy Lanling King has been killed!”

Juyoujing, Five-time Extraordinaire!

The cheers from his teammates flooded the screen when they saw Lin Yis pentakill.

Xiangyu: “F*ck, God is awesome!”

Hou Yi, “God, Please add me as a friend.”

Liu Chan, “Lets continue.”

In a high-end residential area in Zhonghai, a woman in a white shirt was staring at her phone in a hundred-square-meter house.

The woman had a plump figure and long legs.

Her messy long hair covered most of her face, making her look charming.

The womans name was Suger.

She was the director of the Youth League Committee of Zhonghai Normal University.

Besides school affairs, her favorite hobby was playing video games.

However, few people knew about Sugers hobby.

“He turned the tables on them”

Although it wasnt a high-ranking game, he was still able to turn the tables with five kills even though he was so far behind in terms of in-game money.

This was already very impressive.

Ju Youjing, “Lets add each other as friends.

Lets play together.”

Other than No.

7 Luban from before, everyone elses skills were pretty good.

If they worked to score points, they probably would not be a burden to the team.

Invincibility was always so lonely.

In a few days, the third king would appear.


7 Luban, “I added you as a friend.

Lets do it together.”

Ju Youjing,”Whats there to do together Im not bringing you along.”

He left the last sentence on the public screen and exited the game.

After exiting, he received a few friend requests and a private message.

Pleated skirt, “If you carry me in Pesticide, Ill carry you in LoL.

Lets do a trade.”

Looking at this private message, Lin Yi guessed that it was the Luban No.

7 from before.

Invisible chicken wings, “Youre too heavy, I cant carry you.”

Pleated skirt, “Im only 99 pounds!”

Invisible chicken wings: “If you dont weigh more than 100 pounds, youre either flat-chested or short, you dont need an ugly girl.”

Lin Yi ignored Sugar and started the next queue along with the other three.

On the sofa, Sugar threw her phone to the side angrily.

“What are you so cocky for I dont even want to play with you, I can play in solo queue by myself.”

Half an hour later…

She saw three consecutive defeats.

Suger held her phone and muttered to herself, “Should I go ask him again”

Quietly, Sugar went to another app and checked Lin Yis record.

He found out that not only had Lin Yi won three matches in a row, he was also the MVP in every match.

She was instantly in a bad mood.

Pleated skirt, “God, please take me.”

Invisible chicken wings, “I already told you, I cant bring you along.”

Pleated skirt, “Will you bring me along or not”

Suger threw out her trump card and begged.

Invisible chicken wings: “Dont brag.”

Pleated skirt, “…”


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