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“Im not joking.

Thats really my size,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“You must have wanted to know a long time ago.”

“Youre insulting me.”

“Am I wrong”

“What do you mean I mustve wanted to know for a long time” Lin Yi said.

“From the first time I saw you, I could already tell.”

“I dont believe you.

I dress conservatively.

Id be surprised if you could tell.”

“When the army holds a shooting competition, the sniper will automatically calculate the wind and direction, so I can also tell your size based on the clothes youre wearing and how hard theyre being squeezed.” Lin Yi said.

“If you dont believe me, Ill tell you a string of numbers and youll finally understand.”

“What numbers”

“92, 59, 90…”

Liang Ruoxu was startled, and her expression changed to an unnatural one.

What kind of eyes did this guy have

He could even estimate each of her dimensions!

Indeed, being a scumbag was also a skilled job.

Not everyone could do it.

“Alright, stop talking about me,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“Are you confident about tomorrows surgery The entire city is paying attention to this matter now.

I heard that the reporters from the radio station are also coming.

It has already caused a certain amount of social unrest.”

“People die from colds, let alone surgery.

No one can say for sure.

I can only do my best to do this surgery.

As for whether it will succeed or not, Ill leave it to fate.” Lin Yi sighed and leaned back in his chair.

“Lets do our best.”

“How long will this operation take”

Lin Yi shook his head.

“Its hard to say.

The child is too young and his condition is very serious, but I estimate that it will take at least nine hours.

This is the best outcome.

If something unexpected happens, its possible for it to take more than ten hours.”

“Is this surgery so intense”

“Of course.” Lin Yi said.

“Moreover, we have to be highly focused during the surgery.

If we really have to perform the surgery for more than ten hours, I feel that we ourselves might not be able to survive.”

Liang Ruoxu understood Lin Yis feelings very well.

Ten hours in the office might be nothing.

However, if she drove continuously for ten hours, she would definitely be very tired.

The fundamental reason was that focusing intently would accelerate ones fatigue.

Liang Ruoxu looked at Lin Yi.

“Theres a question Ive always wanted to ask.

Why did you plan to resign Can you not stand the hospital environment anymore”

Liang Ruoxus words made Lin Yi fall into deep thought.

For a moment, he did not know how to answer.

Back then, he had set a one-month limit to complete the final doctor mission.

A month did not seem like a long time.

Moreover, Lin Yi was very interested in this profession.

At first, he thought that he would go to the obstetrics and gynecology department after he was done with the cardiology.

However, Lin Yi no longer had such thoughts.

If he hadnt come, he would never have known.

This was really a heart-wrenching place.

He would not have understood the loneliness and vigilance at the entrance of the ICU.

Liu Zihaos parents standing in the darkness, praying for dawn.

The death of a loved one, causing a child to cry uncontrollably.

Even after working in the cardiology department for so long, Lin Yi still couldnt face such scenes calmly.

In this aspect, he was inferior to Li Chuhan, or even Qiao Xin.

Rather than saying that he didnt want to do this mission anymore, it was more like Lin Yi was filled with fear and reverence for this place.

He might come to this place again in the future.

However, at least for now, he wanted to change his environment and improve his mood.

Liang Ruo leaned forward and nudged Lin Yi with her foot.

“I was just casually asking.

Why did it ruin your mood”

“It didnt affect my mood.

I just feel that a place like the hospital is indeed quite depressing.” Lin Yi said.

“For ordinary people, whether its for themselves or their sick relatives, coming to the hospital is always a form of torture.”

“It cant be helped.

Life is like this.

Suffering comes one after another.

The only thing we can do is face it head on,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“Youre right, but this isnt something I should care about.

Its what you, as an official, should handle.”

“What can I do This is a problem faced by all of society.” Liang Ruoxu was also a little helpless.

“Ever since Liu Zihaos matter gained traction, the subject of the sky-high prices of medicine has become a hot topic.

Im in a terrible situation.”

“This has nothing to do with you, right Even if hes anxious, its something for Chen Yans father to worry about.”

“Uncle Chen and the others are also anxious about this matter.

Back then, he reduced it from 870,000 yuan to 700,000 yuan.

He has already done his best.

Its impossible for the pharmaceutical company to lower the price again.” Liang Ruoxu said.

“And some people in the country have been constantly leading the way, causing the social environment to be foul.

If it continues in a few days, they might need to use some coercive methods to deal with this matter.”

“Thats fine too.”

Lin Yi didnt say anything about negotiating with the seven pharmaceutical companies.

This was because he was not sure if the other party could agree to his request.

This would save Liang Ruoxu the pain of being disappointed if they rejected him.

“Alright, were almost done eating.

Lets go.”

Liang Ruoxu felt that the conversation between the two of them was a little heavy, so she quickly ended the meal today.

“Are you free tonight Do you want to go shopping with me”

“Youre not really genuinely to buy underwear, are you”

“If I ignore my identity, I really wouldnt mind you accompanying me.” Liang Ruoxu shrugged.

“Unfortunately, this is impossible.

Your wish will have to be declined.”

“Look at what youre saying.

In truth, I dont care what you plan to buy.

I am totally uninterested.”


“Of course.”

“I have a friend who sells lingerie and stockings.

Moreover, her store isnt in the mall.

If I go to shop at her place, we wont have to worry too much.”


Liang Ruoxu screamed as Lin Yi grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the door.

“Wheres your friends shop”

Liang Ruoxu, “…”

What a hooligan!

Liang Ruoxu was telling the truth.

She did have friends who owned a shop, but she did not sell lingerie.

She only sold a few pairs of stockings.

After buying those, Liang Ruoxu brought Lin Yi to a jewelry store and bought a bracelet.

The design of the bracelet was very exquisite.

It consisted of a small feather pattern.

Liang Ruoxu tied it to Lin Yis wrist.

“I wish you a successful surgery tomorrow.

If I dont have much work on hand, Ill go over and visit you.”

“Alright, you should make the necessary arrangements.

This matter will have a huge social impact, so itd be good for you to show your face.”

“Its settled then.”

After sending Liang Ruoxu home, Lin Yi drove back to Jiuzhou Pavilion.

However, halfway there, he received a call from Zhao Wen.

“Are you busy I want to ask you out for coffee.”

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