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“Dear, we saw that your car was dirty, so we wanted to help you clean it.”

As she spoke, Liu Sisi saw Gu Jingshu and asked with a smile,

“She should be your secretary, right In the future, I can help you with your work and daily life.

You Dont need her anymore.”

“Which eye did you use to view her as my secretary Did you use your belly button to look at her”

“Then whats your relationship with her You guys arent a couple, right”

“Why not” Lin Yi asked,

“Her front is curvier and her back is more upright than yours.

Do you think Id still fall for you”


Gu Jingshu was nervous for a while.

She didnt even dare to believe it.

Theyd only known each other for less than half an hour, and shed been promoted so quickly


Happiness came so suddenly that it was hard to believe.

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He was a gentle-looking man.

He wasnt a scumbag who played with relationships, was he


“Lin Yi, dont tell me you dont love me anymore Have you forgotten about our romantic relationship Even if she has a better body than me, her skills are definitely not as good as mine.”



“How do you know that my skills are not as good as yours!” Gu Jingshu retorted unhappily.


Losing was not always the same.

Even if she had never experienced something like that before, she could not ignore it right now.

Lin Yi sighed.

Being handsome and rich, it seemed that everyone wanted to involve themselves with him.

“If theres nothing else, please make way for me.

Im leaving,” Lin Yi said lightly.


Liu Sisi and the others gave up their seats, stunned.

Paganis gullwing door opened, and Lin Yi and Gu Jingshu got into the car before driving off.

Gu Jingshus eyes widened when she saw Paganis interior.

Supercars were different.

Although Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi were considered good cars, they werent on the same level as Pagani.



Lin, I hope you dont misunderstand.

What I said just now was just to anger her.

Im not a promiscuous person,” Gu Jingshu explained.

“Im just a driver now.

Your situation isnt important to me.”

Gu Jingshu was a little disappointed, but she found it normal after thinking about it.

She had only known him for a short while and wasnt familiar with him yet.

There was no way he would have other thoughts about her.

“I apologize for what happened just now.

I shouldnt have threatened to complain about you guys.”

“Its okay.

Were responsible for this.” Lin Yi replied as he drove.

“Where are you going”

“Jinxiu Hotel.

My classmates having a wedding there.”

“Okay, I know where it is.” Lin Yi nodded.

No wonder she insisted on getting a Mercedes-Benz.

It was to save face for the wedding.


There was an arched door made of balloons in front of the hotel, which made the place appear colorful and beautiful.

“Whats going on with Jingshu Its almost midnight, and the wedding is about to start.

Why isnt she here yet” A woman with dyed yellow hair asked.


“Jingshu is different now.

She has a rich boyfriend, and time is precious.

She doesnt have as much free time as us,” a short-haired girl replied.

“A few days ago, she said that her boyfriend bought her a Mercedes-Benz, so she is a true rags to riches story.”

“Dont listen to her bragging.

A few days ago, I saw her squeezing on the bus.

Where did the rich boyfriend come from Its just to show off.”


“That cant be.” The short-haired girl said, “We are all classmates and not outsiders.

Wont she be bragging a little too much”

“Our boyfriends are all young masters.

She is an envious and jealous person.

Thats why she said that.

She is deliberately trying to anger us.”


“If you say that, I will really believe it.”

“Oh my God, look.

Its a supercar, its a Pagani Zonda!”

Hearing the shouts of the other guests, the women looked up.

To their surprise, they saw a silver supercar slowly driving toward them.

“Are they here for the wedding” The blonde girl asked.


Yingying is our classmate.

She and her husband are from an ordinary familys.

How could they know a friend who drives a supercar They must be passing by here.”

“But this car is so attractive.

It must be worth over ten million.”


“Thats definitely possible.”

Under everyones gaze, Lin Yi parked the car at the entrance of the hotel.

The gullwing door opened and Gu Jingshu walked out while clutching her handbag.

She stared at everyone.

“Jing… Jingshu, you actually came here in a supercar!”

“He… he happened to be free today, so he sent me here,” Gu Jingshu pretended to be nervous and prayed that Lin Yi wouldnt expose her.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to keep this act up.

“Jingshu, youre the best.

How did you manage to get such a rich boyfriend Tell me the truth.

What did you do to get him”

The women believed her.

Jingshu wasnt bragging as she seemed to have really gotten get a rich second generation boyfriend.

Jingshu bent down and looked at Lin Yi, who was sitting in the car.

“Thank you.

Drive safe.”


Lin Yi nodded and drove away.

He used her as a shield before, and now they were even.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Not long after he drove away, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was the landlady.

Lin Yis landlady was a middle-aged woman named Wu Jinlan.

She was in her forties, and her job was to play mahjong and collect rent from the three houses she owned.


Every time Lin Yi saw her phone call, he felt a shiver run down his spine.

This was because every time she called, it meant that she was chasing his rent.

However, this time, Lin Yi wasnt afraid anymore.

He wasnt afraid at all.

It was just the rent.

He could afford it!


“Lin Yi, youre eighteen days behind on the rent.

When are you going to pay this months rent”

Wu Jinlans voice was heard as soon as the call connected.

“Dont worry, Ill send you the money now.”

“Come back quickly, I have something to do later.”

He could transfer the rent through WeChat, but Lin Yi didnt plan to stay there anyway.

He didnt have a house yet, but the Peninsula Hotel was his.

He could move into the hotel, so why bother suffering in a rented room

Thus, he would just go back to pack his things.

Lin Yis neighborhood was an old neighborhood that was nearly thirty years old.


Apart from the cheap rent, there were almost no other advantages to living there.


Heping District, Building 4, Unit 3, Room 602.

Wu Jinlan and her daughter were eating lunch while reading the popular grave robbery notes.

“Mom, its just ten days of rent.

Dont rush Lin Yi.”

The person who spoke was Jinlans daughter, Zhang Jingjing.

After graduating from university, she had been studying at home, preparing to take the civil service exam.


Zhang Jingjing was not bad looking.

She was not the same type of girl as Ji Qingyan, who was dignified and magnanimous.

She looked more like a little girl next door.

“How could I not rush him If he runs away one day, wont we lose the rent that is owed”

“No, Lin Yi isnt that kind of person,” Zhang Jingjing replied.

“How do you know hes not that kind of person”Jinlan asked.

“Im telling you, youd better not have any thoughts about pursuing him.

Its impossible for something to happen between the two of you.

I wont let the two of you get together.” Wu Jinlan snapped


Lin Yis house was too shabby for Liu Sisi, so she rarely came by.

That was why Jinlan and her daughter didnt know that Lin Yi had a girlfriend.

They always thought that he was single.

“Why not Lin Yi is not only handsome, but hes also good at his job.

I think hes pretty impressive.”

“Whats the use of being attractive Hes not a meal that you can eat.” Wu Jinlan said.


“Youre going to be a civil servant in the future.

When you break into the public sector, with your looks, the guy who will be chasing after you will definitely be better than Lin Yi.

Why bother settling for an employee like him”



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